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The Character of Christ…

Both Alayna and Dallin mentioned in their letters this week that they watched the Devotional given by Elder David A. Bednar called – The Character of Christ.

And both said they felt that this message changed their life. I looked far and wide today to find a video version of the talk – to no avail. I was able to find the text version. It can be found here…

We read it for family home evening tonight and couldn’t agree with these young missionaries more. It is a talk that will force you to approach  your day to day routine in a much different way. We highly recommend it.

And here’s another picture of Alayna, Dallin and another of Alayna’s cousins. I’m not sure why Dallin chooses to smile like that. Weird.


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Morgan’s going to San Jose (by way of Mexico)!

Over the past year and a half we’ve had the great honor of having Morgan Tuckett around us… most often accompanied by Dallin. They are great friends and last week we learned that Morgan was called to the San Jose California Spanish Speaking mission. She leaves in early December, gets back about the same time Dallin does and gets to go the MTC in Mexico. Needless to say, she will make an awesome missionary. Nice work, Morgan!ImageImage

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Today we were able to see Parker William’s mission farewell. This kid is also going to Mozambique – six weeks after Dallin gets there. The great thing is that Parker and Dallin have been great friends for several years. Parker did great today. Also pictured are Tikal Johnson, Derek Wilson and Tyler Meek. All of these guys should be out in the field in the next year. What great friends to have.

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Miracles in Mozambique – From the Church News

Miracles in Mozambique – From the Church News

It was fun to read this article today. We hope you enjoy it too. 

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MTC Guide, Testimony, Strep Throat, Line drive to the arm…

Hey family, como vai? 🙂


Today is the official monthiversary of my time here at the MTC. 1 Month exactly! So crazy, feels like I havn’t been here that long. I was reminded of the day I came in here when I hosted on Wednesday, that was such a fun experience! I loved it! I was able to host 3 different elders, and luckily the drop off went smooth with the parents and all (no sobbing polynesians or whatever) and walked them through everything. One kid was obsessed with video game soundtracks and wanted to compose them here at the MTC and was wondering where a piano was so he could compose them. (?) Kinda wierd but a funny kid. Theyall looked so scared but like they were trying to cover it up. Definitely some “dear in the headlights looks.”. But I guess I probably looked like that my first day too. So much has happened this past month though, I feel like almost a new person!


On Sunday we watched a pre-taped talk by Elder Bednar called “Character of Christ”, and it was so stinkin’ good. It changed my life! If any of you havn’t seen it yet, I suggest you do. Because I love it. 🙂


I finished the Book of Mormon on Saturday, I started it the Saturday after I got here so I read it in a solid 3 weeks. Reading it fast was so awesome, my testimony has really been strengthened about the power of that book. When I had finished, I decided to do what Moroni had asked, because even though I remember doing it before, I can’t remember the last time I did or how serious I was with it. So a couple minutes after I finished it, I said a prayer asking for a strengthened testimony about the truthfullness of it. And as I did, this AWESOME feeling came over me. Like, I’d felt it before, but not as strong as I did this time! And It stayed with me for a solid 3 hours! It was so amazing. That’s the feeling I want the people I teach in Africa to feel. Because I know if they will feel that, they will know like I did that the book is true!



Sooooo my whole district here was pretty sick at the start of the week. I had a really bad sore throut and slept pretty bad for a couple nights, it wasn’t too fun but after a couple of difficult days I got over it. It was pretty funny though because on the 3rd day I think, my body had had enough and when we went to bed, I kind of shut down I guess. I remember sleeping really good, and when I woke up, my whole room was mad at me because I guess the congestion and stuff from being sick made me snore SO LOUD. They all thought I was staying awake and joking around with them because of how loud it was. I guess they tried waking me up and even shook me awake but I wouldn’t wake up! And then apparently at around two in the morning I started talking really loud in my sleep. They wrote down some of the stuff I said, pretty funny! I didn’t feel too bad though because I had slept so good 🙂


Shout out to my home-girl Morgan Tuckett for getting her mission call! San Jose California, Spanish Speaking! I’m so excited for her and I know she’ll do great. Plus we get home around two days apart from eachother, so thats pretty gnarly!


