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Week 27: Maggot-infested Christmas presents and blessings in hospitals

Last email of 2013, pretty weird! This week seems like it lasted so so so so so so long. Like, the longest week of my life. 🙂 But it was a really fun week, I enjoyed it alot!

On monday, we woke up and began our regular P-day routine. We had 2 other elders here with us from Morromeu, we did email and made food and packed our bags and stuff, and then President Mabunda our branch president drove us to the airport. We got on the flight, I turned on some christmas music (thanks Jon Schmidt and James Conlee) andddd then woke up two hours later in maputo. 🙂 We got picked up by the office elders (one of whom is my best friend Elder Douglas!), and they took us through the city back to the mission office. It was so strange going back there, because It really hadnt been that long but it seemed like the city had changed so much! It was also cool to be at the mission office again, we stayed there for about a couple of days during my first week in the country so it was kinda cool to be back there a couple months later and realize how fast time went by!


I got there, and a lot of missionaries there from around the city were already skyping their families. My buddy from the MTC, Elder Olsen was there and I had fun talking to him for a bit. Then, it was my turn to skype my family. I went in and called them, but it turned out that I had told them the wrong time! So My mom and katelyn were there but the others were at a soccer game. But I said it was fine, I will just call them back in a little bit. But then I was told I had to skype them right then and didnt have much time to do so. So that stunk a little bit. 🙂 It was ok though. It was so so so cool to see my family. And zoey. 🙂 It was fun talking to them but I swear then second I started, time started going 8 zillion times faster. And about 4 minutes later, my time was already up and it was time to go! So that was a little frusterating. Made me miss them a ton. Especially when Katelyn was crying at the end. 🙂 Hahaha pretty funny. But its fine, I get to do it again in like six months anyway. 🙂

So I was feeling a teeny bit down after that skype call, and how short it was, but then thought that to lift my spirits, I would go and open my package that my family had sent me and was there at the mission office. So I grabbed it, went upstairs, and began to open it.

Before I go on, I just want to say that I debated leaving this part out. But I realized I have to keep you guys updated with exactly what is going on, and It just wouldnt be right to leave parts of this journey out. I have to relay the whole experience.J

So, I opened the package, and instantly this nasty smell came out. NASTY. And I thought, what the, that cant be right…  I opened it some more and saw that EVERYTHING inside was covered in a dark, sticky liquid. And I mean everything! Wrapped presents, ensigns, food, candy, everything. I started lifting stuff out, to see what the problem was, and saw that there were maggots crawling around. Literally hundreds of maggots. I pulled stuff out, that was dripping in this liquid, with maggots crawling all over everything. I’ll admit, I got a little bit angry. J I found that the liquid was Polynesian sauce from Chic fil a, arguably the greatest sauce ever.  Unless its covering your entire Christmas package. They had put them in bags, but in the roughness of the trip, all the sauces and safety bags they were put in had got burst.  J The maggots (or post office workers) had also made their way into some of the food my family sent, which was now covered with rotton sauce. I separated the saveable stuff from the completely destroyed stuff and went to bed. Needless to say, I went to bed that night pretty frusterated. I was tired from our day of traveling, a little disappointed in how short my skype call was, and pretty sad that this awesome package my family had sent got destroyed. It took me a while to fall asleep, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

But I woke up the next day, on Christmas Eve, and had the best turnaround. I woke up pretty early and went through the package stuff again. I realized that it was a blessing they had wrapped some of the presents in wrapping paper, because the sauce didn’t quite enter in. I realized I had made things seem worse then they were, and a lot of the food and candy was still fine. The ensign wasn’t too bad, I only had to throw away one of the AWESOME ugly ties they sent me. I got most of it cleaned off, and realized it really wasn’t too bad. I really enjoyed the book, a singing cat card, and they had sent a NICE tie too that I was super grateful didn’t even get touched by the sauce or maggots. What a blessing.


