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Week Twelve: ‘You can’t leave a dirty dish in the sink’ – Elder Holland.

Dearest Family and friends and creepers who read my blog late at night,

Bom Dia. 🙂

dallin7monkeyThis week went well. We speant most of it trying to find new families and people to teach. Transfers are a week from today, and either I or my companion is leaving T3 so we are trying to leave the other one with a good teaching pool to work with. So this week we sat with a lot of new people! Unfortunately, alot of them ended up being pretty…interesting. For example, We had this one guy who walked us to his house and he was SUPER rich. Rich being used in the mozambiquan sense meaning he had a nice house and a car. He took us in, and asked if before we started the lesson, we could eat some matsubishoo (breakfast). We accepted, and he brought out bread and jam and butter and made us hot chocolate and it was pretty much the greatest ever. I know it doesnt sound like much, but it was! Then we started teaching, it went pretty well until he started going off about how christmas is a lie and was just created by the arabians to celebrate them winning the throne or something like that, and then he asked us to leave. Pretty weird, but we got some good food out of it. 🙂

Dallin6Our investigators are coming along well, and some are having problems. One was preparing for marriage but then his wife left him, and now he just wants to get baptized and serve a mission. So we are going to baptize him this week, and talk to the branch president and our leaders to see if he could serve a mission. Who knows. He is great.

Others have their birth certificates from beira in the mail, should be here in a week and then we can do the rest of the papers and open their process.

Dallin5Our house had been having problems with everyone doing their own dishes, so I made a little sign to put above the sink. It has Elder Holland saying in portuguese that you cant leave a dirty dish in the sink. Every thinks its pretty funny, and its been working. 🙂

Something cool happened this week, some old investigators texted us and said that they wanted a preisthood blessing, they had been fasting and praying and needed our help. We saw the text and thought, oh sweet, maybe they are ready now! Dont know if any one remembers but it was regillio and amellia, the one who had the drinking problem and we gave up soda, but he couldnt keep the word of wisdom, kept drinking, so we dropped them. But they invited us, so we went over to give a blessing, a little curious, and they told us that the wife had been on the way to the hospital to give birth to their baby, but on the way the baby came out, and was dead. They were SUPER sad. So were we. We talked to them for about an hour, about the plan of salvation and how if they keep the commandments, they can live with her again forever. Yeah, they want to resume meeting with us and are working on their marriage documents! So that was kind of a nice surprise, that was really sad at the same time. Its sad when things like that have to happen to wake people up and make them realize they are doing something wrong.

Dallin4monkeyWe had interviews with President Kretly this week, it went well. The whole interview was in portuguese, which was cool because he said that usually doesnt happen for a while into the mission. He was pretty concerned when he asked if I had lost weight and I told him I had lost twenty pounds since getting here, but I assured him that I came in to the country pretty chunky and that he shouldnt worry, Im eating alot. 🙂 I really like our president. Then after wards, he took us home in his car, which was nice because if he hadnt, we wouldnt have got home until midnight. So he is driving us home, and we are all relaxed, but then one by one we realized that he was probably going to inspect our house. Which was A DUMP. Then we got nervous. We pulled up, got out, all of us pretty tense. We walked in the house, and he asked to use our bathroom. He went in, and we all RAN to our rooms, making our beds and cleaning our desks and hiding pictures of our girlfriends and such. It was straight out of the best two years. 🙂 He liked my Elder Holland sign.

Then we were at one of the other missionaries couples wedding, and they were passing around a drink, thats like flour water, with the consistency of smoothie. So I drank some, almost threw up. It was gross and had a wierd taste. Then we found out it was some wierd named thing, that is like fermented and stuff. So we think it was alcoholic. But our branch president drank some, sooooo we assumed it was ok. But yeah. It was gross.

Thats about all I can think of. This week was fun. Every week is fun. I love T3, and I love my comp. Im losing at least one of them next week, so that kind of sucks! But It will all work out, Im excited. I love this church, and I love my savior. The message Im teaching these people? Its true. I know it is.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy halloween on thursday. I think Ill wear an orange tie or something. 🙂

Love, Elder Poyfair

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Week Eleven: Monkeys, Snickers satisfies, Wedding in the rain

What a week. 🙂

Good morning to everyone, I hope everything is going well. This week was a pretty crazy one! One of my favorites on the mission so far, easily!

