Family Letter! First P-day!

Dear Family and friends and anyone who cares to know how I’m doing,

I’m doing awesome! Fantastic! Super great! This week has honestly been the longest ones of my life, but it’s also been one of the best as well. Today is Friday and Its my first P-Day. Which is pretty lame since we got here on Wednesday and should have had our first P-day then but I guess you have to “earn your first P-day” which means wearing dirty clothes and not getting to email anyone for over a week. I guess the wait did make us appreciate today more though.

So I guess I’ll just kinda start from the beginning! I said goodbye to my (sobbing) family which was pretty sad. I’m gonna miss you guys alot and I already do! πŸ™‚ My host/escort led me through parts of the MTC, picking up my name tags and Portuguese Text books, scriptures, Preach my gospel, etc. He then showed me where my room was, and we dropped off all my luggage and went to my classroom. I was one of the last ones to arrive, and the teacher was already “teaching”. Fortunately, I didn’t miss too much on account of no one understood a word of the 100% Portuguese he was speaking. He talked at us for at least an hour, which was pretty depressing/intimidating. I felt good though because everyone else in my district was in the same boat. I then got more aquainted with my companion, Elder Olsen, the guy we met at Tucanos an hour before we got here! He’s from Park City and played basketball in high school. He’s 6’5, which kinda sucks because while I’m a decently tall guy at 6/6’1, his longness and skinnyness makes me look short and fat. Its whatever though. πŸ™‚ He’s a way chill guy and we are alot alike. His personality is like a Tyler Meek/Tikal mix, which is great because we get along well. He’s funny, doesn’t annoy me AT ALL, and he’s pretty much the perfect Comp. Anyways, Anyways, we all went to a new missionary orientation/fireside and had pizza for dinner, and then a couple more talks/firesides before bed. It was kind of alot to take in on the first day but theres a really strong spirit here and I know this is where I’m supposed to be. Any fireside or workshop is fantastic.

The next day was crazy long as well, we ate breakfast in the cafeteria and went to our classroom, where we sat for about an hour not doing anything before realizing we didn’t need to wait for a teacher and should probably study on our own. So that was pretty funny. πŸ™‚ Here is where the days kinda start to run together and I’m kinda running low on time so I’m gonna talk about some highlights and stuff I remember!

I started picking up on the language a bit but on day 3 we were supposed to teach an “investigator” (actor) a lesson in 100% Portuguese, because he didnt speak any english. The first time was way rough, we barely said anything and pretty much read preach my gospel, butchering the pronunciation and everything. We nodded, said “Tudo Bem” alot (“all good”), and sat in awkward silence because we didn’t know how to tell him our message was over and he didn’t know why we were there. Luckily, the next lesson went much better, and the third one was phenominal! We asked him to be baptized and he said yes! I know he is not even real and he was probably just feeling bad because we were awful speakers but it felt SO cool and the spirit was really strong there. We were the only companionship to accomplish that so thats cool too.

The food. The food is actually better then I thought it would be, they’ve got some good stuff but it does wierd things to your digestive system aka we have all had diharrea for a week straight. Its also fun seeing Courtney Bateman and Michelle Snyder here, they work at the cafeteria! Speaking of seeing people, I see someone I know pretty much everywhere I go, Its fun seeing so many people from high school and I know more will come!

We do this thing called TALL, which is like computer study, and its SUPER boring, But I found a way that you can listen to music while you do it, its probably frowned upon but It makes it so much better. Its tricky to figure out, and once people saw me doing it they all made me show them! So thats pretty awesome.

My district consists of 1 elder to portugal, 2 to angola, four sisters to portugal and the rest of us to Mozambique.Our DL is Elder Muniz, a guy from PG. He was an actor in High School Musical 3 but other than that he is cool.

Sunday was amazing, I mean we had to wear our suits full time but It was nice to not worry about the language and focus on the language of the spirit. Tuesday night devotional was great as well, it was in the marriot center and I sang with the Choir! So fun.

The 4th of July was a regular day except we all wore red white and blue ties, until at night when we went to our “patriotic devotional”. We sang a few songs and then all gasped as they announced we would watch 17 Miracles (spelled wrong, whatevs.)! It was kinda cheezy but fun to watch. Then we watched fireworks out side for Stadium of Fire!

Thanks for qall your letters and emails, I’ll try to respond but forgive me if I dont. Especially Dear Elder ones, I have no clue how to respond to those but I love getting them so keep em comiing! πŸ™‚ Thanks also for the package mom, It came at the perfect time. πŸ™‚ Love you. Tell grandma and grandpa congrats on their mission call!

Anyways. Out of time. Love you all, keep in touch.

-Elder Poyfair










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