That day was zone conference, so I headed out with all the other outside area elders  (wearing my santa tie my parents sent me) to the chapel in matola where we had our zone conference! Zone conference was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed. Our president is amazing, we learned a lot and the spirit was very strong there, really brought me a lot of peace being there. It was also fun to see all my friends, from my mtc group and from t3 and stuff. After zone conference, we went back to the mission office where we had the sweetest Christmas party ever. There was SO much good food, balloons, pies, ice cream, turkey, oh. It was amazing. We talked and pigged out and laughed at skits and had a good time. Then president gave us all a stocking with candy and a tie in it. Super cool. I went to bed that night feeling a hundred billion times better than the night before. It was probably one of my best days on the mission so far. J


Christmas itself passed by pretty uneventful. Woke up, packed up, headed out to the airport and caught a flight home. I wrote in my journal and read the Christmas story from the bible.  We got back to Quelimane, dropped our stuff off, and went to A member’s house, Walter and Dharmin. They are my favorite members! They are a funny funny couple, and they act super American. They are young, and some of our strongest members. We ate with them and played games, and had a blast. We went home and fell asleep, completely exhausted. J

The next couple days leading up to today weren’t to eventful, with two exceptions. Most of the time was speant trying to reconstruct our area because after you leave for a couple of days, strangely enough it turns out investigators forget who Joseph Smith was and where the church is. I’m exaggerating of course but it is still pretty funny.

My testimony was really strengthened on the importance of working with members this week. I know I have written about Lindo and Filamena and the sad story happening with them. We had pretty much given up, but took a member, Irma Marta with us to teach them. And I swear, Marta COMPLETELY turned them around. 180 degrees. She really didn’t say anything different then what we had been saying, but she made it into their hearts like we couldn’t. They are back on track and doing great, should get married and baptized in January. There is power in members people! If you are a missionary, use them. If you are a member, help the missionaries. J Call them up and be like, “Hey, I want to help you guys get a lesson with a member present. When could I help you out?” And they will put their jaw back in their mouth and be happy to find a time.

The other cool thing that happened was with Clasmen and Ginesia. They are my favorite, I love them so so so much. When we started teaching them, she was pregnant. Well, she gave birth on Christmas day! (here, the translation for giving birth is “giving the light”. I like that WAY better.) We were excited, but found out that their baby was born a little early and had problems breathing. They stayed at the hospital there for a while. So yesterday, we were in the city doing contacts, and I got this feeling we should go to the hospital and visit them, and give their baby a blessing. We already had a lesson to go to, but the feeling persisted, so I told Elder Heaton and we turned around and went to the hospital. Clasmen was very excited when we told him, he got us and brought us in to the maternity. Can I just say how humbling of an experience that is, to be in a mozambiqan hospital. I can not even describe, how sad of a place it is. Oh. We don’t realize how nice we have it in America.I for sure didn’t. But these hospitals are terrible. It is just a really sad, hopeless place. We walked in, found Ginesia with their baby. Also, they named the baby Klagesia. (clasmen and ginesia mixed!!!!!!! How funny, right?!?!?!?!) And they baby was sooo cute. We explained how priesthood blessings work and stuff, and something amazing happened. When we had entered, there were lots of people talking, and babies crying, and just noise. But when we started to give the blessing, everything stopped. It got silent. The only thing you could here were the words coming out of my mouth. All the babies had stopped, and the moms and workers too. The spirit was so strong! I ended the blessing, opened my eyes, and there were other moms standing close with their babies!!! They asked us to bless them, so we did. Their babies were a lot worse off then Klagesia. It was pretty humbling. We left that hospital with the greatest feeling. Then, about an hour ago, we got a text from clasmen saying the baby was better and they had left the hospital and were at home! So cool.

That’s about it. Im excited to get back into the groove of things here. I had an awesome, awesome Christmas. I am truly happy here. Thanks for everything, I love you all.

Elder Poyfair

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Week 26: Merry Christmas from Quelimane!

Christmas is in two days and my six month mark is in three.

