Week 9: Zone Conference, sunburnt head and free koala sweater!

Happy Monday everyone, sounds like I missed an AWESOME conference weekend! I’m actually kind of bummed that I missed it! The other missionaries say that it takes about a month and a half for the talks to get here, and that we will probably get the written copies in the liahona faster then we will get to watch it. So that kind of stinks, but I can’t do much about it so yeah 🙂 DSC01005

This week I had my first Zone Conference! It was awesome. It was fun to see Elder Olsen and Douglas and Kitchen and other friends from around here. They brought pizzas for lunch, and salad and soda and chocolate bars so it was pretty much the greatest meal we had eaten in a while 🙂 Every missionary got their own personal pizza, we left the zone conference VERY full!

It was funny because we were getting ready to start, and President said that he wanted all of the missionaries who had been out less then 3 transfers to have a translator, and translate the whole meeting so that they could understand it all. So they were working out translators, and the zone leaders passed by us and said, “Poyfair doesnt need a translator, he’ll understand it all.” And walked by. It was pretty funny, and later on in the meeting, I ended up helping the guy in front of me translate for someone in my same MTC group. God has been helping me with the language A TON, I’m super grateful.DSC01010

I got to see a lot more of our president as well, and the vision he has for the mission and things we need to be changing. Lots of good advice, and things to impliment. I enjoyed it alot. 🙂

Then on the way home, I found a FREAKING AWESOME Koala sweater on the chappa. I asked all the people around if it was theirs or if anyone wanted it. No body wanted it, so I took it home. (And yes, I did wash it!) Its pretty sweet, I think Ill send a picture of it.DSC01021

What else is new… Me and Elder Bender shaved our heads, so now I’m bald. I guess that is pretty cool! I like it but my head got sunburned.

We had a funny experience this week where we met a couple from Zimbabwe… and they ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH! So we went over to their house, and taught them the restoration in english! It was actually way harder then I thought it would be! Who knew. Especially when we got to the first vision. I realized that my companion was going to hand it off to me to attempt it in english, which is pretty hard because we only memorize it in portuguese! So I struggled through it, but managed to do it decently well. Luckily I still had an English Book of Mormon left over from the MTC that we could give to them! It was pretty sweet, I’m excited to see how that goes.

We’ve got a pretty cute little love story going on right now with some of our investigators. Its like a chick flick movie or something. They are SUPER young- she just barely turned 17 and he is 22 I think. Their names are Mussa and Rosa, and they have a one year old kid named Dalton. I LOVE THEM. They are the coolest. They have been coming to church for a while and want to get married and baptized. But the problem is, Her parents don’t approve. AT ALL. In fact, they won’t even look at or talk to their son in law. So her parents are holding all of her birth certificates and stuff like that that you need to get married, to keep it from happening. Luckily, she remembers some of the numbers and stuff, so this week we are going to the registry and trying to go through all the books and find it!

Anyways, her parents disapprove, and so Monday this week Mussa wakes up and she is gone! With the baby! And he has no Idea where she is, she doesnt have a cell phone or anything. So we visit him, and have an AWESOME lesson about trials and stuff, and then ask if there is anything that we can do to help him. And he tells us, kind of shyly, that he thinks her parents took her back to her parents house. And he wants to go check and make sure she is ok, but he isnt allowed anywhere near it. So he is wondering if maybe he could walk with us kind of close to it, give us directions, and then we could just walk by to see if maybe she is outside or near the house, just so we can tell him she is there and ok.

So we both kind of looked at eachother and felt it would be ok, and so we said we could do that and started walking. He gave us directions and stuff, and we set off. Not gonna lie, we both felt like secret agents. But we walked by her house and didnt see anything. Kind of bummed, we kept walking. But then we heard something, and turned around, and she was running after us! She said she was fine, and to tell Mussa she is fine and will be back soon! So we told him and he was super happy. Then a couple of days later we went back, and she still wasnt there! But he said he kind of wanted us to bring her a book of mormon, so she could read while she is there too. We thought it was a good idea, and he asked if he could quickly write a little note and put it in there! So right about now my inner mushy gushy romanticness is going crazy, and he goes inside to write this note for her! So we are sitting outside, and then out of no where, SHE WALKS UP WITH DALTON!! It was super super cool! But we had her be quiet and sit with us so it would be a surprise when Mussa walked out and then he would see her. Super super super cool experience, we taught them about fasting and stuff and it was great.

Other then that, it was just another awesome week. We’ve got a wedding and baptism in 2 weeks, and a couple other people who are pretty close. Im having A TON of fun out here, I love it! Serving The Lord, all day every day!

Thanks for everything, I miss you guys a ton!

Love, Elder Poyfair

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