It started after I emailed last week. We headed off to the zoo in Maputo! But “Zoo” is used a little loosly, seeing as you paid 5 met (less than 20 cents) to walk in through a gate and see all these animals, in their extremely wimpy cages, with no staff or anything. A kid told us there used to be a lion a while ago but it got out and they had to shoot it. So that was fun, lots of monkeys and crocodiles and stuff like that. But it was SUPER ghetto, I loved it. There were holes in the monkey cages so they were just walking around, I fed one a mango and that was kind of fun. Some one had told us that you could feed live chickens to the crocodiles but there was nobody there with live chickens or anything, so we were all a little bit disappointed. But the monkeys did do back flips!  I would send pictures but I tried, the internet here isnt fast enought to send them so that kind of sucks. Next week I think we’ll go to a different one. 🙂

Then we stopped by a gas station, to grab a drink, AND THEY HAD SNICKERS THERE. Yeah. Snickers. The candy bar. I was so so so so excited, I asked the cashier how much they were and she said they were 10 met! Which is like 30 cents! So I bought all that she had of them, all twelve snickers bars. That pretty much made my whole week, all the other missionaries were pretty mad I bought them all but I didnt care. 🙂

On Wednesday, I headed out to Matola (another area) for a division with one of our Zone Leaders. It was awesome. I learned alot from him! I also got to take my first hot shower in almost 3 months! I may or may not have just stood there, enjoying the heat for like 10 minutes. Matola is a lot nicer than T3. Its like the richest city in Mozambique!

We got our conference DVDs! That was nice, all of the other Elders said it would be like 2 months but they came, we havnt had a ton of time but I have watched saturday morning and saturday afternoon. I really really enjoyed both of them, I especially liked Elder Eyring’s talk and Elder Hollands and Elder Scotts. Super good. 🙂

Dallin2On Friday, we had A WEDDING! Yeah. Antonio and Ines got hitched. 🙂 It was so so so so good. It was a lot of work to get them there. But Yeah. 🙂 It was beautiful. We met at the church with our branch president, and waited there for the padrinos and madrinos to come. They are like witnesses. And Antonio and Ines really wanted the wedding to be a quiet thing, just get married to keep the commandment and be able to get baptized. And since their parents were against it, they didnt want any one to find out. But our branch president wanted it to be a big deal, a big party and singing and dancing and food and everything that we tell our investigators that a wedding doesnt have to be, since the people dont have the money for it. So he had invited the ENTIRE BRANCH to come. Which was terrible! They started showing up at the church, and we were freaking out because they were going to come with us, expecting a party, and they do this kind of song that they sing at every wedding, and everyone around knows that it means its a wedding, which would give it away to their neighbors. So we had no idea what to do, everything was falling apart, and so we said a prayer. And I kid you not, out of no where, it started to rain. It started to rain HARD. And mozambicanos? They HATE the rain. So alot of members got scared away. Then finally the padrinos and madrinos came, an hour and a half late, and our little parade walked from the church to their house, an hour walk, in the POURING rain. It was so awesome. 🙂 We got there, all gathered in their little house, put a table in the middle, and had a super simple, beautiful wedding. And at the end, while the members were singing, it didnt matter because the rain was beating down all the tin roofs and no one could hear a thing. Super awesome. 🙂

Dallin1Saturday, was the baptism. It was amazing. We baptized Antonio, Ines, and their 8 year old daughter Fatoosha, as well as two teenagers, Roudao and Jose. 5 baptisms, which is the most T3 has ever had. It was the first marriage and baptism, It was just awesome. This family is so great. 🙂 Like I said, I tried to include pictures but the internet here is SO slow and we dont have much time. Sorry this letter isnt that great! Next one will be better.

Dallin3I am having so much fun. I am learning so much! We are doing WORK out here. I love it. Two random side notes, Last night I ate chicken foot. It was super gross, really rubbery and pretty much impossible to eat. I almost threw up. 🙂 Also, wanted to let my Grandma and Grandpa Orton know that we really appreciate your updates out in T3. I read them outloud to all the missionaries in the house, and we all drool at the thought of having a senior couple to drive us to stuff and take us to resturaunts and buy us dishes and play monopoly and walk to preisthood session with us and invite us to dinner and stuff. Its pretty funny, just thought I would share that with you. 🙂 Glad to hear you guys are doing well. 🙂

I’m doing grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. 🙂 Thanks for everything. 🙂

Love you all,

Elder Poyfair

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What week am I on? Oh well, week of 10-14-13 :)

Dearest family and friends-

This week was kind of a rough one. Lots of our investigators are having problems! With the marriage process, coming to church, getting testimonies, etc. We’ve had to drop a lot of people, and work even harder at finding new ones! We have also been having some difficulties working with the branch leadership here. But its fine, we’ll manage 🙂

This week was freaking HOT. One day, it went above 41 celcius. Granted, I don’t know exactly what that is in farenheit, but I know its DANG hot. I sweat alot. Its pretty gross. 🙂 Its late spring, getting ready to be the hot season. So I cant say Im exactly looking forward to that, if its going to be hotter then it is right now!