It really is a strange thought. I don’t know how I feel about it 🙂 To answer a lot of questions from the get go, Christmas out here is not really a big deal. It is technically not even a officially recognized holiday, because one of the founders of Mozambique was athiest or something. So the 25th is “Dia das familias” . And the way my companion describes it is, “When all the parents lock the kids in the house and go out and drink all day.” So yeah, not the most uplifting view on the holidays but I guess its just the culture. Every once in a while you will see someone who has a christmas tree or something, but for the most part, it goes pretty much uncelebrated. I think the members are going to do a little potluck party tomorrowthough, so thats good at least. 🙂
This week started out pretty rough, we were out doing street contacts at about 8 in the morning on tuesday when we got a call letting us know that the son of a really strong member had died. He had been sick with an infection type thing for a while, but it had looked like he was getting better. I had given him a preisthood blessing even, and we had both felt like he would get better. So that was pretty bad, and that started us in on a crash course in african death traditions. I don’t know if deaths are a super big deal in all of africa, or just all of mozambique, or just all of zambezia where we are at. But I do know, they are HUGE here. And this was the first death in the branch here, and logically the branch president is out of town and the 1st counselor is inactive, so 100% of the responsibility falls on my companion. Who isnt even african. But yeah.
 Most churches have a huge set of rules and what you can and cant do in stuff. So lots of members were calling us, trying to figure everything out, and we are reading through the manuels and stuff, and yeah, 🙂 Basically when someone dies, all of the family and friends go and live at the house of the deceased, singing and crying with the family for like three days. They like sleep there and everything! And all of the members kept stressing how important it was that we are taking part in all these random events and stuff, or we would offend and it would not be good. We had a couple visits, and then we had to be there when the body left the hospital for their house, had to be there for the viewing, and then had to be there at the actual funeral, at a cemetary WAY far away. We had to take a ride in this huge truck for like 45 minutes to get there. So yeah, that was crazy!! But we made it through ok.
 It was pretty funny though, I think I have already said this but it is a really new branch here, only been around for about a year and a half to two years. And one of the big problems is that NO ONE knows like any of the hymns. So all of the members at the whole funeral and visits and stuff, would sing the same 5 hymns that they knew. Which may or may not have been SUPER appropriate for funerals. (There is sunshine in my soul today?) So during all of this, 2 different investigators suggested that we should do a class on saturday afternoons for members and investigators who want to learn the hymns. So we decided we will be doing that from now on, it is a super big need. 🙂
This week, because a lot of our time was devoted to the funeral and stuff, we didnt have the best time finding new people. We sat with a couple of new families, but a lot of them were pretty lame, active in a different church, or things like that. Its funny. We ask in the contact if people are active in their church. If they say yes, we usually dont bother. But if they say no, we will mark with them. So we had like three different cases this week, where finally towards the end they decide to tell us they are active in their other church. LAME.
Most of our investigators are doing good. Clasmen and Genesia continue their march as the 100% perfect family. We met them a little less then two weeks ago and they literally have read a chapter from the book of mormon each day since the get go, and understood everything. They came to church both times with their entire family, they participate more in church then most of the members do, came to all the funeral stuff and it was him who suggested the hymn class because he says we have awesome hims, he has read through a lot of them but doesnt know the tunes and really wants to. They accept everything, they are humble and nice and seriously my favorite family I have taught so far. They are so so so so so cool. 🙂 We should be opening their marriage process a couple of days after we get back.
Lindo and Filamena continue their crash and burn. It has been pretty sad. They were so good and so ready, they were scheduled to get married on christmas day and baptized on the 28th. But it is honestly like they forgot everything. Then they kept blowing off our lessons, making up excuses, etc.So we are are waiting on them to kind of figure out what they want to do, but we are not really sure. They didnt come to church yesterday either. Its sad. We had high hopes for them. So that was pretty depressing!! They have ALL their documents, we even paid for some of them because they promised to pay us back. But now it is all looking pretty sketchy. :/
I ripped both of my pairs of black pants this week. In the same place. Lets just say all the bike taxis put a lot of stress on the crotch area of my pants. And both ripped, I had to be careful with the way I sat for the rest of the day. 🙂 🙂 Its fine though, I took them to a guy who lives down the street, he fixed them both for like 30 cents. Gotta love that. 🙂
However, our sunday went great. Our frequency was the highest it has been since I got here. (83), and we had 15 investigators at church and four full families.That was pretty cool. We had a new complete family show up out of the blue, it was someone my companion had contacted but hadnt even written down his phone number because he lives too far away. But we decided that if he will walk with his family for over an hour to come to church off of an invite on the street, he was worth our time. 🙂 So we went out there later that afternoon, they live pretty much in tanzania and are really poor but they are a really sweet familyl, who are really excited about our church. 🙂
Thats about it. I have to go, we have the elders from morromeu here and we all have to use this computer to email before our flight leaves at 3. We are flying down to maputo for christmas, for a zone conference and a party. We will leave today and fly back on christmas day. We are all pretty excited. 🙂 It is a two hour plane ride!
I’m doing good, super excited to skype my family tonight. 🙂
Thanks again for everything, and merry christmas from Quelimane. 🙂
-Elder Poyfair
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Week 25: Mangoes, Ants and Success

Good Morning 🙂  I am writing this from a different internet cafe than usual and this one is A LOT less nice, doesn’t have air conditioning and has about 600 people inside it so I am sweating rediculously. Also there are a ton of ants crawling all over my legs.  🙂 But I am doing good. 🙂 I actually had most of this typed earlier but the internet crashed here so we had to come back two hours later to finish emailing!

