Week 99: Final letter from Mozambique. WHAT?!?!

(Elder Poyfair will land at the SLC airport next Tuesday morning, June 16th. He will then speak at our ward (Lehi 30th) on June 21st at 1 p.m. The building’s address is 3180 North 300 West, LEHI, UTAH 84043. Right after he finishes speaking we will have refreshments at our house – which is less than a block from the church building – 3030 N. 250 West, Lehi, Utah 84043. If you have been following this blog we would love to see you there!)

This is it! Last P-day. Last email to family and friends. Last attempt at describing in two hours per week on a computer what my life is like here, halfway across the world.

I like this picture. The cars never make sense, the english written on them is really bad but I thought this one was funny.

I like this picture. The cars never make sense, the english written on them is really bad but I thought this one was funny.

This mission has been the coolest experience of my whole entire life! I will be eternally grateful for the things I learned and the people I met during these two years in Mozambique.


This is a little place the missionaries call “southern utah” we did contacts there the other morning and couldn’t resist taking a pic! It was like being in lake Powell and Moz all at the same time!

This week was actually pretty interesting! I had a division on Tuesday in Magoanine with Elder Johnson, did some baptismal interviews and had a great time with Elder Johnson. When we came home, me and Elder Christiansen got a call from the Assistents, saying that there was going to be an emergency transfer and we would be receiving two additional missionaries in our house! I would serve (for the last week or so) with Elder Woolley, from Bountiful and Elder Christiansen with Elder Rego from Portugal. So that was strange!

Me and Elder Christiansen.

Me and Elder Christiansen.

That night we ate dinner with the Reed family. They are american and work at the embassy. They fed us roast beef, and we shared a message in english. I felt SO out of my comfort zone. 🙂

Here is Elder Woolley.

Here is Elder Woolley.

But yeah. This week we worked hard and were able to find many new families. Antonio and Paula will be baptized two weeks after I leave, and Souza and Yuki will be shortly after that!

I bore my testimony at church. When I said that it was my last week, a few member’s jaws literally dropped. It was so funny. No one thought I was leaving. A BUNCH of people came up, inviting us to dinner and asking for pictures and stuff. It was awesome.

Saying goodbye to some of my all time favorite people.

Saying goodbye to some of my all time favorite people.

I had adquired a pretty nice tie collection, of like 40 ties. I stood outside the door before church, giving all the people who came in without a tie a tie to keep. Any future missionaries who work in this ward will be impressed with the members’ taste in ties! I am going to miss all these people so much.

Saying goodbye to some of my all time favorite people.

Saying goodbye to some of my all time favorite people.

This next week will be insane. On thursday, I got permission from President Kretly to go all around Maputo and visit the families I baptized here, in Chamanculo and T3 and Catembe. Friday is ZONE CONFERENCE and friday night, we go to President Kretly’s house. HUGE sleepover for friday,saturday, sunday with the 16 missionaries who go home with my group. No one really knows what goes on during the time you are with President Kretly at the end (I mean, technically I do, I saw the receipts but I kind of pretend like I don’t to be surprised) but “rumor” has it, you go on a safari and eat nice dinner and have interviews and stuff. I can’t even beleive how fast it has all gone!

Saying goodbye to some of my all time favorite people.

Saying goodbye to some of my all time favorite people.

The mission has definitely changed my life. I’ve been so blessed to have had this experience! There aren’t words I could use to describe everything that has happened in the past two years. All I can say, is that it has been worth every second and every sacrifice!


Saying goodbye to some of my all time favorite people.

I know the Church is true. I can say that right now with more feeling and surety and confidence than ever before. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people and makes them better and happier. My time here is sacred to me, and I am so grateful for it.

I am excited to see all of you again!

Have a good week. See you soon.

-Elder Poyfair
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Week 98: ROBBED!

What a week.

We were walking out of church this Sunday when one of the american families in our ward passed by eating out of a bag of Snyders pretzel sticks (from america) and they offered me some and as I took a handful and bit one, THAT was when I realized that I really am going home in two weeks! American food. I know it’d be bad to say I miss that more then my family but man am I excited to eat. 🙂

This week was fantastic! Our teaching pool has really changed these last couple of weeks. We had to drop many of the families we were teaching before but we were blessed to meet some awesome new ones.