DSC01033 (1)We’ve kind of been having a problem in our district with the effectiveness of District Meetings. Most of the missionaries just come in, and doze off while our district leader, my comp gives a lesson, and then we leave with nothing changing. So this week in preparation, he asked me what I thought we could change. And I suggested that we base district meeting off of the way my family does family home evening! So we did. We assigned each missionary things like treat, activity, songs, scripture, prayer, and conducting. The only difference is, the district leader will always do the lesson. So we tried it out, and it went great! Everyone had fun, it was shorter then normal, and in the end our district had the best week stat-wise its had in two transfers! So that was kind of a cool little fun thing.

I finished Jesus the Christ this week, by James E Talmage. For those of you who don’t know about it, it is a freaking huge (800+) page book about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Can I just say, it was one of the best books I have read! My testimony and knowlege of him was strengthened SO much. I would 100% reccomend it to anyone looking for a good book to read. I learned so many new things! It will literally blow your mind.

I went on a division with Elder Fransisco this week. He is a native from Mozambique, (Beira) and he is really short and really funny. He is learning to speak english, but its really funny when he does because he says funny things and has a pretty thick accent. And here in T3, we have a lot of girls who would like to date the missionaries. They wear…immodest clothing, and just arent the best girls. So we call them “snakes”, as in, they are venomous and you shouldnt talk to them! So on our division, every time we would walk by one, Elder fransisco would say, SNAKES and I would laugh. It was pretty funny. He reminds me of stitch on lilo and stitch. I love him!

I have an addiction. To TEA!!! But before you freak out. Im addicted to Mozambiquan tea. Which, is actually just brown sugar and water. They drink it every morning with bread. So I have kind of started doing the same. Ill give you all a quick recipe for mozambiquan tea, in case you want to make it at home. So. You fill up a cup with water. Then you put it in the microwave until it gets hot. Then you take it out and but two or three or six spoonfulls of brown sugar in it. DONE! Its pretty funny. We all drink it out here!

The week wasnt all bad investigator wise, we had another really cool experience this week with Antonio and Ineis. We were teaching them about tithing, and then at the end of the lesson, we asked them if they would commit to live the law of tithing. And he said, “We already pay it!” And me and my comp just kind of looked at eachother, and said, “WHAT?” He said that on his first or second week at church, someone told him to pay tithing and he would get blessings. So since that day, he had been paying tithing every week! We hadnt taught him it or anything, and he didnt even have to pay tithing until he gets baptized. And he was already paying it. THEN, he said he knows it brings blessings, and related to us this cool story about some of the blessings he had recieved. He already had a testimony of it!! Freaking way  cool. I cant wait for their marriage and baptism this week!!

The last thing, last night I wanted to make pancakes. So I asked the elders if anyone had a recipe and some one did. But they were for banana pancakes! So last night I made banana pancakes, and sang the Jack Johnson song THE ENTIRE TIME I MADE THEM. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I thought it was pretty awesome but It probably got annoying. Oh well. 🙂
So that pretty much sums up my week. It was hard, but Its good. 🙂
I just found out that my dad lost his job, so If any of you who are reading this want to switch your prayers from praying for me to praying for him, that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 I know he will get another job quick though, I firmly beleive that God takes care of the families of missionaries. Im just glad I can help by being out here. 🙂
Thanks for everything, I love you guys alot! Im loving life out here, having fun and preaching the gospel. I love missionary work. I love the people here. I love the sunsets and scenery. I love the gospel. I love my savior. 🙂
-Elder Poyfair
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Week 9: Zone Conference, sunburnt head and free koala sweater!

