No Water, No Soda, Beach Party!

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I know I say this every week so it probably doesn’t mean anything anymore but this week was awesome and filled with loads of work and fun! This letter is going to have to be kind of fast, a lot of people emailed me and also its a lot later in the day then normal, but I’ll try and give y’all a quick update. 🙂

We spent most of this week without water, so that was kind of tricky. It would come on for about an hour or two everyday, but we never knew when it would! So we stunk, and didnt cook alot of stuff and ate off of dirty plates! But Saturday and Sunday we had water most of the day so we think the worst is over. We hope. 🙂 We filled up lots of bottles, we now have water storage so we think we will be prepared. 🙂
We had a way cool experience with one of our investigators this week, he had been having word of wisdom problems and we had decided that we needed to stop teaching them and spend our time teaching others. Because we had literally tried EVERYTHING to help him stop drinking, and nothing was working. But In the middle of what was supposed to be our last lesson, I got this impression that we couldn’t drop him, and we needed to try something else. And I just got this idea, randomly, in the middle of the lesson, of something we could try. So I just started talking! I said that we really want to help him overcome this addiction, and he wants it to. And I said that Its easy for us to tell him to stop, when we don’t have to do anything. And I talked about how much me and my comp love soda. And honestly, we do. We drink it a ton, especially with sketch water and stuff. And then I said how we were going to give it up, and not drink it, so we could help him out and stuff. I know it sounds way dumb, but It really wasnt me. And he LOVED it! We told him we wanted him to call us every night and make sure we hadnt drunk any soda that day. And anyways, long story short, he calls us every night, and checks up on us, and he said he doesnt have the desire to drink anymore or anything! Super cool. It has been hard not drinking soda though, especially with crappy water! But we’ve done it. He’s funny, he always calls us randomly to tell us he’s drinking a soda and rub it in. I love that guy, so glad something is finally working. 🙂

We have had a lot of switch ups in our house lately, all of our natives got their visas for brazil and the US and so we now have three new natives, and they are all freaking FUNNY!

We spend alot of time in our house laughing with them. 🙂 I can pretty much pick up on most of what they say now, so I think that makes things funnier too.

We had a way cool lesson with this guy named Fernando, he took the restoration way well, and then at the end we asked if he had any questions. And he said he did, and asked where we go after this life! So we taught a bit about the plan of salvation, and he ate it up. Then we asked if he had any other questions, and he said he did! He asked, “So if I want to get to this awesome place, and live with Heavenly Father again, what should I be doing here on the earth? And me and my comp just looked at eachother, grinning, and taught him a bit about the gospel of Jesus Christ. And he went off about how he felt this peace in his heart, and he knew we were from God, and how he wants to do whatever we tell him because if he didn’t, he knew he’d have to answer for it to God someday. And as we left, we looked back and saw he was reading the Book of Mormon. It was pretty much the sweetest lesson a missionary could ever have, so we’ll see where that goes! The people really are elect here.
Its the last week before transfers, so everyones a little anxious to see what will happen a week from today. Personally, I think I’m staying here with Proksch but you never know!

We got a call from the Assistants a couple days ago, they said everyone was getting together for P-day at the beach to play soccer! So we got up early today, and went to the Beach. It was WAY fun. And someone brought an american football, so we taught all of the brazillians and cape verdians and natives how to play american football, but they were NOT getting it. They would through through it forward, he would catch it and then he would throw it forward and stuff. It was way funny.

I’m convinced that there is not much cooler in life than playing football barefoot on the beach in Africa.
So yeah, thats why today was a little jumbled! I’m sorry it was short and probably not that interesting, yeah. Life here is awesome. I’m loving it. I still miss you guys every once in a while though. 😉 Just kidding. I miss you lots. And love you all. Thanks for everything!

Love, Elder Poyfair

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One thought on “No Water, No Soda, Beach Party!

  1. Janel Tuckett

    Good to hear of your experiences Elder Poyfair! You are doing a great job and we enjoy reading about your time in Mozambique!

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