Week 3: Tie-ing, Coordinating, Hosting, Eating, Assistant to the DL, Mom and Dad?

Oi minha familia, amo-vos ūüôā

This week has been pretty awesome! Alot of fun stuff is going on here at the Good Ol’ MTC, so I guess I’ll get right into it!

All around the MTC, they have pictures of missionaries and stuff, and in the bottom left corner they list the location. Well this week, my district made it a goal to find one of Mozambique, because its pretty new and we couldn’t find one anywhere. There are pictures in every building, so it took us a while to find but we ended up finding two of them! I took pictures and attached them here, we love looking at them and they get us so pumped to go to Africa! Which is coming super fast by the way. Language is coming along great, me and my companion made it a goal to memorize the irreguar verb card, with all 15 of the verbs in all their conjugations and stuff,¬†(6 tenses) so that is pretty fun. There’s present, 2 word future, 1 word future, preterite, imperfect past tense, and prestent, past and future subjunctive tests. Theres alot, and it gets pretty confusing but we are making good progress. We had our first TRC this week, where you talk to real members and not just teachers pretending to be investigators. It went really well, and it was alot of fun! After the 20 minute lessons we got feed back, and both lessons went well, they said some pretty nice things to us so that was great.


Sunday¬†we watched the Testiments, which I remember being a lot less cheezy… But oh well, the last 15 minutes or so of it are great. ūüôā Our devotional¬†on Tuesday¬†was broadcast to all the MTC’s because the speaker was Gordon B Hinkley’s son, and my district went super early to get seats really close to the front since we were singing in the choir, and during the choir number the camera¬†was right on my face, pretty close up at one point! That rocked. The devotional was really good, and after they told¬†us they were going to take a picture of ALL of us! So I’m in the far left section, 4 rows up, twelve seats over from the far left edge and wearing a baby blue tie, in case you ever see that picture ūüôā

We have a weekly schedule for which ties to wear each day, so our whole district matches. Monday is blueberry monday (blue tie), Tuesday is Twinner Tuesday (match your comp), Wednesday is wacky wednesday (ugly tie or whatever) thursday is purple time thursday, Friday is freedom Friday (wear what you want) Saturday is Paisley ties aturday and sunday is super sunday (whatever your want). Its a pretty legit thing, everyone follows it and we posted it on the bulletin board in our building and people are starting to follow so thats legit!


Me and my companion, Elder Olsen, got a calling this week! We are the new Sacrament Coordinators for Branch 54! We’re trying to stay really humble about it, but it’s hard because I don’t think people truly understand just how much power comes with being the sacrament coordinators. (I hope you can tell I’m kidding, all we do is assign people to bless and pass the sacrament and then put all the cups in the trays and break the bread beforehand. Its pretty cool though, I guess!) We’re getting a new district leader¬†tomorrow¬†or the next day, but good news, I’ve already asked everyone if when they become the new district leader, I can be their assistant TO the district leader, and they all said yes so thats pretty rad.

Thanks so much for the packages you guys sent this week, my district thanks you as well ūüôā Aunt Brenda sent me a package too, with a whole bunch of Japanese candy and stuff! It was awesome, everyone loved it so please tell her thanks. Thanks so much for the first package, I felt bad (and greedy) that I had already mailed a letter asking for a few things when I got it! But two packages in a week is great ūüôā I’ve gained like 10 pounds since I’ve been here, wonder why… ūüėČ Its cool though, since I’ll lose it all in Africa.

I really wanted to be a Host, you know, someone who welcomes the new guys and takes them from their crying families and leads them to where they are supposed to be and stuff? But everyone kept telling us you had to be invited, and districts were invited randomly so I kinda gave up. But then me and my companion were talking to someone, who told us to go to the basement of one of the buildings, and ask the secretary down there to be hosts. It was kind of sketchy and a little secretive, but we went there and asked, and she signed our whole district up! So Wednesday¬†the 24th, I’ll be a host. ūüôā Tell your friends who come in that day to look for me!


I saw Spencer Haws here twice, but didn’t have my camera both times. He looked so different, but it was pretty awesome. We had a pretty tender bro hug, If I see him¬†again I’ll get a picture! Seems like he’s doing great and his companion looked good too.

We got a letter ffrom the mission president, saying we need to buy 20 bottles of a¬† special hand sanitizer here that costs like $4.30! They said they’d reimburse us for some of it, but yeah if you see like an 80 dollar charge on my Debby, you’ll know why!

I had a super cool experience yesterday at gym! We were decided to go outside, even though I kinda wanted to play volleyball inside. But I went along with my district. Then as we were outside, I was walking towards the soccer field to play soccer but felt like I should go and play beach volleyball with some of the guys from my district. So I did, and while I was playing, I saw this red minivan drive by! I kinda laughed and thought it was funny, so I waved almost as a joke, but when they waved back I realized it was my parents! I had heard that they were going to be at the provo temple for a little bit to pick up a whole bunch of girls from girls camp who had walked there, but I thought it’d be in the morning, and was positive we wouldn’t see eachother. So that was way cool, kind of a tender mercy because of how unplanned it was. We’re not supposed to meet with people we know here, intentional or unintentional, but they sat down from far off and we waved at eachother a couple of times while they watched me. I hope you guys weren’t mad I didn’t come over and talk, you’re really not supposed to. But It was a really cool experience just to see you, even if it was only for a few minutes! I love you guys so much!

Thanks for all your support. I’m doing great. I love the gospel, I know its true!

Love, Elder Poyfair

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