Week Twelve: ‘You can’t leave a dirty dish in the sink’ – Elder Holland.

Dearest Family and friends and creepers who read my blog late at night,

Bom Dia. 🙂

dallin7monkeyThis week went well. We speant most of it trying to find new families and people to teach. Transfers are a week from today, and either I or my companion is leaving T3 so we are trying to leave the other one with a good teaching pool to work with. So this week we sat with a lot of new people! Unfortunately, alot of them ended up being pretty…interesting. For example, We had this one guy who walked us to his house and he was SUPER rich. Rich being used in the mozambiquan sense meaning he had a nice house and a car. He took us in, and asked if before we started the lesson, we could eat some matsubishoo (breakfast). We accepted, and he brought out bread and jam and butter and made us hot chocolate and it was pretty much the greatest ever. I know it doesnt sound like much, but it was! Then we started teaching, it went pretty well until he started going off about how christmas is a lie and was just created by the arabians to celebrate them winning the throne or something like that, and then he asked us to leave. Pretty weird, but we got some good food out of it. 🙂

Dallin6Our investigators are coming along well, and some are having problems. One was preparing for marriage but then his wife left him, and now he just wants to get baptized and serve a mission. So we are going to baptize him this week, and talk to the branch president and our leaders to see if he could serve a mission. Who knows. He is great.

Others have their birth certificates from beira in the mail, should be here in a week and then we can do the rest of the papers and open their process.

Dallin5Our house had been having problems with everyone doing their own dishes, so I made a little sign to put above the sink. It has Elder Holland saying in portuguese that you cant leave a dirty dish in the sink. Every thinks its pretty funny, and its been working. 🙂

Something cool happened this week, some old investigators texted us and said that they wanted a preisthood blessing, they had been fasting and praying and needed our help. We saw the text and thought, oh sweet, maybe they are ready now! Dont know if any one remembers but it was regillio and amellia, the one who had the drinking problem and we gave up soda, but he couldnt keep the word of wisdom, kept drinking, so we dropped them. But they invited us, so we went over to give a blessing, a little curious, and they told us that the wife had been on the way to the hospital to give birth to their baby, but on the way the baby came out, and was dead. They were SUPER sad. So were we. We talked to them for about an hour, about the plan of salvation and how if they keep the commandments, they can live with her again forever. Yeah, they want to resume meeting with us and are working on their marriage documents! So that was kind of a nice surprise, that was really sad at the same time. Its sad when things like that have to happen to wake people up and make them realize they are doing something wrong.

Dallin4monkeyWe had interviews with President Kretly this week, it went well. The whole interview was in portuguese, which was cool because he said that usually doesnt happen for a while into the mission. He was pretty concerned when he asked if I had lost weight and I told him I had lost twenty pounds since getting here, but I assured him that I came in to the country pretty chunky and that he shouldnt worry, Im eating alot. 🙂 I really like our president. Then after wards, he took us home in his car, which was nice because if he hadnt, we wouldnt have got home until midnight. So he is driving us home, and we are all relaxed, but then one by one we realized that he was probably going to inspect our house. Which was A DUMP. Then we got nervous. We pulled up, got out, all of us pretty tense. We walked in the house, and he asked to use our bathroom. He went in, and we all RAN to our rooms, making our beds and cleaning our desks and hiding pictures of our girlfriends and such. It was straight out of the best two years. 🙂 He liked my Elder Holland sign.

Then we were at one of the other missionaries couples wedding, and they were passing around a drink, thats like flour water, with the consistency of smoothie. So I drank some, almost threw up. It was gross and had a wierd taste. Then we found out it was some wierd named thing, that is like fermented and stuff. So we think it was alcoholic. But our branch president drank some, sooooo we assumed it was ok. But yeah. It was gross.

Thats about all I can think of. This week was fun. Every week is fun. I love T3, and I love my comp. Im losing at least one of them next week, so that kind of sucks! But It will all work out, Im excited. I love this church, and I love my savior. The message Im teaching these people? Its true. I know it is.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy halloween on thursday. I think Ill wear an orange tie or something. 🙂

Love, Elder Poyfair

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