One of the best new families we met was Souza and Yuki. It was one week ago, and all of our lessons had fallen through so we decided to go out and do street contacts. Before we left the house, I prayed, presenting to the Lord our plan to street contact, telling him where we would go and asking him to place people in our path. As I prayed, I felt to ask him to give us a family that would end up progressing to baptism. We went out and talked with EVERYONE, and I saw this kind of chubby guy holding a baby. I went up and talked with him, marked a lesson for the next day. His name was Souza. His wife is half Japanese and named Yuki! They accepted the message well, prayed about it, received an answer, came to church together, and accepted baptism with a date for the 27th of June. Such a cool miracle! While only time will tell if that prayer gets answered, we felt really blessed to meet them.

Other highlights this week- We had the Mission Leadership Council, at the office on Wednesday and it went awesome. I love the idea trading and inspiration that comes when everyone comes together to solve the common problems in our mission.

We had a Ward Activity this week! We had over 40 people there. We put it together and planned it and everything. We wanted to boost the ward unity and get everyone excited to go to the temple. We played musical chairs and taught our ward the human knot game. That was pretty funny. Lets just say it was pretty difficult for our members. They loved it though. Everyone couldn’t stop laughing! We played do you love your neighbor and watched the brazil manaus temple caravan video from LDS.org. Its SO good! Everyone loved it. Then we bore our testimonies about temples and some members did as well. The spirit was strong, and then we had some refreshments.

Sister Kimball, one of the senior missionaries here, had made some AMAZING american brownies. They were frosted and SO good. I took like three, and then she told us she left a plate for us in the kitchen. We went in there and hid it in one of the cubbards. We were SO excited to eat them at night, and the next day and stuff. Everyone left, and we stayed to clean. After we swept and everything, we went back in to get our brownies and opened the cubbard and the plate was there but all the brownies were gone! All that was left were crumbs. We literally almost started crying. Like, I would have rather got my camera or shoes or watch robbed than that! We were so sad. Thats where the subject comes from. We walked home pretty depressed. 🙂 Haha just kidding. It was really funny though! A great activity none the less.

On Sunday we were asked to teach Elder’s Quorom, and me and Elder Christiansen did a role play of home teaching. Like, we acted it out, from start to finish in front of everyone. Starting from calling your companion, to planning what to teach, and then teaching, and reporting back. It was awesome. Everyone loved it and lots of members came up asking more questions and thanking us. I love this ward!

Yeah. Basically those were the best parts. Each week is better than the last one. My mission has been the greatest thing. I am so so so grateful to have been able to serve here! Today starts the last full week of my mission and I am going to make the MOST of it.

Anyways! Have the best week. See you all soon. Wish you could all be here with me.


Elder Poyfair

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Week 97: Life Lurches forward here in Mozambique!

This week was a good one but it started out a little rough. We went to one of our investigating families house, Jose and Ana. They have not been baptized but their daughter Latia was a couple of years ago. She is fifteen, very strong, and wants the rest of her family to be baptized more than anything.

Unfortunately, on Monday, we had found out that because Jose was born a couple hundred miles away from Quelimane, his birth certificate, which is required to get married (and therefore baptized) would be difficult to get. On top of that, the Register where his documents are  burned down during the war. Thus, for him to get married (and baptized), he needs to register again. This costs about 2000 Meticais, or 60 US dollars. The price tag scared him and he was angry. We tried to come up with creative ways of how he could earn the money, even offering him some odd-jobs he could do at our house or having him wash the cars at the mission office, but he would NOT have it. He said that his baptism (and consequently the baptism of his wife, since she can’t be baptized until she marries him) would have to be delayed until the future when he can go personally there, to the other side of the country, and try to work something out.
Which will end up costing more money anyways. He was super mad at us and didn’t want us to come back, and his wife and daughter and son were like crying. So that was rough. His wife and daughter are sooooo sweet but unfortunately, unless she leaves him, his wife will not be able to be baptized. They fed us an awesome dinner they had prepared afterwards, of Xima (corn flower+water) and matapa (ground up leaves with coconut and peanuts.) It was a pretty awkward dinner. Actually probably the most awkward one I’ve ever eaten. 🙂

