Week 21: Elections are coming…

(For those who are wondering, I added six weeks to Dallin’s count to account for MTC time…)

What a week man!!

It seems like it has been so long since the last time I wrote. But that’s just kind of how it goes I guess. Time feels like its going SO FAST. It’s crazy. One of the benefits of staying busy and working hard.  🙂
A lot happened this week. I know I say that every week but its true. 🙂
The big news out here is the Elections on wednesday. The people are going CRAZY out here over it. The funny thing is, the average Mozambican has no idea what the candidates believe or things like that. So campaigning here is pretty much everyone driving around in huge semi trucks filled with people, blasting music and screaming and wearing t shirts and stuff. Its pretty entertaining. The problem is, when the results of the elections come out, things get pretty scary, people riot and stuff, and white people become targets. Its been funny, because with the elections and the unrest and stuff going on, everyone out here in Quelimane thinks that we are from the CIA. And that makes us targets, especially when their candidate loses. Street contacts are hard because no one wants to give us any information because they all think we are in the CIA. For this reason, today isn’t really our P day. To protect all of us missionaries, president asked us all to email our family, go the the store and buy A MONTHS SUPPLY OF FOOD and then continue working like it is a regular day. Because on Wednesday, election day, we have to stay inside the house the whole day and can’t leave. If anything happens, we will be safe with our months supply of food. 🙂 Its pretty cool, don’t know how I’ll afford that much food but its fine, beans and rice are pretty cheap. 🙂 Its actually pretty hard to find good food out here. In T3 it was easier because Maputo had lots of big stores but here, its a lot harder. We don’t eat too well.
We worked pretty hard this week on finding people. Its tricky because we don’t have a lot of investigators, and all our time is used repairing the house. Really fast, because the elders got robbed they moved so that they are now living in the church. But we have had to pretty much become retail agents and deal with contracts that werent terminated and repairs required on the house and pretty much getting it in good shape to turn back over to the land lords. Which is hard because that’s not our job, we are missionaries. But we are also the only ones who can do anything since we are very far away from the mission office and stuff. So thats been a little bit of a pain, plus all the meetings and administration stuff with Elder Heaton has pretty much made us ineffective as far as missionary work goes. But we are trying hard to figure out a system that works well.
We have a couple named Lindo and Philamena that are working on the marriage documents. It is hard because he was registered in a small town in Nampula and she was registered out side of the city. So its pretty confusing but they are working on it. They are really cool, I like them a lot. They are living seperately right now and will move in together after marriage. They don’t have a ton of money but they have STRONG testimonies, come to church every week even though they live far away.
We found a cool guy named Nhaaca on the street by the church. Wrote down his phone number, marked to visit him the next day. So we went and met with him the next day, and he LOVED the restoration. His wife and son took it well to, but he liked it alot. It was a really really cool restoration lesson, he was asking really good questions and understood everything. He also REALLY enjoyed the part about Joseph Smith. He accepted baptism and everything, but at the end ran into his house to get his documents. We were a little confused but he was excited, and he came back and showed us that Nhaaca was his middle name, and his first name was actually Jose! (Joseph). He really really liked the fact that his name was the same name as the prophet, and he came to church the next day and was introducing himself to everyone as Jose, says he is going to go by that name from now on. He’s older but really funny like that, we’ll see what ends up happening with him! Contacted friday, taughtsaturday, came to church sunday, and today we teach about marriage so yeah, I like that guy. 🙂
We sat with a couple other new people, but alot of them are NOT prepared yet to recieve the gospel. We sat with another cool, young, rich family, but they went out of town to Beira so we will sit with them tomorrow, see how they turn out.
The frustrating thing about being out here is that it is a HUGE city. One of the biggest in Mozambique. And there are only two missionaries. We literally have the whole city to ourselves. But we are struggling to get missionary work done here! Its hard because it seems like we should be having more success. But we are coming up with new ways to be more effective, and are trying really hard to get everything done on the house so we can devote all of our time to the work.
I really like my companion, Elder Heaton. He is a good teacher and a cool guy. We get along great, he is smart, its fun.
We also had a baptism on Saturday, a 16 year old named Eddy Wilson. (sounds american, right??) He is really shy but a nice kid, and his muslim mom invited us over for a big lunch afterwards. So that rocked. One of the branch missionaries named Cornellio baptized him, it was cool how close they had gotten and it is way better when the members baptize investigators so we were pretty happy about that.
I got asked to give a talk in church on Sunday, I spoke on the third article of faith and the atonement. It was a little nerve wracking but it went well, and I think it helped the members get to know me a little bit better.
Did I already mention how much I love Quelimane? I really really do. It is such a cool place. I am going to start a bike taxi business when I get home because it is genius. The branch here is small but really really nice. They really love the missionaries and all of them want to feed us every night but we usually have to turn them down because we are teaching and finding people. 🙂 Its a funny problem to have, especially in africa.
Also, on saturday night I had a really really bad craving for Little Caesars crazy bread. Sooooooo we made some, complete with pimp sauce and everything. 🙂 That was way good. Turned out nice.
That pretty much sums up my week! I’m doing great out here. Loving life. Focusing really hard on what is going on here and trying hard to forget about old friends and stuff at home.
Thanks for everything, for the emails and encouragement and such. I love you guys 🙂
Ate o proximo.
Elder Poyfair
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