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning because we had this awesome plan where some members where going to take us fishing on the Zembeze River. And its really good fishing in the morning! So we were stoked, too bad they never showed up. So we were wide awake at like 5 o clock this morning. Yaaaaaay. 🙂 Oh well, we got all of our cleaning and stuff done so when we get back from internet and shopping we will be able to take a much needed nap. 🙂 Still a little bummed we didnt go fishing but they say next week we will go for sure. Not sure if I’ll wake up early though!

Anyways. This week definitely had its ups and downs. On the plus side, mango and pineapple season are in FULL SWING. Mostly mango. We eat like 4 mangos each day, minimum. We have 3 or 4 mango trees in our yard, it is NICE. Thats where we get all our vitamins every day. 🙂 They are soooooo much better here than in the states. So that has been fun.

There was a crazy rain storm on Saturday, we got caught out in the middle of it and got DRENCHED. When it rains here it is like sheets of water coming down every .3 seconds. It is gnarly. We were just glad that it didnt rain on sundaybecause when it does, no one comes to church!

Transfers are today, but luckily elder heaton and I are staying here in quelimane. The only difference is that before I was Jr comp and now I am a Sr comp. So that is kinda cool!  It was a relief seeing that, because we are really having a lot of success out here. We are teaching a lot of really nice families right now. And the thing that is really nice is we are still finding people and not wasting our time teaching people who are not progressing or coming to church. It is a really nice system, makes sure that we are really working effectively. Sometimes dropping people that you really like is hard, but we just kind of think of it like we are sowing seeds for either ourselves in the future or for other elders, so its good. There are so many elect people out here in this city that it really doesnt make sense trying to turn someone into gold when you can just walk outside and find some. 🙂 Africa rocks like that. 🙂

For example, this week we met probably the coolest couple that I have taught on my mission so far. Their names are Clasmen and Ginesia. We were walking around doing street contacts, and met him. We asked if we could visit him later that afternoon and he said yes, but in the contact he really didnt seem all that special. So we showed up later that afternoon, and we didn’t really have too much time because we got there late and had another lesson in 20 minutes. So we talked a little bit, they were nice and had a 10 year old daughter who sat with us too. So we started doing a short, really simple restoration, and started to realize pretty much from the get go that this family was NICE. Genesia doesnt speak portuguese really well, so she at times had problems understanding our white boy hick utah farmer accents. But Clasmen was REALLY into it, and would stop and explain things to her in easier to understand ways. They understood and accepted the restoration like THAT. It went really well and then we were ending, and I was putting my bible away, and he asked, ”Is that just a normal bible?” And we said, yeah, why? And he said, ”Oh, nothing. I just kind of thought that if there was a restoration, and new prophets, we would have new scriptures.” And so then we picked our jaws up off the floor and pulled a book of Mormon out of my bag and gave it to him. Went back two days later and taught them marriage and the law of chastity, which they accepted, saying they were already thinking about it and already have most of the documents done and stuff. Then two days later was Sunday, and they showed up ten minutes early with the whole family, and stayed for the whole time. They are SUPER cool, they’ll be getting married and baptized on January 11!
This week was pretty disappointing though, we really wanted to open the marriage process for one of our couples, Lindo and Filomena, so that they could get married on Christmas. However, we showed up, and it turns out one of the main workers at the register is filomenas cousin, and wont let them get married until they sign a prenuptual agreement. And now Lindo and Filamena aren’t sure If they even want to get married, and they keep canceling all of our lessons we mark. So that has been pretty sad to watch!
But most of our investigators are plugging along great. We are planning a group wedding on the 18th of January, we should have between 2 and 5 families married and baptized on that day! We’ll see though. Trying not to get my hopes up.
We have been having a lot of computer problems lately, it has been cutting into our work time because we have to use the computer A LOT. Then we had to spend a whole night looking for a whole bunch of receipts that were left in our house, but we didn’t find them.
Last little funny story though, we were teaching one of our investigators, Williams,friend. And William is AWESOME, he has already read most of the book of Mormon and he is just sweet. He is big and old and funny. So we got to the part about the book of Mormon, and William starts going off, ” Joseph smith received the gold plates on the something day of some month….etc” going into this super crazy in depth explanation of the book of Mormon. It was , he is excited. 🙂
Sorry there is not much to report but I am literally drenched in sweat and there are ants crawling every on my and we have been up since 4 in the morning sooooooo we are trying to go fast so we can take a nap.
But I am doing good up here. I am having fun every stinking day, working hard, and growing a lot. 🙂 I am really excited I get to stay up here for another transfer, and am excited to see the miracles that come to quelimane!
Thanks for everything, love you all. 🙂
Elder Poyfair
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Week 24: There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmastime

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning everyone. We woke up this morning and found to our surprise that it was snowing and we had 4 inches of snow on the ground! Haha yeah just kidding. None of that. It is still the hottest of all hot places. And it is summer over here, and Zambezia (my province) is the most humid province in Mozambique. It reminds me of that old Band-Aid song, Do They Know Its Christmas:

“There won’t be snow in africa this christmas time. The greatest gift they’ll get this year is (eternal) life.”

That pretty much describes it out here. I may or may not have added something that is not in the original song. Anyways. Do we know its christmas time at all? Every couple of days we will turn on my ipod and listen to a christmas song or two. Thats about it, not too christmas-y. It sounds depressing but its really not, we just have other things to do then sit down and get all homesick and think about all the christmas stuff we will miss. So we just kind of pretend like its not happening. Its ok though, I’m pretty sure we are going down to celebrate christmas in Maputo with President and all of the other Elders. He is supposedly really chill about Christmas, they have a big party all day and everyone hangs out and skypes their familes and stuff. So We’ll get into the christmas spirit. Just not yet. 🙂


The coolest picture EVER.

This week went AWESOME. I feel pretty dumb because I honestly feel like I say that every week, but it really is true. We were super blessed. One thing we have been really helped out with alot lately is finding great families. Normally, out here to get 1 first lesson with a new family, you have to have 6 marked and then one will go through, the rest will stand you up or cancel or not be there or whatever. But lately, we have been having a lot more success. And its not just that, but every family we sit with ends up turning out to have a lot of potential. Its been a fun thing for me and Elder Heaton, we feel like its us gettting rewarded for all the crap we went through earlier this transfer. The only problem is, next week is Transfers! We are really hoping to stick together for another one here in Quelimane. If I get transfered out I will freaking cry and If he gets transfered out I don’t think I know the area quite well enough to show it to another Elder. But the odds are good things will stay the same.

We had quite a few interesting experiences this week. The first is with a family named Arcanjo and Isabel. They were sitting with the missionaries about a year ago, and were doing really well. They had been taught everything, keeping all the commandments, and had just about all the marriage documents already put together. In fact, when we found them again, we found that at our house, we already had most of their documents with us! But anyways. They were doing well and close to marriage and baptism but then they suddenly stopped.  They stopped sitting with the elders, they stopped coming to church, they just dropped off the face of the planet. But he came to church again, and we sat with them a week ago. Anyways, we have been trying to figure out what happened and what their story is, but they were pretty vague about it. Finally, we had this pretty cool lesson, where she just opened up like none other, and got really emotional and was talking about how she really wanted to get into a nursing school type thing. And so she studied and studied and studied and worked really hard, and prayed alot that she would get accepted. And this was when they were meeting with the missionaries. But then, she didn’t get in. And she got really sad, and cried alot, and got a little upset with god and a lot upset with herself. And it really destroyed their faith I guess. And we just had this really tender moment, where we talked about their Identity. And about how we really truly are children of God. And that if we really understand that, we can know that he loves us and that he is taking care of us. And how at times we have our plan, of what we want. But its different then what God has in mind. But when it happens, we just need to trust that God is taking care of us and that his ways are better than are ways. It was really really really cool. As I was saying this stuff to her, I feel like I was almost learning it for the first time myself. And it helped me see that sometimes, when we are teaching these people, we are really just teaching ourselves. 🙂 So they are preparing to get married and baptized, it should hopefully happen in early january. 🙂


African kids, for all the people who only read my blog for pictures of African kids.

We are also coming along great with Heraclit and Nhamita. They are that other cool family we found last week. It is hard because she teaches at a school far away, and is only here on the weekends. But we have been sitting with him when she’s gone and them both when she is there, and they came to church yesterday with their two twins and the entire branch just about died. Their twin boys are really cute and they were wearing matching clothes and all the members wanted to play with them and hold them and stuff. It was pretty funny. We had also really talked about the importance and permission to establish a church with the restoration with them. So after a lesson, we were getting up to leave and they said “Wait!!! Just like you cant start a church without the permission of God, you can’t leave our house without our permission!!” and they brought out some heavenly pineapple for us to eat. That was pretty legit, They are planning for early january also. 🙂

We met this other family that accepted the restoration super great, and when we invited them to be baptized they were like “Well, yeah!! What about marriage, could we do that too?” Which kind of made us laugh.