BUT. The work goes forward, and we were grateful to the humble family for sharing their food with us even after such a hard lesson.
An inactive family had showed up at church last week, and we went after church and visited them and they ended up being really nice, with strong testimonies. We then took them with us this week to teach some of our investigating families, and they testified better than any other member I had taught with! They really helped our investigators resolve their concerns, and it was fun to watch the (formally) inactive family’s testimony grow.
Friday, we had District Meeting. For district meeting, our whole zone meets at our chapel and has district meetings seperately, in class rooms. We have three districts in our zone. Then at the end, we meet with the whole zone for 30 minutes, for a mini training that us as Zone Leaders give. We try to keep them fun and motivating. This week I brought a bunch of my lesser-liked ties and each companion tied one leg together with a tie, and we had a three legged race as a zone. Then we talked about the importance of unity between a companionship and the benefits of working better together, communicating, making plans, going at the same speed, etc. It was a lot of fun. Then I let the missionaries keep the ties. 🙂 They enjoyed that. I have aquired quite the tie collection here…
We did back-to-back divisions this week! On friday I walked with Elder Ball, the district leader from Magoanine in my area, and we came back friday night and then the office elders, Elder Herd and Elder Reinstein, came a couple of minutes later and I went with Elder Reinstein back to Chamanculo and Elder Herd stayed with Elder Christiansen. The divisions went well, Elder Ball is a really good missionary, he is a young, hard working potato farmer from idaho. He makes funny farm jokes all the time and he likes ford trucks. He says things like, “I don’t know what the dang those investigators were thinking!” with a nice country accent. I like him. 🙂 It was fun to work with Elder Reinstein again as well, he was one of my favorite companions.

Then on Sunday night, me and Elder Christiansen were both pretty wiped out from the divisions, and we were short 2 member present lessons for the week to hit our goals. All of the members we had marked to walk with were busy or didn’t answer their phones, and we were a little frusterated. We walked to almost EVERY members houses with no luck. Then we said a prayer, stopped by the last members house and he agreed to come with us and in the lesson we taught, this member had been through the SAME marriage experience that the couple was struggling with. He was able to help them and show pictures from his baptism on his ipad and we were grateful for the experience

Anyways. My life here is fantastic! I love it. Today for Pday, we went with the whole zone to a golf course me and Elder Christiansen found, and played ultimate frisby on the nice grass. We had no idea a golf course that nice even existed out here! Our zone rocks. The church is true. I love being a missionary and am scared out of my mind for the next phase of life. Luckily I still have a couple more weeks here in paradise. 🙂


Elder Poyfair

PS- found this quote from Elder Uchtdorf this week and loved it. I think it really applies well to a mission:

Doesn’t it seem foolish to spoil sweet and joyful experiences because we are constantly anticipating the moment when they will end?

Do we listen to beautiful music waiting for the final note to fade before we allow ourselves to truly enjoy it? No. We listen and connect to the variations of melody, rhythm, and harmony throughout the composition.

Do we say our prayers with only the “amen” or the end in mind? Of course not. We pray to be close to our Heavenly Father, to receive His Spirit and feel His love.

We shouldn’t wait to be happy until we reach some future point, only to discover that happiness was already available—all the time! Life (and I will add in “A Mission”) is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect.

Anyways. Thats all. Enjoy the pictures.

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Week 96: New Companion, Skyping with the family, Constant Miracles


Good morning and Happy Pday to everyone.

I am happy, healthy, and grateful to be here in Mozambique. 🙂

(You would think after almost two years of writing weekly updates I would have finally figured out a better way to start my weekly letters. Sadly, I still havn’t.)

This was mine and Elder Christiansen’s first week together here in Sommerschield. I remember picking him up from the airport when he first came in the country when I was an office elder. We walked together in my area, and when we found out he was going to T3, my first area, we looked through my old pictures of T3 together. That was almost a year ago, and now he is my companion!

He is a really good missionary. He is a good teacher, speaks the language well, works hard, is obedient, and is FOCUSED on the work. Plus we are the only two elders who live in our house! The cons are that sometimes it gets a little lonely. The pros are its really hard to get trunky, and our house is CLEAN, all the time, and you don’t have to wait for other people to shower or iron your shirt or use the washing machine. Its definitely a benefit, I’m grateful we get to serve together this transfer!

