Week Four: Big Spiders. Dinner with members. First Baptism.

Hey Hey Hey friends and family, hope you guys are enjoying your memorial day weekend. Is it bad that I forgot about memorial day until I read all of your updates? Yeah I guess its not really a big deal in Mozambique. But at least it happened to be on a P-day 🙂 So its kind of a day off.
the kids are super cute here and all wear funny shirts that they dont know what they say in english :)

the kids are super cute here and all wear funny shirts that they dont know what they say in english 🙂

This week has been an awesome awesome week! Lots of work but we are doing great. T-3 is actually one of the hardest and least productive areas in the mission but I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t heard it from people because we are doing grrrrrrrreat! We have 4 families right now moving forwards towards baptism on October 5th, all working on marriage papers. Its pretty awesome!

Shelob. She is freaking scary.

Shelob. She is freaking scary.

Some random sidenotes, we have a HUMONGOUS (butchered the spelling on that one but its whatever since english isn’t my first language anymore) Spider living in our laundry house aka four brick walls with a door and a washing machine in it. This spider is seriously enormous. We named it shelob. And we are all SUPER scared to do laundry now. Because sometimes we’ll walk in, shining our flashlights and stuff because its dark, and get scared because we can’t find it, and then we’ll see it on the ceiling above us and scream and stuff!! Super scary. Its as close to a horror movie as any of us are going to get for a while!

Also, this week was a wee bit difficult money wise since I had spent all my money for the month and had about 11 US dollars for the week. So that was fun, but I survived 🙂 (Also, got my personal debit card to finally work so that was nice to pull some out!)

This one is my favorite. This is pretty much T-3 in a picture :)

This one is my favorite. This is pretty much T-3 in a picture 🙂


the view from our roof, where we like to study :)

the view from our roof, where we like to study 🙂

We met 2 AWESOME families this week. One of them, the husband has crazy cool dreads and speaks perfect english, he’s also an artist and just one of the SWEETEST people to talk to. He’s way cool, and his wife is cool too. They’re loving the book of mormon, marking it up and stuff and reading alot. So thats rad!

We also got a great reference from Regillio and Amellia, their best friends named Oscar and Claudia. They’re really cool! Really nice and funny. And at our second lesson, after we had talked about the book of mormon (in the dark, by the way, by candle light. Its pretty hard to read the book of mormon by candle light! But the power goes out ALL THE TIME. Its sweet.) they told us that they wanted to feed us dinner! I was SUPER stoked. My first legitly african dinner, cooked by africans! Like… wow! They made us fried chicken and rice and vegetable salad, and it was super good. Better then most of the food I have been cooking for myself the past four weeks! So not exactly the monkey brains or pig intestines I was expecting but way good none the less. 🙂

We had a SUPER cool lesson with regillio and amellia this week. We had wanted to do a game night with them, because he is struggling with Word of Wisdom  and his friends all drink so we wanted to show that we were friends. But then we realized we had no games. 🙂 Then we were going to watch a movie, like joseph smith or something, but we couldn’t find it. So we were walking to the lesson, going to teach Plan of Salvation (they teach things out of order because of marriage and such), but I didn’t feel right about it. And I got the feeling we should just read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. But I couldn’t think of a good one! So I told my comp my idea, and he said we should do the story of alma the younger in mosiah! But I felt like we should use the account in alma 36, I thought it applied more to Regillio and was more personal. So we decide this, literally 2 minutes away from their house, pretty much going in blind. But oh man. It went SO good. SO SO SO SO SO good. Like, I wish I could describe to you how awesome it went but I can’t. Way cool. The spirit was so strong, and I just felt so good. I know that it was the spirit that helped us have that lesson and I know it was exactly what they needed. We left, and my companion was like crying, he said it was the best lesson he’s had on his mission. Way cool. Wayyyy cool.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least………….

I’m getting in the water on Saturday! Yeah. 🙂 This saturday will be my first baptism, and I’ll be in the water with him, performing the baptism! It’s for Inacio. (like nacho libre! coincidence that my first baptism is named after nacho libre? I think not.) I’m super excited. This kid is so cool. He has been coming to church by himself for 8 years. And he is so so so excited to finally be baptized! When he asked me to do it, I felt SO good. Super awesome. He’s 16 years old and super funny. This kid is a goof ball! But he’s way spiritual, and I can’t wait. 🙂

the one in the middle is Inacio! Love that kid!

the one in the middle is Inacio! Love that kid!

So that’s pretty much my week! I’m sure you can tell from the letter, I’m 100% back to my normal self. I love missionary work! I’m having tons of fun. Life is good. 🙂 I love and miss you all. Seriously so much!

Esse e minha vida- ensinando, pregando, trabalhando. Como Missionarios fazem. 🙂

-Elder Poyfair

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One thought on “Week Four: Big Spiders. Dinner with members. First Baptism.

  1. Hey we know those boys in T-3! Tell them the Wollenziens miss them. Glad you are taking good care of that branch. Good luck Elder Poyfair. You are always in our prayers as are all the Elders there.

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