Before I get to the last thing, we all got our travel plans today! Which means visas came and everything. Super stoked about that! We leave the MTC a week from this sunday at 4:30 in the morning! We get on a shuttle, get to drive by LEHI and then catch a flight at 8:30 to Atlanta. I’ll be able to call my family as well, I’ll be sure to purchase a pre-paid phone card so I can do that 🙂 We have a 5 hour layover in Atlanta, and then get on a flight FROM ATLANTA GEORGIA TO JOHANNESBURG FREAKING SOUTH AFRICA! It’s gonna be suchhh a long flight. But it’ll be fun as well, there are 15 guys in our travel group and 5 from my district including my companion. The five from the group, myself included are like the guys I’ve got closest with so its pretty lucky that it all happened like that!


I had a pretty sweet adventure yesterday. To start things off, my district had challenged another district to a game of softball. So yeah, logically we were taking it pretty serious. We had played softball before, and apparently I’m a really good softball pitcher (according to an elder in our district who played college baseball), so I was pitching. It was about halfway through the first inning, I pitched to this really hefty elder in the other district, who hit it at about 12.48 trillion miles per hour STRAIGHT AT MY ARM. I dropped to the ground, It hurt so bad and didn’t feel right. Everyone gathered around, and took me to the trainer. They did some tests, and decided that I needed to go and get it X-rayed because they thought it might be broken! So me and my companion went with the trainer, picked up my wallet and insurence card and stuff (while my arm was in a sling) and then we hopped on a shuttle that took us (me and my companion) to the REAL WORLD. He dropped us off at some medical place, and said to call him when we were done! It took forever because it was kind of busy and stuff, plus my arm was hurting pretty bad. We finally went in to get it X-rayed at like 9, and it was pretty cool what the docter said after looking at them. They looked pretty gnarly, because one of the bones in my arm was BENT. Like, legitimately bent. The docter said he had never seen a bone bend that much. There were luckily no fractures or anything, and he said that it should have been broken but for whatever reason, didn’t. I thought that was awesome, until he told me that if it had been broken, I probably wouldn’t be able to go to Africa!! It was then that I realized how big of a blessing I had recieved. Super cool experience for me. He also said though, that since I had been sick, and my tounsels were swollen, That the infection I had could spread to the arm, which wouldn’t be fun AT ALL. So he prescribed me an antibiotic and also some pain meds, and said we should come back tomorrow to pick up the xrays and then clear everything with the doctor.




We didn’t get out until about 9:30, and went with the shuttle driver to walgreens to pick up my meds! It was crazy! Plus the driver said we could buy “certain drinks” that were not served, for whatever reason, at the MTC. So that was pretty awesome, If any of you know me you probably know what I’m talking about! We got back at about 10:30 to the MTC, wayyy past curfew, And the front desk told us to go to the medical clinic as soon as it openedtomorrow. So today I went in, and met with a doctor for a while. He told me that I could have had strep, which if it spread to my arm like Ibuprofen can sometimes help with, it wouldn’t be good. He was also concerned with the way my arm was bent. So, I hate to leave you guys with a cliff hanger, but He said that they were going to have a radiologist come in and look at them, so I should come back at 1! But he told me that theres a decent chance I won’t be able to go to Africa right away if it needs to be followed up on at all. 😦 😦 😦 So I’ll find out whats up at 1 today, and I’ll save myself some email time so I can update you guys after it happens. Could end up getting reassigned, but keeping my fingers crossed! I feel like it’ll be ok. It’s only a flesh wound. 😉


Well, thats about it. Language is coming along great. Laundry was a little hard this morning with one arm, (Doc said to keep it in a sling for a weekish) but my district helped me out. I’m loving it here, and a little nervous to leave but excited for what comes ahead. I love all you guys so much, and want to thank you for all your support. Sorry if I don’t write you back. It gets pretty busy around here!


Love you all. Like love songs. Wish me luck with the Radiologist!


-Elder Poyfair



[Four Hours Later]


update: radiologist said that the bendiness was a result of something that happened to me when I was like 5, and it healed that way, although I can’t think of what it would be. Oh well. 🙂 I need to wear the sling until monday morning, and go talk with the doc again wednesday or thursday and we’ll proceed from there. Still could get infected, etc. Thanks for that story, I feel like I’ll be fine! Love you guys!


-Elder Poyfair
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Elder Poyfair and Sister Hubner

Elder Poyfair and Sister Hubner

Even though they’re cousins, they still shake hands.

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Editor’s Note: Yes, we’ve become THOSE parents…


I snapped this picture at about the 9 mile point of our ten mile hike.