We got to skype our families on Saturday! That was weird. I can’t believe that I have skyped them four times already! I was thinking about it, how Skyping your family is a really big deal. Like, its something you look forward to for a long time, and It kind of becomes a landmark on your mission. I am here, really far away from them, but for 40 minutes we get to connect and its like we never left. Skyping sometimes seems like its a bigger deal for our families than it is for us. However. If someone told us we could skype them everyday, we would be ecstatic!

I was thinking about how skyping is kind of like prayer. We are separated from our Heavenly Father on this journey, and he misses us! He gave us an opportunity to communicate with him, and unlike skype on a mission, we can do it everyday! But often we don’t treat prayer like we treat skyping our families. I can just imagine God getting on to skype us, being really excited to connect with us and see how things are going and us turning on the webcam and being like, “Hey, I’m doing good, please send me a package, nothing much to report, thanks, bye.” and disconnecting.

It made me want to pray more meaningfully. 🙂

Other than that, we saw some definite miracles this week! We found a family named Armando and Arminda. They are RICH, and we street contacted us and asked if we could teach him, and he took us to his house, and we taught about temples and eternal marriage and baptism. Kind of weird for a first lesson but it felt right. Than we walked with them to church the next morning! They are really awesome, have a lot of desire and we felt to spirit there with them strongly.

Our other families are doing great as well.

Anyways. I have one minute left but I am doing fantastic, I love and miss you all! Have a good week!


Elder Poyfair

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Week 95: The Home Stretch, Transfers, and Daily Miracles

Good morning all-

I realized this week that I don’t have too many more of these emails to write, and my letters lately have been pretty lame. So I’m sorry, I willl really try and make these last few as good as I can. 🙂

Monday was good, after we emailed, the elders from Quelimane flew in and me and Elder Huffaker divided with them to go and teach in our area. I went with Elder Rebollo, an Elder who was about to leave (he flew home today). As we walked, we talked about how his last tranfsfer went, and how before he started he kind of assumed he wouldn’t learn too much, but he talked about how much he learned and the experiences he had and it made me really excited. We got to the lesson with one of our investigating families, Zebedeu and Carolla, and were suprised to see one of our recent converts there! At first we were really excited, we would have a member present at the lesson, we liked that he was visiting our investigators.

However, after a few minutes of teaching, it became apparent that our recent convert was sadly, drunk. He acted weird, and smelled strongly like alcohol. I was devestated! I wondered how we could effectively handle the situation. We finished the lesson, and marked to visit with him later in the week. He accepted, and we went home, pretty sad.

Tuesday was ZONE CONFERENCE! Ah. I love Zone Conference. The spirit was so strong. We talked about the Atonement and Grace and Planning and learned so much. It was probably the best one I have been to. Luckily we will have one more, the week I go home. The highlight of Zone Conference was probably at the end, when all of the leaving elders bore their testimonies. I watched some of my best friends give their final advice and testimonies through tears- Elder Hamrick, the AP I lived with for over 7 months, Elder Lourenco, the Brazillian companion I served with for 6 months, and Elder Coelho, the other Maputo Zone Leader. I was really close to all of them! Missions go so fast. I swear we were all just starting.

Wednesday was fantastic, me and Elder Huffaker went to visit the family of that recent convert, who we had found drunk two days before. I was pretty nervous- earlier in my mission, we had run into a similar situation with a member, and when we went to try and talk to him about it, it went AWFUL, he denied it and called us liars and stuff. So I was anxious, and we said a prayer before we went in, that we could know what to say and how to help him. And seriously, the lesson went so good. It was such a delicate thing, but the spirit guided our words and after some time, he admitted to what had happened and asked what he needs to do to repent. I felt the spirit SO strong. I was so so so happy, inside my whole body, with his desire to come clean and erase it. We directed him to the bishop, assured him of Gods love, and left feeling great.

I had another cool experience this week, I was on a division with Elder Charles (a young elder in our district) in his area, and we went to teach a family who had been investigating for a long time. And at the beginning of the  lesson, I was being pretty bold. I might have even crossed over into “over bearing” territory, talking very firmly on how they need to repent and be baptized. As I was talking, the thought came into my head that I should ask them if God is answering their prayers. “What?!?” I thought, “That has nothing to do with what we are talking about!” We were talking about the law of chastity and stuff. But I asked the question, and the room got silent and they thought, and both said, “Without a doubt.” and began to talk about personal experiences they had had and their desire to keep the commandments and anyways. It ended up being a really good, productive lesson and I am grateful to the Spirit for the inspired question.