Happy Monday everyone, sounds like I missed an AWESOME conference weekend! I’m actually kind of bummed that I missed it! The other missionaries say that it takes about a month and a half for the talks to get here, and that we will probably get the written copies in the liahona faster then we will get to watch it. So that kind of stinks, but I can’t do much about it so yeah 🙂 DSC01005

This week I had my first Zone Conference! It was awesome. It was fun to see Elder Olsen and Douglas and Kitchen and other friends from around here. They brought pizzas for lunch, and salad and soda and chocolate bars so it was pretty much the greatest meal we had eaten in a while 🙂 Every missionary got their own personal pizza, we left the zone conference VERY full!

It was funny because we were getting ready to start, and President said that he wanted all of the missionaries who had been out less then 3 transfers to have a translator, and translate the whole meeting so that they could understand it all. So they were working out translators, and the zone leaders passed by us and said, “Poyfair doesnt need a translator, he’ll understand it all.” And walked by. It was pretty funny, and later on in the meeting, I ended up helping the guy in front of me translate for someone in my same MTC group. God has been helping me with the language A TON, I’m super grateful.DSC01010

I got to see a lot more of our president as well, and the vision he has for the mission and things we need to be changing. Lots of good advice, and things to impliment. I enjoyed it alot. 🙂

Then on the way home, I found a FREAKING AWESOME Koala sweater on the chappa. I asked all the people around if it was theirs or if anyone wanted it. No body wanted it, so I took it home. (And yes, I did wash it!) Its pretty sweet, I think Ill send a picture of it.DSC01021

What else is new… Me and Elder Bender shaved our heads, so now I’m bald. I guess that is pretty cool! I like it but my head got sunburned.

We had a funny experience this week where we met a couple from Zimbabwe… and they ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH! So we went over to their house, and taught them the restoration in english! It was actually way harder then I thought it would be! Who knew. Especially when we got to the first vision. I realized that my companion was going to hand it off to me to attempt it in english, which is pretty hard because we only memorize it in portuguese! So I struggled through it, but managed to do it decently well. Luckily I still had an English Book of Mormon left over from the MTC that we could give to them! It was pretty sweet, I’m excited to see how that goes.

We’ve got a pretty cute little love story going on right now with some of our investigators. Its like a chick flick movie or something. They are SUPER young- she just barely turned 17 and he is 22 I think. Their names are Mussa and Rosa, and they have a one year old kid named Dalton. I LOVE THEM. They are the coolest. They have been coming to church for a while and want to get married and baptized. But the problem is, Her parents don’t approve. AT ALL. In fact, they won’t even look at or talk to their son in law. So her parents are holding all of her birth certificates and stuff like that that you need to get married, to keep it from happening. Luckily, she remembers some of the numbers and stuff, so this week we are going to the registry and trying to go through all the books and find it!

Anyways, her parents disapprove, and so Monday this week Mussa wakes up and she is gone! With the baby! And he has no Idea where she is, she doesnt have a cell phone or anything. So we visit him, and have an AWESOME lesson about trials and stuff, and then ask if there is anything that we can do to help him. And he tells us, kind of shyly, that he thinks her parents took her back to her parents house. And he wants to go check and make sure she is ok, but he isnt allowed anywhere near it. So he is wondering if maybe he could walk with us kind of close to it, give us directions, and then we could just walk by to see if maybe she is outside or near the house, just so we can tell him she is there and ok.

So we both kind of looked at eachother and felt it would be ok, and so we said we could do that and started walking. He gave us directions and stuff, and we set off. Not gonna lie, we both felt like secret agents. But we walked by her house and didnt see anything. Kind of bummed, we kept walking. But then we heard something, and turned around, and she was running after us! She said she was fine, and to tell Mussa she is fine and will be back soon! So we told him and he was super happy. Then a couple of days later we went back, and she still wasnt there! But he said he kind of wanted us to bring her a book of mormon, so she could read while she is there too. We thought it was a good idea, and he asked if he could quickly write a little note and put it in there! So right about now my inner mushy gushy romanticness is going crazy, and he goes inside to write this note for her! So we are sitting outside, and then out of no where, SHE WALKS UP WITH DALTON!! It was super super cool! But we had her be quiet and sit with us so it would be a surprise when Mussa walked out and then he would see her. Super super super cool experience, we taught them about fasting and stuff and it was great.

Other then that, it was just another awesome week. We’ve got a wedding and baptism in 2 weeks, and a couple other people who are pretty close. Im having A TON of fun out here, I love it! Serving The Lord, all day every day!

Thanks for everything, I miss you guys a ton!

Love, Elder Poyfair

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