Last Week at the MTC!

Oi Macacos, tudo bem?
It’s kinda weird to think that this is my last email from the states! I’m just mega pumped to eat fast food at the airport. Nothing against the food here, but it’ll be nice for a dietary change before going straight to beans, rice and fish for two years. 🙂 I’ve had THE BEST time here. The MTC is literally the happiest place on earth. (Sorry, Disneyland is pretty close but just not good enough!). I’m a big fan and for sure want to try and teach here while I go to BYU after the Mission!
Today is our last P-day, we woke up at 5:00 AM to get all our laundry done so we could spend most of the day sleeping and packing. So I’m a little tired right now! But since I hurt my arm, the doctor said no sports for 4 weeks so since I havn’t been able to go to gym, I’ve been taking naps. That’s been nice! 🙂
I got to host again this week, it was awesome. I saw some people I knew, including Gage Black from Timberline, Seth Warnick from like 5th grade, Folo (Bubba) with the long last name, and Haley Hunt! They were all smiling and doing great.
On wednesday, our district leader had to fly to New York to meet with the consulate of Angola, and our branch president made me temporary district leader. So that was pretty fun, at the MTC the district leader pretty much does nothing except get the mail, and ours choose to wait until the end of the night to give it to us, which we all hate, so everyone in our district was pretty happy with my reign of power when I chose to give mail as soon as we picked it up at meals. I ruled with an iron fist though, I made everyone tell me one nice thing about myself before I’d give them the mail. Then he got back from New York, so now I’m back to peasent status. 😉 Just kidding.
A quick update on my arm, its totally fine! Like, doesn’t bother me at all. I got cleared by the doctor and everything and I’m good to go! I’m shippin’ off to Africa Sunday, just as planned. Thanks for your prayers and such, I’m allllll good. Yesterday was “In Field Orientation”, which is pretty much just a fancy way to say a 9 hour meeting. It was good though, I felt like it prepared all of us pretty well to leave and go to the field! Here at the MTC we watch alot of those “The District” videos, and one of the people in it (Elder Christiansen, if that means anything) was here yesterday for the meeting. He’s pretty much the closest thing to a movie star we have here in the MTC, since there are no movies, and me and my companion and one other companionship ran into him alone. Some background on this, we watch this one lesson they teach to pretty much know NOT what to do here. It’s when they teach the law of Chastity, and they don’t do a good job of explaining anything and it’s really awkward and stuff, it’s super funny and everyone here knows about it. So we see him, and one of the guys in our district says, “Hey, I really enjoyed your law of chastity lesson!” and this guy whips his head around and says, “yeah? Next time I’ll film all of your mistakes and then the whole world can laugh at them too!” And turned back around and walked away. He was pretty testy, it was kinda wierd but pretty funny.
Thanks Hubners for the packages, the foreign candy is AWESOME. Its pretty funny how often I see Alayna, especially since we are at different campuses. I see here more than most of my friends at my campus! Also, a couple of the guys in my district want her to write them, but I said she probably wasn’t interested. 🙂
Our devotional this week was awesome. It always is, but I enjoyed this one especially. When we saw who was going to be speaking, we were all a little let down because we had been here 6 weeks and had yet to see a general authority or anyone like that. Plus, there had been a rumor floating around that day that it was going to be President Monson speaking. Not sure why we all beleived it but we did. 🙂 Anyways, he started speaking and it was the greatest! Everything he said meant something to me. His name was Elder Richards. He shared this Winston Churchill quote that I loved, it goes something like, “To every man there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is figuritively tapped on his shoulder and asked to do something special and unique that only he can do. What a shame if he finds himself unprepared, or unqualified for the work that would be his finest hour.” And I just loved that! Because I totally want my mission to be my finest hour. And I know I was called to this mission specifically because of my own talents and abilities, and I just don’t want this opportunity to do so much good to pass me up because I wasn’t spiritually mature enough or something like that. Ah. It was awesome.
Portuguese is coming well! My knack for remembering things is coming in handy. I’m memorizing alot of verbs and tenses pretty well but I know I’m gonna get there and go back to square one. Oh well though, as long as you’re prepared to be humble and know you’re not going to be fluent on the first day, I think you’ll do fine. 🙂
Theres a new teacher here at the MTC named  Brother Belshior. And he’s totally from Mozambique! He’s lived there his whole life, came here to go to BYU and got a job teaching here. Guys. He was SO SO SO SO SO cool. It was easily the best part of my week! We asked him a bunch of questions and stuff, it was pretty sad because we asked him advice on staying safe, and he told us this story about how you need to stay away from rivers. He didn’t flinch as he talked about his friend swimming in a river and getting ripped to peaces by a crocodile while Brother Belshior watched from the sides, yet when we asked him about the food in the country, he got really emotional and started to cry, because of how little food many people had. It was so humbling, and made all of us so excited to go there and give our lives to these people for two years. We’re also pretty excited because we found out that we will be driving in a 15 passenger van from Johannesburg to Mozambique, its a solid 12 hours so that will be fun to drive though Africa for that long! Pretty much a safari, yeah?
Anyways, my times about up. Thanks so much for your support. I love you all. I hope everyone knows that yeah I usually write about the major events or funny parts of the week, but I am having the greatest spiritual experiences as well, and just because I don’t write about them as much doesnt mean they aren’t happening. 🙂 I’ve never been closer to my Heavenly Father then I have been here, and I love the missionary I’m becoming!

DSC00364 (1)

Until next week, with Love,
Elder Poyfair


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