One other time something like that happened this week. We were out pretty far away, and our lesson fell through. Me and Elder Huffaker were deciding what to do, and Elder Huffaker said we should go to Arlindo and Marias, a non progressing family that we had dropped. I didn’t really want to, but I agreed, so we went. We had almost got there, when I saw a neighbor house and wanted to knock it. So we did, and a really nice rich family let us in and we taught them and it was great! After we passed by the orignal house we had wanted to go to, and they weren’t even home!

Moral of the story is. We were guided to that house, but not just by me or Elder Huffaker. God gave part of the revelation to Elder Huffaker, to go to the non progressing families house. If I would have said no, we wouldn’t have found the family. Then after, he gave it to me to knock on the neighbors door. If Elder Huffaker had said “no, we have to go the family we planned’s house”, we wouldn’t have found it either. But we both yielded to each other and it was perfect. I was grateful for that.

My mission is the best. Today we saw transfers. My last transfer! Wow. Me and Elder Huffaker will NOT be serving together- he got transferred to Beira! I stayed. In Sommerschield. I am the only missionary in the whole mission who never served in Beira!!!! Oh well. 🙂 I am really excited to stay here. I will stay Zone Leader, and be companions with Elder Christiansen. He is the other Zone Leader! It will be a good transfer. He is a really hard worker, and obedient. I picked him up from the airport when he started his mission. I am excited. 🙂

Have the best week!

Love, Elder Poyfair


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Week 94: Bowling, Shrimp and a lot of hard work

Good evening!

This week was one of the best ones. We just got home from our mission president’s house! He loves our Zone hahaha. We had a Zone activity today, we went bowling! I got the highest score in the Zone! 161. I felt pretty awesome. 🙂
Then we went over to President Kretly’s house where we had an AWESOME shrimp lunch. The shrimp in Mozambique are really the greatest and biggest, and President Kretly knows how to make some GOOD shrimp.
It was fun to be with the whole zone and President Kretly! Everyone is pretty excited for Zone Conference tomorrow! Rumor has it we are going to watch Meet the Mormons for part of it. Here, Zone Conference is an all day event. Like, 8 in the morning until 6 or 7 o clock at night. We love Zone Conference! Should be good. Then, next Monday is transfers! I am excited to see if I spend my last transfer here in Maputo.
So many cool things happened this week, but I really don’t have too much time.
One night me and Elder Huffaker were doing street contacts. Elder Huffaker is doing great with the language, but he hasn’t been here for 3 months yet so he is still learning. So this guy comes up, and we are trying to figure out if he has a family. He is an older guy but says he is single. So I started to say, jokingly, “What?!? How do you not have a wife! You have a beard, you are old….” and Elder Huffaker cut in and said, “And young!” and me and the guy looked at him and I kind of laughed a little bit, and was like, “Yeah! Ha ha…” And then we all laughed. Then Elder Huffaker was asking him for references, and he said he didn’t know anyone. So Elder Huffaker wanted to say , “You don’t know anyone?”  But instead said, “You don’t know ANYTHING!!” And yeah. Really funny. The contact took it well though. We laughed for a while. I love my companion.
We watched General Conference this week! It was SO good. I really liked Elder Bednar’s, Nelson’s, and Holland’s talks. All of them were great though. We had a bunch of investigators come! 4 complete families and a bunch of others. We found a new family this week named Helder and Yolanda. We walked to church with them! It is kind of weird when your first sunday is general conference though. I had to assure them that it isn’t normally like this. 🙂 They did have a lot of questions, but they enjoyed singing the hymns!
Our investigators are doing well. We are fighting for their marriage documents! It has been so difficult lately to get the necessary papers! Patience I guess. They are developing strong testimonies in the meantime.
I love my mission, and can’t beleive I only have 7 more weeks here in Mozambique. Time sure does fly when you are having fun.
Sorry for the short email. Next week will be better!
Elder Poyfair
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Week 93: Families in Mozambique are amazing

What a week!

