Week Eight: Marriage licenses and ‘Hey Jude’

Chikani! (Boa Tarde in Xichangana)

This week was radical. Starting off the transfer with a BANG, because 2 hours ago Elder Proksch and I became the first missionaries in over a year to open up a marriage process from T3!

DSC00976But first.

The week started out pretty crazy, with us running all around our area trying to get more marriage documents. We ended up successfully getting them all, and even managed to somehow avoid the Imposto tax. Which is super nice because this family is pretty poor, so it was a huge blessing for them.

On wednesday we had a little training by the zone leaders, for district leaders and their companions, and afterwards we came back home, right in time for a branch activity! This activity was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in the country. For the past two weeks, the branch has been divided into 4 groups. Me and my comp were in group two. And for this activity, each group had to prepare a song, flag, dance, war cry, and plate of food. So on wednesday it all came together, to watch all of the groups compete against each other. AND THEY GOT INTO IT!! I’ve never seen members get so crazy man. It was freaking funny. They pulled all the other missionaries out to be judges but I got to stay in my group and I have to admit I got a little bit rowdy! Someone even brought in a guitar, and I got to play it for a little bit! One of the older high priests in my group asked if I knew any Beatles songs, and so I played “hey jude” and sang it, and a ton of the members knew the song too and were singing it, it was funny because they didnt know the real words since it is in english but they just make the sounds they hear so it doesnt sound quite right. The end was freaking awesome, everyone in the church singing “nahhhhhhh nah nah nananana, nananana, hey judeeee”. One of the highlights of the week right there. 🙂

DSC00938We had a lot of awesome lessons, we have been trying to raise our “lessons with a member present” numbers, so we have been working a lot more closely with the members lately. We also had a cool experience, where we were walking and my companion was on the phone with the Zone Leaders, and a guy walked by and so I went up and started talking to him. I found out that he didnt have a wife, and so I was inviting him to church, about to leave him, when he said that he was a member! I had never seen him before, but figured out that he lived close and asked if he had time right then to sit down and talk with us. He did, and so my companion came back from the call and I said, “Come on, this guy is a member and we are meeting with him right now.” It was pretty funny because a lesson had just fell through, but we found out this guy was baptized in 2004 but hasnt been to church in like 5 years. He said he has been feeling really really sad in life lately, and we just talked about how the solution is to come back to church! He said hed come next week with us so that was cool.

I went on a division with Elder Bender, one of the other elders in our district on friday. He has been out about 7 months, and he is SUPER funny. He and I get along way well. We were in his area, which is called Zona Verde and his area is BEAUTIFUL. It literally translates to green zone. He even took me to this little jungle place in between lessons, and we walked through it. I dont think Ive ever felt so african! Fun stuff.


antonio and ineis, who we opened the process for today!

Saturday night, it started to rain. HARD. And Sunday morning we woke up, and it was super cold and rainy outside! October is the rainiest month of the year here I guess, right before the hot season. Which is really really not good on a sundaybecause Mozambicans dont go ANYWHERE when its rainy. Its a pretty generally accepted fact that rainy sundays KILL branch attendence across the whole mission. However, we had all three of our main families there, with a couple others, and even this one guy that we taught ONCE, and were not expecting to come. He brought his six kids, two of them are 8 and two are 10. They WERE the primary that week, which I was in charge of by the way. We talked about prayer and drew pictures and sang songs and it was great. 🙂 They are all super cute but some are pretty demonic at times. They make me laugh. I played the piano in sacrament again, I am getting alot better at it! Anyways, sunday the attendence at church was 85 and 15 of them were our investigators. So they really came out strong!

That night we had an amazing lesson with Oscar and Claudia, they are progressing like crazy. Its almost at the point where they are teaching me and my companion!

And then this morning, we woke up at the butt crack of dawn, to go pick up Antonio and Ineis, our couple who is closest to marriage and baptism, and went into the city to open up their marriage process! This means in about twenty days they can be married and therefore baptized. Its a pretty big deal, like I said, No missionary from T3 has opened a process in at least a year. My companion says its been longer. The ZLs were freaking out, its kind of a hot topic. And it is awesome because next week, another companionship in our district will open one up as well! T3 is blowing up, its great.

DSC00992I’m having so much fun out here! There is a lot of work to do, but I love it. My companion and I get along great. We are both goofballs, and neither of us really know 100% what we are doing but we are figuring it out! I cant even describe how awesome it feels helping these people. And yes,

there are things to complain about, like coming home at night after a long

day in the hot sun and having to eat cold oatmeal, write in your journal by candlelight, and sleep in your sweatiness because there is no power or water, but its the funnest thing ever and there is no where else I would rather be.

I love you all, and I miss you all. Hope life is going great in the 801! 🙂

Love, Elder Poyfair

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