First Letter!


Hey Family. 🙂

The MTC President told us to take some time tonight to write our families, so this is my obligatory ‘It’s a lot to take in but I’m doing fine’ note. It’s pretty crazy how fast everything happened. Like, one second I was hugging all you guys and then I got my nametag (which looks great by the way) and then I dropped off all my stuff and was taken to a class room where a teacher talked Portuguese at us for an hour. I understood every 6th word or so, and most of them were Spanish sound-alikes. I hope it gets easier, but I know this is where I’m supposed to be. I could just feel it when all 900 of us sang ‘Called to Serve’ at orientation. It’s definitely a cool place with a unique spirit. My companion is Elder Olson, the guy from Tucanos! (Before we dropped Dallin off, we sat two tables away from Elder Olson and his family. Our waiter made the connection that both Dallin and him were going to Mozambique and introductions were made shortly thereafter.) Pretty crazy how that happens. He’s way cool and I think we’ll get along great. My release date is June 9th, 2015. So that’s pretty cool. 🙂 Seems like so far away. Everyone says if you can just make it to Sunday you’ll be fine. We had Papa John’s pizza for dinner so I’m already fine. 🙂 We’ve been waiting in a classroom for our district leaders or zone leaders or something like that for an hour now, so it’s a wee bit awkward. Anyways, I’m doing great, expect another letter (email?) soon. 


Love you

Like a love song.

– Dallin


Elder Poyfair? Yeah, probably that one. Anyways, Bye. 🙂



We were pleasantly surprised to get this picture from my the mission blog of my niece – Sister Alayna Hubner this morning. So good to see him smiling and happy with his shiny new nametag on. 

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