My mission is going so great. Seriously, I loved the beginning of my mission. But the longer I am here, the more I enjoy this work. It keeps getting better and better! Mozambique is the promised land. The people here still amaze me, even after 1 year and ten months here with them. As far as Christ Like people go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Me and Elder Huffaker are having a blast! This week was busy. On Tuesday morning, we left early and went to teach Manuel and Laura. They are a golden family- both really intelligent, have a young baby, and have not missed a week at church TOGETHER since we started teaching them (4 sundays). Their only problem was they were having trouble accepting a baptismal date, insisting that they wait until they learned more. In the lesson, we explained (again) about baptism, and really got them to open up and ended up commiting them to the 23rd of May. That was a blessing!

We did two divisions this week- I went on one with Elder Coelho, the other Zone Leader, for us to be able to be on the same page and plan what we are going to do to help the zone and stuff, and another one with Elder Herd, the District Leader/Office Elder in Chamanculo. Both divisions went well, with Elder Herd I was back in my old area and we got to teach some lessons with my recent converts! Chamanculo for life. Elder Coelho and I get along so well. Every time we do a division, we play ping pong for our morning excercise (my parents sent a mini ping pong set in a package and it fits perfectly on our table). He is really good at ping pong, and our games are always pretty funny because we both get really into it. The total score (over the past four weeks) is 5-5. He is one of my best friends. 

Funny story, Me and Elder Coelho were street contacting on our division and this lady came up to me and pretty much contacted me. She said, “Hi, I’m Ana. Are you guys from a church?” and I replied that we were missionaries, and she said, “Awesome. So I am Catholic, right? But I have a son, and he really really wants to join a church! I don’t want him to come to my church, I want him to be free and choose his own path. And he keeps asking and asking to be in a church. Can young people worship at your church?” and I explained that they could, and suggested we go and visit her and her husband and her son and explain more about our message, and she agreed. Then as she was walking away, I asked, “How old is your son?” Thinking we could bring a member his age to help him feel welcome, and she said, “He is three!” 

….. what?!!?!?! We were laughing pretty hard. Three year olds. Always asking to go to church and stuff!!! Only in Mozambique, right? Hahaha. 


Our biggest cool part of the week was what happened sunday. There is a 15 year old in our ward, who reminds me a lot of Kristen my sister. And she is super active. But she is the only member in her family! She really wants the rest of her family to come. We were finally able to get her mom to start coming. But her dad was pretty against the church. We had been trying and trying to sit with the whole family and he kept blowing us off and stuff, and then finally we got him marked to sit with us. So on the division with Elder Coelho, we taught them, and it was THE BEST LESSON. Super super spiritual, and the father said that he wanted to be baptized and walk the same path with his whole family! So we committed all of them to baptism and then sunday morning, we walked with the whole family to church! Even the dad. The fifteen year old was SO happy. I know she had been praying for a long time for that to happen. I was glad to be a part of it!

The church is true. It blesses families. I’ve seen it so many times its not even funny! 8 more weeks. Its coming so fast….


Elder Poyfair

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Week 92: Celebrating new stakes with steaks! Brazilian Barbeque for the win!

Bom Dia!

This week was fantastic.

Yesterday was Pday! We had planned a Zone Activity, playing volley ball on the beach. We had also made a Zone Tee Shirt, that turned out SWEET! It is the first time any missionaries have made tee shirts. The front has MMM on it, for “Mozambique Maputo Mission” like the temple, and on the back it says “Maputo Zone”, has a little logo that shows heart, might, mind, and strength from D&C 4:2, our Zone’s focus, and all of the missionaries names on it.
We made some for President and Sister Kretly as well, and then invited them to our activity. They showed up, and saw our whole zone out there in our red shirts playing volley ball! They took a lot of pictures and then played volleyball with us. President Kretly was super funny. He gets really into sports. 🙂 He really really liked the shirts as well.


We took some pictures, and then as we were leaving, thinking the activity was over, President said, “How about….. we go and barbeque some steaks at my house? To celebrate having 2 stakes in mozambique? With the whole zone?” and we were like…..”Ok!” So we went and bought some NICE Tbone steak with and bread and salad and stuff with President, and the whole zone went to President Kretly’s house and had a barbeque. The steak was SO good. It was a lot of fun! Then we had ice cream, and left. It ended later than we had planned, and President said we could email this morning if the internet cafes were closed.


