Week Five: Playing with the kids, Getting wet, Working hard

This week was gnarly!

It was jam packed with a ton of stuff so I guess I’ll just get right into it :)

First off, because my companion is District Leader, he has do go on splits with the Zone Leaders every transfer. This means that by default, I also get to go on splits with the one who isn’t with my companion! So monday night they came in, and spent the night. One of them speaks English and is from Pleasant Grove, the other is from Cape Verde and ONLY speaks portuguese. Logically, I was the one who got to hang with the portuguese speaker all day!!! It was pretty insane. But we were mostly able to communicate. It made me realize how much I really know, and stretched me alot! Also, both ZL’s were SUPER impressed with me. They both said that they’ve had companions who had been there for 6 months and didn’t speak as good portuguese as I did, so that was a nice confidence boost. :) I guess later that night they were also talking to Elder Proksch, my comp, about how good I was doing. I guess they like me :) Except I’m kind of scared because they say that next transfer I’ll be training? And they were dead serious. But thats impossible, so its whatever. We’ll see I guess. :)

Had a funny experience this week, Me and my comp were walking, and he was in front and I was a couple feet behind him. And a little group of kids came up behind me, and started following us. So I started being funny, doing random things as I walked like marching with my knees high for a while, and then doing butt kicks for a while, and then swinging my arms, and clapping and just random stuff like that. And the kids that were following started doing whatever I would do. And more of them started coming! Every time I would look back, there were more and more kids, following me like an African army, doing whatever I did. Super funny! So we got to a clearing, and both turned around, and there were seriously, I kid you not, 50 or 60 kids. I swear. All smiling at us. And kids here love to learn english, and so I taught them some! I taught them to say, “baptize me”. It was legit! But then we had to go, so we were telling them bye, and they all started chanting “baptize me!!!” SUPER loud, and pounding their fists, and following us! All the people were looking at us, and me and my comp were laughing SO hard. Ahhhh. It was super super super funny. :) I wish I had brought my camera that day!

Also, one day we were on our way to a lesson and some house was playing music, and the song changed to “In the Jungle”. As in, the lion sleeps tonight. As in, every white guy’s idea of african music. It was pretty awesome, the coincidences that happen. I never thought I’d hear that song here :)

And then on Saturday, I was able to Baptise Inacio! It was so so so amazing. I had to memorize his full name too, which was a bit tricky. Inacio Jr Chiroco Nacido Mochimhane. But yeah. Can’t even describe how awesome it was. The baptism was held at the chapel in Matola, a neighboring city. And the water was FREEZING. But it was definitely worth it, can’t wait to get back in. :) He is such a cool kid and when he bore his testimony after, it was super super cool. I loved it. I love him. :)The baptism went smooth the first time, he went all the way under and stuff with no problems. Which Is rare I guess, because most africans have a irrational fear of water! Fun fact for ya. Anyways.

I have a new calling in the branch here! I’m the new branch pianist. We used to have a man who could play decently well, but he got called to be the 2nd counselor and so they asked me. Pretty crazy since I can barely play piano! They asked me a good 4 minutes before sacrament meeting started, but luckily I figured out all the translations pretty quick and was able to pluck out the right hand with occasional chords on the left hand. It actually went way good, I was definitely helped out by the spirit.

Another super good week of hard work. Its funny because every week I think we worked super hard, and every week that follows we work harder. Its way nice. We’re actually doing way good, you are supposed to get 35 qualified contacts a week, and we got 113 this week, which almost broke the all time record in the mission! Next week for sure ;)

Some random side notes, Shout out to all my friends who got mission calls this week! Especially Tyler Meek, Tikal, and Jake Michaelis! You guys are gonna do awesome! I wish I coulda been there to see you open them! Also, the office elders were bringing us some random stuff and had a handwritten letter from Courtney Bartholomew, super random, unexpected, and awesome! But I actually can’t write one back, its insanely tricky and won’t end up getting to you. Sooooo feel free to send me an email but I’m sorry! And thanks! Also, good luck to my Grandparents who are starting their mission! First couple of days can be a bit tricky, just a heads up ;) Just kidding, they are super cool and will be fine :)

I love all you guys, been thinking about my family alot this week! :) I’m doing great. I’m having tons of fun, really enjoying the work. Missionary work is hard, but super worth it. :)

Fica Bem. (Stay strong, Portuguese.) Afambani Schkweembo (Walk with God, Xichangana)

Love you all :)

-Elder Poyfair

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