It was two weeks ago that I volunteered to accompany our ward’s young women on a ten-mile hike during girls camp. It sounded like the trip they planned – Rafting the Provo river to Vivian Park – then hiking from Vivian Park to the Provo Temple – sounded like a fun day to spend with my beautiful daughters.

It was hot and sunny and the hike was pleasant and enjoyable. It was great to see Kate and Krisser since I said goodbye to them on Monday and do a hike that didn’t go straigh uphill.







We finally arrived at the Provo temple around 6:30. Karli had also volunteered to pick some of the hikers up and drive them back to girls camp at Aspen Grove.


They made it – finished their hike by touching the temple.













For the record – we do know that Thursdays are Dallin’s ‘exercise’ day – which are one day before his P-day. He told us in one letter that he usually plays soccer on that day. We didn’t know what time he exercised, nor had we planned with him to accidentally ‘meet’ him while he played soccer.

So – as we finally made it to the west side of the temple complex, I looked over and saw a pretty large group of elders playing soccer. Thinking to myself – ‘I wonder if Dallin is playing’ I veered off from the rest of our group and walked straight to the soccer field. Since I didn’t see an Elder resembling Dallin, I turned eastward towards my group. A few second later I ran into a ‘white tag’ missionary instructor who asked me what our group was doing at the temple. I told him about our cool hike and how we had just finished it.

He then asked – ‘Are you with that group?’

That’s when my self -awareness finally kicked in. He wanted me away from the missionaries playing sports. I took the hint, told him goodbye and caught up with the group, passing by missionaries playing sand volleyball.

Our hikers were taking pictures and were walking around to the back of the temple when I saw Karli and felt a strong impression to go say hi to here. I got in the car and we thought it would be fun to drive by the missionaries playing sand volleyball.

As we did, we were amazed to see Dallin turn around and wave to us with a big smile on his face. Talk about a blast of emotion. We could tell he had no intention of coming to us to say hi – and after my interaction with the missionary teacher I wasn’t going to do it either.

We drove back to the temple parking lot and could watch him from behind the fence.


This is a picture of Dallin from behind the fence of the Provo Temple











We then decided to walk across the street, sit in the shade and watch him play volleyball from a pretty good distance. We didn’t want to get him into trouble, but it was therapeutic to see him, even if it was far away.

He turned around and waved a few times – we waved back. 🙂


Karli and I walked and sat in the shade not too far from where he was playing volleyball and watched.











After about 10 minutes, we went back to the temple parking lot and told Katelyn and Kristen who had just finished walking around the temple. They saw him through the gate and waved. (and cried)


This is the last picture I took. He’s wearing a t-shirt with a Mozambique flag on it – or something. He’s also wearing dark (blue or black) shorts.











It was nice to read Dallin’s letter today to hear that he regarded the experience as a tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father – just like we did. It’s good to see him happy and engaged – he’s still the sweet kid he was when we dropped him off three weeks ago.


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Week 3: Tie-ing, Coordinating, Hosting, Eating, Assistant to the DL, Mom and Dad?

Oi minha familia, amo-vos 🙂

This week has been pretty awesome! Alot of fun stuff is going on here at the Good Ol’ MTC, so I guess I’ll get right into it!

All around the MTC, they have pictures of missionaries and stuff, and in the bottom left corner they list the location. Well this week, my district made it a goal to find one of Mozambique, because its pretty new and we couldn’t find one anywhere. There are pictures in every building, so it took us a while to find but we ended up finding two of them! I took pictures and attached them here, we love looking at them and they get us so pumped to go to Africa! Which is coming super fast by the way. Language is coming along great, me and my companion made it a goal to memorize the irreguar verb card, with all 15 of the verbs in all their conjugations and stuff, (6 tenses) so that is pretty fun. There’s present, 2 word future, 1 word future, preterite, imperfect past tense, and prestent, past and future subjunctive tests. Theres alot, and it gets pretty confusing but we are making good progress. We had our first TRC this week, where you talk to real members and not just teachers pretending to be investigators. It went really well, and it was alot of fun! After the 20 minute lessons we got feed back, and both lessons went well, they said some pretty nice things to us so that was great.