Easily the coolest Pday ever. Brazillian BBQ for the win.

The rest of the week was about that awesome. On Sunday, we were blessed with 6 full investigator families at church! The highest I have had on my mission thus far was 5. But this sunday we had six! We were so excited. Church was packed, and all of our investigators loved it.

One of our families that we are teaching is named Zebedeu and Carolla. I met him on the road, we traded numbers and the next day we went and taught them. We only had like 8 minutes, so we gave them the restoration pamphlet, invited them to church, and left. The next day was sunday, and they both came together! This week we taught them the Restoration and Book of Mormon, with members from their neighborhood. They are SO cool. Such a nice family. We invited them to pray to know if the book of mormon is true, and that night, after we did our daily planning at like 9:45, we got a call from the wife. She said, “Elders! We did what you said, we stayed up and read 1st Nephi 1, and then we knelt down together and asked God if the Book of Mormon is true. As we were finished, we felt this rush of peace, and it was like the room was really quiet and we felt really strong inside of us. God answered! He answered! The book is true!”

They were so excited. So were we.The gospel is seriously so simple. I love it! They came to church together again this Sunday. I love them. 🙂

We are working hard and being blessed. I seriously love my mission so much! I have learned SO much. I wish I had enough time on Pdays that I could write, in detail, about everything that happened. Sadly, these short little updates will have to do. But seriously, Mozambique is the greatest. I am so grateful to be here!


Elder Poyfair

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Week 91: Pascoa

Hi family!

This week, as you all know, was Easter! In Mozambique we call it Pascoa. Fun fact, Easter is very misunderstood here. I wish I could have made a documentary this week of us going to our investigator’s and members houses and asking them what or even when Easter is. Almost know one knew! Most people celebrate it on Friday, because they get work off. Most people said it was a holiday for Jesus. When we explained about the story of Christ’s resurrection, people couldn’t believe that actually happened! A couple of investigators said, “I thought that only happened in the movie!”

So we went around reading the Easter story with our families. I loved it.

This week, one of our families, named Luis and Laura, did something that surprised us. They are super humble, quiet and shy, and at the end of one of our lessons, he said, “I have something for you”, and went into his house because we were sitting on the front yard, and then came back out with two CDs! HIS CDs! We laughed pretty hard. (On the inside, obviously, to not offend him!) Apparently he was a rapper two years ago and made this legit CD. But no one bought it, and his personality does NOT match the pictures in the CD. He wanted us to get it popular in america when we get home. I told him I would. We can’t listen to it until we get home though, but I am pretty excited to hear it. We let a member borrow it and the member said it was pretty lame music. I am still excited. 🙂

This week was a little rough, in the sense that me and my companion Elder Huffaker were pretty sick all week! But we toughed it out, worked hard, and ended up hitting ALL of our Zone goals for the week! We had 10 member present lessons, 10 new investigators, 3 complete families at church, and 41 qualified contacts. It was the first time any one in our zone has hit all of the goals since we made them. We felt really good, and knew that we had given it all we got. 

Our families are doing well, Atanasio and Amelia are our next family in line. They are the one who’s kids were playing on the wooden teeter totter. 🙂 They are pretty poor but this week should have all of the documents they need to throw a simple wedding and be able to get baptized this month!

Time is going by so fast. I can’t believe I only have 10 weeks left. I was listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir this week, and loved the second verse of “Come Let Us Anew”:

Our life as a dream, our time as a stream
Glide swiftly away,
And the fugitive moment refuses to stay;
For the arrow is flown and the moments are gone.
The millennial year
Presses on to our view, and eternity’s here,
Presses on to our view, and eternity’s here.

THAT is what I feel a mission is like! The fugitive moment refuses to stay, and the arrow is flown and the moments are gone. 

Anyways. I’m doing great, loving life here, and helping as many people as I can while I still can.

Love you! Have a good week. 


Elder Poyfair

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Week 90: Missions. Love that stuff. :)

This week was one of my favorites, hopefully my email update can do it justice!

