I’m doing fine here now. Thank you. How are you?

Today marks 2 months on my mission, pretty crazy because it literally seems like I’ve been out for forever and at the same time like I got here yesterday! Fun stuff.

This week was LOADS better then last week, thanks for the prayers and such. 🙂 I feel like I’ve finally made the adjustment and I’m all good to press forward without worrying about anything. It feels good to get into the groove!

My companion and I had a really good day on tuesday, taught some great lessons and found some cool families and so to celebrate I made French Toast for all 6 elders in our house, the way that dad makes it. Everyone really liked it! And it tasted SO good. I’m turning into quite the chef, I deep fried some egg rolls, made some good chicken, and am getting good at getting creative with what I’ve got! I also found a GIANT swiss cake roll at the paderia (bakery), and if any of you guys know me, you’ll know how happy that made me!

DSC00621This weeks been fun because our water and power will turn off every day or so for a couple of hours. Which isn’t that big a deal, unless it happens at meal times! Which it did twice. So that was fun making food with out water or power! PBandJ for life!

We had a service project this week, where we helped one of the other elder’s investigator build a house! Way cool to be a part of that.

Language is coming along pretty well, I’m starting to get a little bit of an accent and my companion has me talking on the phone now! Which is kind of a joke, because I do fine until the person on the other side starts talking. And then I usually just start laughing and hand the phone to my comp. But I’m getting better!

I also did my first contact by myself, my companion was talking to someone and this guy walked by and I felt like I should go talk to him! So I did, he was way nice, MARRIED!! (which is like gold here) and had 7 kids. So that went pretty well, I got his phone number and I think we’re calling him tomorrow. Crazy to think that two months ago I didn’t know ANY portuguese! And even though I still feel like I don’t sometimes, I’m definitely getting there!

DSC00646All the elders in our house had a movie night on Thursday, it was way fun! We put the beds in one room together, turned out the lights, made popcorn, and watched a half hour episode of the district. It doesn’t seem like that cool but it really was!

DSC00671We went to a “training” in the city, which ended up being the big world wide missionary broadcast that I watched with my family the sunday of my farewell! It was funny because I got to see all of my MTC buddies, and its always fun to do that because we realize we are all going through the same things and still dont know portuguese and stuff. It helps us feel like we’re all doing good. 🙂 It was funny since the entire two hour broadcast was in portuguese, and so most of us didn’t get too much out of it. But since we had already seen it, we got the gist. 🙂

DSC00643Me and my comp got to help out in primary this week, which was way fun! I felt so so so so dumb that I didn’t bring my camera because even though there were just 3 kids there, they were so fetchin cute. And I had to play the piano while we sang primary songs because no one else could! That was fun.

A quick update on our investigators this week, We’re working with this 16 year old kid named Inacio who is SO cool.  He’s been coming to church for a couple of years, super strong in the gospel but his parents never let him meet with the missionaries or be baptized, but they let him, so we’re going through the lessons and stuff! His baptism date is set for September 7th, so hopefully everything goes well with that! He’s got a lot of friends, and he brings them to lessons and stuff! He even brought 4 friends to church yesterday, this kid is way cool. We’re also working with a sweet family, their names are regillio and amelia and they have two young kids who are IN LOVE with me because I always bring candy for them. Theyre great, but the marriage issue is difficult. Marriage here is SO complicated, its hard for me to understand, but basically it seems to be what keeps most people from being baptized. But theyre working on it! Regillio also has some problems with drinking, so we are working with him on that.We’ve got some other investigators who are still pretty early in the teaching process. We had to drop a couple who weren’t coming to church, but we found some way cool people this week so that will hopefully help us get some more!

DSC00668The work here is awesome. I’m sorry if my last letter seemed a little whiny. I didn’t mean for it to, because every day out here is a blast. I still can’t get over how beautiful it is out here and how cool the people are.
Thanks for everything, I miss you guys a ton!! Hope everythings going well. I love the updates, thanks a bunch!
Love you!
-Elder Poyfair
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