Sunday we watched the Testiments, which I remember being a lot less cheezy… But oh well, the last 15 minutes or so of it are great. 🙂 Our devotional on Tuesday was broadcast to all the MTC’s because the speaker was Gordon B Hinkley’s son, and my district went super early to get seats really close to the front since we were singing in the choir, and during the choir number the camera was right on my face, pretty close up at one point! That rocked. The devotional was really good, and after they told us they were going to take a picture of ALL of us! So I’m in the far left section, 4 rows up, twelve seats over from the far left edge and wearing a baby blue tie, in case you ever see that picture 🙂

We have a weekly schedule for which ties to wear each day, so our whole district matches. Monday is blueberry monday (blue tie), Tuesday is Twinner Tuesday (match your comp), Wednesday is wacky wednesday (ugly tie or whatever) thursday is purple time thursday, Friday is freedom Friday (wear what you want) Saturday is Paisley ties aturday and sunday is super sunday (whatever your want). Its a pretty legit thing, everyone follows it and we posted it on the bulletin board in our building and people are starting to follow so thats legit!


Me and my companion, Elder Olsen, got a calling this week! We are the new Sacrament Coordinators for Branch 54! We’re trying to stay really humble about it, but it’s hard because I don’t think people truly understand just how much power comes with being the sacrament coordinators. (I hope you can tell I’m kidding, all we do is assign people to bless and pass the sacrament and then put all the cups in the trays and break the bread beforehand. Its pretty cool though, I guess!) We’re getting a new district leader tomorrow or the next day, but good news, I’ve already asked everyone if when they become the new district leader, I can be their assistant TO the district leader, and they all said yes so thats pretty rad.

Thanks so much for the packages you guys sent this week, my district thanks you as well 🙂 Aunt Brenda sent me a package too, with a whole bunch of Japanese candy and stuff! It was awesome, everyone loved it so please tell her thanks. Thanks so much for the first package, I felt bad (and greedy) that I had already mailed a letter asking for a few things when I got it! But two packages in a week is great 🙂 I’ve gained like 10 pounds since I’ve been here, wonder why… 😉 Its cool though, since I’ll lose it all in Africa.

I really wanted to be a Host, you know, someone who welcomes the new guys and takes them from their crying families and leads them to where they are supposed to be and stuff? But everyone kept telling us you had to be invited, and districts were invited randomly so I kinda gave up. But then me and my companion were talking to someone, who told us to go to the basement of one of the buildings, and ask the secretary down there to be hosts. It was kind of sketchy and a little secretive, but we went there and asked, and she signed our whole district up! So Wednesday the 24th, I’ll be a host. 🙂 Tell your friends who come in that day to look for me!


I saw Spencer Haws here twice, but didn’t have my camera both times. He looked so different, but it was pretty awesome. We had a pretty tender bro hug, If I see him again I’ll get a picture! Seems like he’s doing great and his companion looked good too.

We got a letter ffrom the mission president, saying we need to buy 20 bottles of a  special hand sanitizer here that costs like $4.30! They said they’d reimburse us for some of it, but yeah if you see like an 80 dollar charge on my Debby, you’ll know why!

I had a super cool experience yesterday at gym! We were decided to go outside, even though I kinda wanted to play volleyball inside. But I went along with my district. Then as we were outside, I was walking towards the soccer field to play soccer but felt like I should go and play beach volleyball with some of the guys from my district. So I did, and while I was playing, I saw this red minivan drive by! I kinda laughed and thought it was funny, so I waved almost as a joke, but when they waved back I realized it was my parents! I had heard that they were going to be at the provo temple for a little bit to pick up a whole bunch of girls from girls camp who had walked there, but I thought it’d be in the morning, and was positive we wouldn’t see eachother. So that was way cool, kind of a tender mercy because of how unplanned it was. We’re not supposed to meet with people we know here, intentional or unintentional, but they sat down from far off and we waved at eachother a couple of times while they watched me. I hope you guys weren’t mad I didn’t come over and talk, you’re really not supposed to. But It was a really cool experience just to see you, even if it was only for a few minutes! I love you guys so much!

Thanks for all your support. I’m doing great. I love the gospel, I know its true!