Monday was another Elder in my house’s birthday, and mine was on tuesday, so we bought a cherry pie at the store to celebrate our birthdays together and on Monday night we tried to light 20 candles on fire on top of it. The only problem was, we didn’t have any candles, we only had matches. It was a pretty big failure, but it was funny as well. 🙂

Tuesday was my birthday! 20 years old. We went to my favorite chinese restaurant to celebrate. That night, we had a really cool experience with a less active member named Laura. We had some lessons fall through, so we decided to visit her, and we went over there and started talking. At first everything seemed ok, but we started asking her some questions, and she started opening up. We asked her what was most important to her in this life, and she just broke down and started crying. She said, between tears, that the most important thing to her are her children. She has 3 of them. Her youngest daughter has some serious problems with her health, as do her other children. She is supposed to be taking her youngest daughter to the hospital three times per week, but she can’t afford the bus fare, and it is a 2 hour walk there and back. Her husband works all the time but is rather unsupportive, never home and keeps most of the money. She feels like she is failing as a mother, because she walks out in the streets with her kids and they ask for things and the mother has to tell them that they cannot afford them.

It was a really, really, really tender moment. The spirit was so strong. You could feel this woman’s complete sadness, and hopeless and despair. But miraculously, at the same time I could feel, pretty strongly, God’s complete love for her. I was able to testify that he was satisfied with her efforts as a mother, and testify that one day, everything that is unfair about this life will be corrected through the atonement of Jesus Christ. She looked me straight in the eyes, and nodded. She even smiled a little bit.

Nothing can help these people like the gospel can.

We left that lesson, pretty humbled and completely filled with God’s love and the desire to help EVERYONE. Missions. Love that stuff. 🙂

The next day, I did a division with Elder Coelho! He is the other zone leader. We had a great day! We were both so pumped up and excited. We set some pretty high goals and went out and worked our guts out. It was a lot of fun. We both are really happy, excited missionaries, and it was awesome to work with him. We also studied and collaborated about our focus for this transfer as a zone, and prepared for our Zone Training.


Who needs a teeter totter when you have a wooden bench?

Thursday was awesome. Me and Elder Huffaker left in the morning to teach a new family me and Elder Coelho had found while street contacting named Manuel and Laura. It was such a good restoration lesson! They were interested and understood the message and accepted baptism. Then at the end, we taught Manuel how to pray and asked him if he would say the closing prayer. He accepted and said a beautiful prayer. Then, his wife Laura was like, “I want to try, can I say a prayer too?” So we nodded and she said ANOTHER great prayer. 🙂 It was so funny. I have never seen that happen on my mission. Golden family,on sunday we went there in the morning to pick them both up for church with their baby, and they were all ready to go and she had invited her neighbor to come to! So we walked to church with the four of them. AWESOME. 🙂


Me with the sons of one of our investigating families. They are soo cute. The one one the left’s name is “Meek”.

That night, I did baptismal interviews for Elder Reinstein and Elder Herd (Elder Herd is the District Leader). You won’t believe who the interviews were for! 🙂 Remember Crislerio and Johanna? They were one of my favorite families, Elder Douglas and I started teaching them about a year ago, and they were progressing well and stuff but he needed to get a divorce, she had a big afro, I wrote a lot about them and sent a picture. Anyways. Then me and Elder Lourenco taught them, but things were not going well and they were fighting and stuff, and basically they ended up seperating. He moved to T-3, she stayed here with her kids. Well, he got baptized in T3, and I interviewed her and her daughter! They got baptized yesterday. The best part is, they are working on his old divorce process and will get married and then move in together again! Wow. Miracle for sure. It was weird interviewing someone I had taught. 🙂

Friday was our Zone Training and it went SO good. 🙂 Our focus was D+C 4:2, and we focused on how we can better serve with each of those individual parts of us- our heart, might, mind, and strength. We had lots of games and activities and examples and videos, and then zone loved it. At the end, we talked about there was someone who had already done this, and given all that he had in his service, and showed the video “thanks to him”, about Jesus Christ. Me and Elder Coelho bore our testimonies, and the spirit was SO STRONG. A sister gave the prayer, and seriously at the end half of the Zone was crying. SUCH a good meeting. 🙂 I loved it.

Anyways. That was pretty much my week. I got my travel plans. Not too much of a surprise, since I was the one who had sent in the request while I was in the office. 🙂 Hahahaha perks I guess. It is crazy though. 11 more weeks is nothing.

Love you all!