The Farewell

It’s been a little over 24 hours since we dropped Dallin off at the MTC curb and watch him walk away into a sea of Elders and Sisters. We’ve been an emotional bunch for the past week and it all started on Sunday, June 23rd.

It isn’t really like Dallin to stress about an important due date while he was in school – so it was a litte strange that he started stressing about his farewell talk a week before it happened. The night before, he was on my bed asking for ideas about how he could make his talk better. I didn’t do too much and was a little worried that he’d mail his talk in when he finally got to the pulpit.


Boy was I wrong. His talk was funny, full of great stories, tennis analogies and even a ‘Jim Dandy’ reference. It was thoughtful and deep. It had great scriptural references and teaching points. I was duly impressed.


After the farewell about 100 of Dallin’s closest friends and relatives came over to our house to munch on our own version of J-dawgs, chips, brownies and bottled water.


It was great to have so much family support after the farewell – from Dad Orton, Julie, Angie and Dylan’s families to Scott, David, and Tammy’s family helping with set up to the awesome visits of Troy Smith, Brad Eldredge, Rachelle Williams and Luis and Diane Mejia and their families.


The steady stream of visitors continued for the rest of the day and well into the night. Thanks for everyone who came to say goodbye to Dallin before he left. It meant so much to Karli and I.




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