Love, Elder Poyfair

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Letter #2: First Vision, MTC Dew, Practical Jokes

MTC is going great. I’m really getting used to life here and getting into a nice routine. I don’t know if I said this but there are six guys in our room, so things are pretty cramped but we pretty much party all the time. There is a constant supply of good food and brownies and soda in here because generally one of us will get a food shipment every other day or so, and it never runs out! So thats cool. Its fun seeing all the new elders come in, and how scared and young they look even though that was us two weeks ago. Language is coming good, I’m getting faster than most of the guys in our district but struggle alot more with speaking it as opposed to understanding still. But hopefully that will come. I memorized the first vision in Portuguese and me and Elder Olsen used it in one of our lessons to an Investigator, I was pretty proud of myself! We all got an email from the Mission President today, he said there were 146 baptisms in the mission in June!! Pretty crazy, we are all super excited to be a part of that. He also said that the goal was to have 4 stakes in Mozambique by 2015! We all kind of laughed and said that would be awesome before we realized that 2015 would happen during our mission, and we’d be a part of that! Crazy cool. One of the teachers in our building got back from Mozambique a couple months ago, so we’ve been talking to him. He says to not stress the language too much because the people in Mozambique speak a lot slower then they do in Portugal, I’m pretty stoked about that. We had two great devotionals this week, Sunday was from an older man who was HILARIOUS and talked all about being bold and such. On tuesday, after singing in the choir again, we heard from an Emeritus General Authority (Kendrick I think) who talked about recieving personal revelation. It was good, and then at the end he said he felt prompted to leave a preisthood blessing upon all 3000 of us or however many of us there were. It was a really cool experience, I’ve never heard of that before but we were all grateful for it.
I figured out a way to make a soda that tastes EXACTLY like Mt. Dew Voltage from the stuff in the MTC (half a glass of sprite, 3/4s of blue powerade, and a shot of rasperry lemonade and a shot of fresca) and its kind of catching on, Elders keep coming up and asking how to do it. Thats pretty awesome, right? We’ve also been doing harmless little pranks against eachother, and they’ve gotten pretty funny. We took one elder’s alarm clock and then made a 15 step scavenger hunt around our building for him to find it. He thought it was pretty funny and so did we. We took another elder’s mattress off his bed and hid it in the custodial closet, and then made his bed all nice on the metal minus the mattress. Also, the doors in the residence lock automatically when they are shut so when people take showers, they leave the door open so they can get back in. I thought it’d be funny to shut their door, when no one was in it. They all came back in their towels and started blaming eachother over who shut the door, and had to wait 10 minutes for someone to come unlock it for them. I mean, you’ve got to have some fun in here or you’ll go crazy, right? 🙂
I was super excited to hear about Grandma and Grandpa Orton’s mission call, congrats to them! When do they leave? Any chance we’ll overlap in the MTC? 🙂 I leave on August 4th, and apparently it takes 3 full days to get to Mozambique!! Also, my “preacher’s lisence” expires on June 9th, 2015, so I think that’s when I come home! Kinda crazy, feels like I’m cheating some how to be serving 3 weeks under 2 years but whatever. We have our first TRC tonight, which is where real members come in and we get to talk to them and teach them. I’m pretty excited, because so far we have only taught actors so real people will feel awesome! Gym time is going good, yesterday we got to play soccer in the rain and it was the best, we were sliding around and stuff. I’m not as thrilled with the food as I used to be, must be getting used to it or something 🙂 P days are heaven, we all wake up at 6 to get our laundry done so we can have most of the rest of the day to “prepare for the next week” (sleep). Usually we would go to the temple in the afternoon, but its coincidentally closed the entire time we’re here. No temple for 2 years, that kinda sucks! But it’ll just be that much cooler when I come back I guess.
I made a goal to read the Book of Mormon all the way through while I’m here at the MTC from the beginning, and right now I’m almost done with Alma so I think I’ll finish it easy! I love the accelerated speed of reading it, I understand it alot more and am getting more out of it then I did before.
We had our first Fast Sunday here, and we were all expecting it to be pretty bad, but surprisingly, I didn’t get hungry AT ALL, the whole time! Kind of a mini-miracle if any of you have seen me on Fast Sundays before. I thought that was really cool.
Anyways. I love all of you, thanks so much for your support. I’m loving it here, i’m seriously having the time of my life. But it doesn’t mean I don’t miss you 🙂 please keep in touch and keep me updated, I love to hear from all of you! Happy birthday to Kristen tomorrow!
-Elder Poyfair
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Family Letter! First P-day!

Dear Family and friends and anyone who cares to know how I’m doing,

I’m doing awesome! Fantastic! Super great! This week has honestly been the longest ones of my life, but it’s also been one of the best as well. Today is Friday and Its my first P-Day. Which is pretty lame since we got here on Wednesday and should have had our first P-day then but I guess you have to “earn your first P-day” which means wearing dirty clothes and not getting to email anyone for over a week. I guess the wait did make us appreciate today more though.

