Letter #2: First Vision, MTC Dew, Practical Jokes

MTC is going great. I’m really getting used to life here and getting into a nice routine. I don’t know if I said this but there are six guys in our room, so things are pretty cramped but we pretty much party all the time. There is a constant supply of good food and brownies and soda in here because generally one of us will get a food shipment every other day or so, and it never runs out! So thats cool. Its fun seeing all the new elders come in, and how scared and young they look even though that was us two weeks ago. Language is coming good, I’m getting faster than most of the guys in our district but struggle alot more with speaking it as opposed to understanding still. But hopefully that will come. I memorized the first vision in Portuguese and me and Elder Olsen used it in one of our lessons to an Investigator, I was pretty proud of myself! We all got an email from the Mission President today, he said there were 146 baptisms in the mission in June!! Pretty crazy, we are all super excited to be a part of that. He also said that the goal was to have 4 stakes in Mozambique by 2015! We all kind of laughed and said that would be awesome before we realized that 2015 would happen during our mission, and we’d be a part of that! Crazy cool. One of the teachers in our building got back from Mozambique a couple months ago, so we’ve been talking to him. He says to not stress the language too much because the people in Mozambique speak a lot slower then they do in Portugal, I’m pretty stoked about that. We had two great devotionals this week, Sunday was from an older man who was HILARIOUS and talked all about being bold and such. On tuesday, after singing in the choir again, we heard from an Emeritus General Authority (Kendrick I think) who talked about recieving personal revelation. It was good, and then at the end he said he felt prompted to leave a preisthood blessing upon all 3000 of us or however many of us there were. It was a really cool experience, I’ve never heard of that before but we were all grateful for it.
I figured out a way to make a soda that tastes EXACTLY like Mt. Dew Voltage from the stuff in the MTC (half a glass of sprite, 3/4s of blue powerade, and a shot of rasperry lemonade and a shot of fresca) and its kind of catching on, Elders keep coming up and asking how to do it. Thats pretty awesome, right? We’ve also been doing harmless little pranks against eachother, and they’ve gotten pretty funny. We took one elder’s alarm clock and then made a 15 step scavenger hunt around our building for him to find it. He thought it was pretty funny and so did we. We took another elder’s mattress off his bed and hid it in the custodial closet, and then made his bed all nice on the metal minus the mattress. Also, the doors in the residence lock automatically when they are shut so when people take showers, they leave the door open so they can get back in. I thought it’d be funny to shut their door, when no one was in it. They all came back in their towels and started blaming eachother over who shut the door, and had to wait 10 minutes for someone to come unlock it for them. I mean, you’ve got to have some fun in here or you’ll go crazy, right? 🙂
I was super excited to hear about Grandma and Grandpa Orton’s mission call, congrats to them! When do they leave? Any chance we’ll overlap in the MTC? 🙂 I leave on August 4th, and apparently it takes 3 full days to get to Mozambique!! Also, my “preacher’s lisence” expires on June 9th, 2015, so I think that’s when I come home! Kinda crazy, feels like I’m cheating some how to be serving 3 weeks under 2 years but whatever. We have our first TRC tonight, which is where real members come in and we get to talk to them and teach them. I’m pretty excited, because so far we have only taught actors so real people will feel awesome! Gym time is going good, yesterday we got to play soccer in the rain and it was the best, we were sliding around and stuff. I’m not as thrilled with the food as I used to be, must be getting used to it or something 🙂 P days are heaven, we all wake up at 6 to get our laundry done so we can have most of the rest of the day to “prepare for the next week” (sleep). Usually we would go to the temple in the afternoon, but its coincidentally closed the entire time we’re here. No temple for 2 years, that kinda sucks! But it’ll just be that much cooler when I come back I guess.
I made a goal to read the Book of Mormon all the way through while I’m here at the MTC from the beginning, and right now I’m almost done with Alma so I think I’ll finish it easy! I love the accelerated speed of reading it, I understand it alot more and am getting more out of it then I did before.
We had our first Fast Sunday here, and we were all expecting it to be pretty bad, but surprisingly, I didn’t get hungry AT ALL, the whole time! Kind of a mini-miracle if any of you have seen me on Fast Sundays before. I thought that was really cool.
Anyways. I love all of you, thanks so much for your support. I’m loving it here, i’m seriously having the time of my life. But it doesn’t mean I don’t miss you 🙂 please keep in touch and keep me updated, I love to hear from all of you! Happy birthday to Kristen tomorrow!
-Elder Poyfair
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