Week 13: Giddy about Quelimane

Well. This week. Rocked. 🙂 But, today is transfers, and I’m leaving T3!! I’m heading out to QUELIMANE!! It’s pretty far up north in the country. I have to take a 2 hour flight by myself to get there! There are only two missionaries in the entire province, and I’m one of them! My companion is Elder Heaton, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about him! They have bikes up there, and a car! My companion is district leader again. I am so so so freaking excited. Elder Proksch is going to be a district leader up in beira, so our area is getting white washed. But yeah. I leave tomorrow at 12!! Outside area. Dude. I am a little bit giddy right now.

Anyways, This week went well! We had another baptism, a guy named Mussa. He is 23 years old, SUPER cool. He has got a super strong testimony, he bore it in church and it was awesome. He wants to serve a mission. I love him alot.

DSC01325This week we found an awesome restaurant in our area, they have really good food and its cheap. So we ate there twice. I’m sorry I’m having a hard time writing stuff, I’m freaking excited out of my mind to head out tomorrow. I’m eating good, investigators are great, I dont have a ton of time but I will write next week. I have really had a good time, and I am kind of sad to leave T3. Yesterday was a really cool sunday. Antonio, the father of the family we baptized, bore his testimony and it was AWESOME. Made me cry. We had a fun family home evening last night, some one brought a guitar and we were sitting around a fire, playing hymns on the guitar and singing, with members and investigators, and I was just seriously, truly, happy.

Also, we had an investigator who was coming along great but we got a text from her parents that said we needed to come and visit, she was not doing well. So we came over, and she was acting WIERD. Like, possesed by an evil spirit wierd. She threw our phone out the window, was screaming in perfect english, and she didnt speak before, just freaking wierd. I was pretty scared. So we gave her a blessing, we’ll go back to see how she is later. But yeah!

Sorry this is so short. I love it out here. I’m doing WORK. I’m stoked to go to Quelimane. I’ll write next week. 🙂

Love you all so much. Thanks for everything!

Elder Poyfair

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One thought on “Week 13: Giddy about Quelimane

  1. Elder Poyfair will love Quelimane. My wife and I spent our entire 18 month mission there and truly loved and treasured the experience. Our hearts are still there.

    Toby Osborn

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