So I guess I’ll just kinda start from the beginning! I said goodbye to my (sobbing) family which was pretty sad. I’m gonna miss you guys alot and I already do! 🙂 My host/escort led me through parts of the MTC, picking up my name tags and Portuguese Text books, scriptures, Preach my gospel, etc. He then showed me where my room was, and we dropped off all my luggage and went to my classroom. I was one of the last ones to arrive, and the teacher was already “teaching”. Fortunately, I didn’t miss too much on account of no one understood a word of the 100% Portuguese he was speaking. He talked at us for at least an hour, which was pretty depressing/intimidating. I felt good though because everyone else in my district was in the same boat. I then got more aquainted with my companion, Elder Olsen, the guy we met at Tucanos an hour before we got here! He’s from Park City and played basketball in high school. He’s 6’5, which kinda sucks because while I’m a decently tall guy at 6/6’1, his longness and skinnyness makes me look short and fat. Its whatever though. 🙂 He’s a way chill guy and we are alot alike. His personality is like a Tyler Meek/Tikal mix, which is great because we get along well. He’s funny, doesn’t annoy me AT ALL, and he’s pretty much the perfect Comp. Anyways, Anyways, we all went to a new missionary orientation/fireside and had pizza for dinner, and then a couple more talks/firesides before bed. It was kind of alot to take in on the first day but theres a really strong spirit here and I know this is where I’m supposed to be. Any fireside or workshop is fantastic.

The next day was crazy long as well, we ate breakfast in the cafeteria and went to our classroom, where we sat for about an hour not doing anything before realizing we didn’t need to wait for a teacher and should probably study on our own. So that was pretty funny. 🙂 Here is where the days kinda start to run together and I’m kinda running low on time so I’m gonna talk about some highlights and stuff I remember!

I started picking up on the language a bit but on day 3 we were supposed to teach an “investigator” (actor) a lesson in 100% Portuguese, because he didnt speak any english. The first time was way rough, we barely said anything and pretty much read preach my gospel, butchering the pronunciation and everything. We nodded, said “Tudo Bem” alot (“all good”), and sat in awkward silence because we didn’t know how to tell him our message was over and he didn’t know why we were there. Luckily, the next lesson went much better, and the third one was phenominal! We asked him to be baptized and he said yes! I know he is not even real and he was probably just feeling bad because we were awful speakers but it felt SO cool and the spirit was really strong there. We were the only companionship to accomplish that so thats cool too.

The food. The food is actually better then I thought it would be, they’ve got some good stuff but it does wierd things to your digestive system aka we have all had diharrea for a week straight. Its also fun seeing Courtney Bateman and Michelle Snyder here, they work at the cafeteria! Speaking of seeing people, I see someone I know pretty much everywhere I go, Its fun seeing so many people from high school and I know more will come!

We do this thing called TALL, which is like computer study, and its SUPER boring, But I found a way that you can listen to music while you do it, its probably frowned upon but It makes it so much better. Its tricky to figure out, and once people saw me doing it they all made me show them! So thats pretty awesome.

My district consists of 1 elder to portugal, 2 to angola, four sisters to portugal and the rest of us to Mozambique.Our DL is Elder Muniz, a guy from PG. He was an actor in High School Musical 3 but other than that he is cool.

Sunday was amazing, I mean we had to wear our suits full time but It was nice to not worry about the language and focus on the language of the spirit. Tuesday night devotional was great as well, it was in the marriot center and I sang with the Choir! So fun.

The 4th of July was a regular day except we all wore red white and blue ties, until at night when we went to our “patriotic devotional”. We sang a few songs and then all gasped as they announced we would watch 17 Miracles (spelled wrong, whatevs.)! It was kinda cheezy but fun to watch. Then we watched fireworks out side for Stadium of Fire!

Thanks for qall your letters and emails, I’ll try to respond but forgive me if I dont. Especially Dear Elder ones, I have no clue how to respond to those but I love getting them so keep em comiing! 🙂 Thanks also for the package mom, It came at the perfect time. 🙂 Love you. Tell grandma and grandpa congrats on their mission call!

Anyways. Out of time. Love you all, keep in touch.

-Elder Poyfair










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