Week Eleven: Monkeys, Snickers satisfies, Wedding in the rain

What a week. 🙂

Good morning to everyone, I hope everything is going well. This week was a pretty crazy one! One of my favorites on the mission so far, easily!

It started after I emailed last week. We headed off to the zoo in Maputo! But “Zoo” is used a little loosly, seeing as you paid 5 met (less than 20 cents) to walk in through a gate and see all these animals, in their extremely wimpy cages, with no staff or anything. A kid told us there used to be a lion a while ago but it got out and they had to shoot it. So that was fun, lots of monkeys and crocodiles and stuff like that. But it was SUPER ghetto, I loved it. There were holes in the monkey cages so they were just walking around, I fed one a mango and that was kind of fun. Some one had told us that you could feed live chickens to the crocodiles but there was nobody there with live chickens or anything, so we were all a little bit disappointed. But the monkeys did do back flips!  I would send pictures but I tried, the internet here isnt fast enought to send them so that kind of sucks. Next week I think we’ll go to a different one. 🙂

Then we stopped by a gas station, to grab a drink, AND THEY HAD SNICKERS THERE. Yeah. Snickers. The candy bar. I was so so so so excited, I asked the cashier how much they were and she said they were 10 met! Which is like 30 cents! So I bought all that she had of them, all twelve snickers bars. That pretty much made my whole week, all the other missionaries were pretty mad I bought them all but I didnt care. 🙂

On Wednesday, I headed out to Matola (another area) for a division with one of our Zone Leaders. It was awesome. I learned alot from him! I also got to take my first hot shower in almost 3 months! I may or may not have just stood there, enjoying the heat for like 10 minutes. Matola is a lot nicer than T3. Its like the richest city in Mozambique!

We got our conference DVDs! That was nice, all of the other Elders said it would be like 2 months but they came, we havnt had a ton of time but I have watched saturday morning and saturday afternoon. I really really enjoyed both of them, I especially liked Elder Eyring’s talk and Elder Hollands and Elder Scotts. Super good. 🙂

Dallin2On Friday, we had A WEDDING! Yeah. Antonio and Ines got hitched. 🙂 It was so so so so good. It was a lot of work to get them there. But Yeah. 🙂 It was beautiful. We met at the church with our branch president, and waited there for the padrinos and madrinos to come. They are like witnesses. And Antonio and Ines really wanted the wedding to be a quiet thing, just get married to keep the commandment and be able to get baptized. And since their parents were against it, they didnt want any one to find out. But our branch president wanted it to be a big deal, a big party and singing and dancing and food and everything that we tell our investigators that a wedding doesnt have to be, since the people dont have the money for it. So he had invited the ENTIRE BRANCH to come. Which was terrible! They started showing up at the church, and we were freaking out because they were going to come with us, expecting a party, and they do this kind of song that they sing at every wedding, and everyone around knows that it means its a wedding, which would give it away to their neighbors. So we had no idea what to do, everything was falling apart, and so we said a prayer. And I kid you not, out of no where, it started to rain. It started to rain HARD. And mozambicanos? They HATE the rain. So alot of members got scared away. Then finally the padrinos and madrinos came, an hour and a half late, and our little parade walked from the church to their house, an hour walk, in the POURING rain. It was so awesome. 🙂 We got there, all gathered in their little house, put a table in the middle, and had a super simple, beautiful wedding. And at the end, while the members were singing, it didnt matter because the rain was beating down all the tin roofs and no one could hear a thing. Super awesome. 🙂

Dallin1Saturday, was the baptism. It was amazing. We baptized Antonio, Ines, and their 8 year old daughter Fatoosha, as well as two teenagers, Roudao and Jose. 5 baptisms, which is the most T3 has ever had. It was the first marriage and baptism, It was just awesome. This family is so great. 🙂 Like I said, I tried to include pictures but the internet here is SO slow and we dont have much time. Sorry this letter isnt that great! Next one will be better.

Dallin3I am having so much fun. I am learning so much! We are doing WORK out here. I love it. Two random side notes, Last night I ate chicken foot. It was super gross, really rubbery and pretty much impossible to eat. I almost threw up. 🙂 Also, wanted to let my Grandma and Grandpa Orton know that we really appreciate your updates out in T3. I read them outloud to all the missionaries in the house, and we all drool at the thought of having a senior couple to drive us to stuff and take us to resturaunts and buy us dishes and play monopoly and walk to preisthood session with us and invite us to dinner and stuff. Its pretty funny, just thought I would share that with you. 🙂 Glad to hear you guys are doing well. 🙂

I’m doing grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. 🙂 Thanks for everything. 🙂

Love you all,

Elder Poyfair

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