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First Letter!


Hey Family. 🙂

The MTC President told us to take some time tonight to write our families, so this is my obligatory ‘It’s a lot to take in but I’m doing fine’ note. It’s pretty crazy how fast everything happened. Like, one second I was hugging all you guys and then I got my nametag (which looks great by the way) and then I dropped off all my stuff and was taken to a class room where a teacher talked Portuguese at us for an hour. I understood every 6th word or so, and most of them were Spanish sound-alikes. I hope it gets easier, but I know this is where I’m supposed to be. I could just feel it when all 900 of us sang ‘Called to Serve’ at orientation. It’s definitely a cool place with a unique spirit. My companion is Elder Olson, the guy from Tucanos! (Before we dropped Dallin off, we sat two tables away from Elder Olson and his family. Our waiter made the connection that both Dallin and him were going to Mozambique and introductions were made shortly thereafter.) Pretty crazy how that happens. He’s way cool and I think we’ll get along great. My release date is June 9th, 2015. So that’s pretty cool. 🙂 Seems like so far away. Everyone says if you can just make it to Sunday you’ll be fine. We had Papa John’s pizza for dinner so I’m already fine. 🙂 We’ve been waiting in a classroom for our district leaders or zone leaders or something like that for an hour now, so it’s a wee bit awkward. Anyways, I’m doing great, expect another letter (email?) soon. 


Love you

Like a love song.

– Dallin


Elder Poyfair? Yeah, probably that one. Anyways, Bye. 🙂



We were pleasantly surprised to get this picture from my the mission blog of my niece – Sister Alayna Hubner this morning. So good to see him smiling and happy with his shiny new nametag on. 

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The Drop Off






A few days before we dropped Dallin off at the MTC, Karli asked him where he’d like to eat lunch with the family before 2 p.m. on Wednesday the 26th – his scheduled time of arrival.










Dallin, like most 18 year olds, loves to eat food… especially good food that costs a lot of money. He first suggested PF Changs, but then decided on Tucanos Brazilian Grill.

So on Wednesday morning, after running a few last errands, he brought down his fully packed suitcases and got dressed in his uniform of the next two years – a suit and tie. We then drove him to the restaurant and took several family pictures at the Riverwoods before our name was called and we turned him loose to eat as much meat as possible – especially since eating meat in Mozambique probably won’t happen too often.










And while he did eat his fair share – you could tell that he was nervous and anxious to get to the MTC and get going with his mission.










As the minutes ticked away and Dallin became more and more excited, we in turn became a little more and more melancholy and dreading the inevitable separation. After a quick stop at the Missionary Mall to exchange a belt that came apart, we found ourselves turning into the MTC and talking an Older Missionary who welcomed us and then told us we had two minutes to unpack, say goodbye and get out. (He said it much nicer than that, by the way…)










Our two minutes went by way too quick for us – but you could tell it wasn’t fast enough for Elder Poyfair. He was smiling, ready and excited to start his missionary adventure.


























A great friend of mine told me yesterday that the experience that families have dropping their son or daughter at the MTC is a lot like our understanding of what it’s like when a loved one passes away. The deceased person’s family is sad for their own personal loss of having a loved one around to share experiences with.

Yet, if they could only see what awaits their loved one – a glorious experience that we can’t even imagine  – we would be overcome with love and happiness for the new opportunity that awaits. And while that analogy sounds a little somber… I feel it works.

It’s taken awhile – and it’s still tough – but I’m coming around to that way of thinking. I hadn’t realized how much I was going to miss my son. I didn’t realize that he had become a trusted friend and confidant and yesterday I grieved for that loss.

But today I’m refreshed by the understanding that my son is representing our Heavenly Father in such an important task that the people of Mozambique desperately need. And he needs them as much as they need him.










I couldn’t be more proud of this kid. And I can’t wait to share in his adventures for the next two years.


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The Farewell

It’s been a little over 24 hours since we dropped Dallin off at the MTC curb and watch him walk away into a sea of Elders and Sisters. We’ve been an emotional bunch for the past week and it all started on Sunday, June 23rd.

It isn’t really like Dallin to stress about an important due date while he was in school – so it was a litte strange that he started stressing about his farewell talk a week before it happened. The night before, he was on my bed asking for ideas about how he could make his talk better. I didn’t do too much and was a little worried that he’d mail his talk in when he finally got to the pulpit.


Boy was I wrong. His talk was funny, full of great stories, tennis analogies and even a ‘Jim Dandy’ reference. It was thoughtful and deep. It had great scriptural references and teaching points. I was duly impressed.


After the farewell about 100 of Dallin’s closest friends and relatives came over to our house to munch on our own version of J-dawgs, chips, brownies and bottled water.


It was great to have so much family support after the farewell – from Dad Orton, Julie, Angie and Dylan’s families to Scott, David, and Tammy’s family helping with set up to the awesome visits of Troy Smith, Brad Eldredge, Rachelle Williams and Luis and Diane Mejia and their families.


The steady stream of visitors continued for the rest of the day and well into the night. Thanks for everyone who came to say goodbye to Dallin before he left. It meant so much to Karli and I.




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Where is Mozambique again?

Most of us thought he’d be called to South America, or Japan or Paris, France.

None of us could have prepared for where he was actually called. While we were a little scared to realize Dallin would be serving the Lord in one of the world’s poorest countries, we took immediate solace in the fact that he would be protected by a loving Heavenly Father.

We immediately fell in love with his mission. Especially after watching this video we found on youtube.

I’m not sure there is a more humble, beautiful group of people in this world. I’m so glad Dallin will be able to live amongst them and serve them.

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