We have a couple that is really hoping to get married and baptized this month, but we are running into problems with their documents that keep getting worse. They sadly might get pushed to January too. But we have our fingers crossed and have been praying really hard. We’ll see if we can make it happen!

Also, we have this other couple that we like alot named Gertullio and Antonia. They are cool and well off, they are strong in the gospel and he is doing really well with the Word of Wisdom and they are really cool. They are getting married and baptized in January too!

Lets see. What else happened this week. A couple random funny moments, I got hit by a bike! We were just walking across the street, and then super randomly out of nowhere, I got PLOWED and somehow ended up on the ground, the guy who was getting the taxi ride had a bag filled with onions and carrots that flew EVERYWHERE, so that was random and pretty funny. It didnt really hurt TOO bad. 🙂 Also, I was kind of sick of us singing the same sacrament hymns over and over so I picked one, and we sang it but the members REALLY did not know it, no one was singing and everyone was really confused and I was trying hard not to laugh. Maybe we will just stick with the same songs from now on. 🙂


Quelimane is NICE

But yeah. 🙂 I am doing fantastic out here. I love my life, I really do. We took a legit picture by the river one day, I’ll send it so you can see it, and I was just thinking, where else can you even do this?? Quelimane rocks and mozambique is the best. The only thing I would really change is longer p days. Buuuuuuuuuuut thats not going to happen, so I’m fine. 🙂

Thanks for everything, enjoy your piles of snow. Love you all!

-Elder Poyfair

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Week 23: Water, Food and Good Times – once again

Good morning my fellow Americans, I am doing great. 🙂
Didn’t mean to scare anyone (aka my parents) about the whole water situation last week, we now have 100% normal water and take two showers a day and do our dishes without any problems. So It’s all good, problem solved. 🙂
This week was a little less exciting than last week, but we were blessed with a lot of success in our area. We met A TON of really elect, prepared people. We had been praying pretty hard for new investigators and stuff, because there really wasn’t too much here when I came in. But we’ve been working hard and we are getting a nice little group of families together. Its awesome. 🙂
Anyways! Normally we do our shopping at a little super market called global. And its ok, but it really doesn’t have too much food or variety and such. It is a decent part of why we eat so bad. And also, the food there is pretty expensive. But last week we were driving (I mean riding on the back of a bike taxi) and we drove by this NICE looking store! So last p-day we decided to do our shopping there. And it is sweet! It is 3 weeks old and is just like the store we shopped at in T3. Its got way more food, a better selection, and good prices! Granted, right now, I feel kind of like a mom, geeking out about a new supermarket with good prices, but I promise you its awesome. And we ate way better this week because of it! So yeah. That rocks.
Thanksgiving was on Thursday. Obviously, you all remember but we almost forgot. But we did manage to celebrate a little bit out here, we had bought a full chicken and I cooked it the way I learned from an Angolan in T3 and we had French fries and mangos from our mango tree and grapes (Which are fetching expensive, just so you know) and juice and rice and elder heaton made a FANTASTIC cake. It was legitly the best meal, we felt so fat afterwards. 🙂 We said stuff we were grateful for, and then headed out to work like any other day. 🙂
Like I said before, we met and taught a lot of people, and there was like a pattern of all these people we were teaching having weird awesome names. There was a guy named Robato (domo arigato…) and Archangel and Hericles and occifo. The last guy’s name was the best though, I don’t know if jake or josh or tikal or pretty much anyone else remembers, we would always say “ociffo” for some stupid reason, it was like an inside joke. And it was this guys name! I enjoyed that wayyyy too much.
There was a cool story that happened this week, it was kind of late at night and we had scheduled two lessons but both of them had fallen through, so we found ourselves with about 2 hours of time with out anything scheduled. So we were going to go and try to get some house contacts, they are pretty effective here. So we sat down, and were trying to decide if we should go one direction to piloto or the other direction to avenida Maputo. But we couldn’t decide so we flipped a coin, the coin let us know we were going to piloto. So we did, and we were just knocking doors, and getting weirdos and people who weren’t home, and people who were single and people who were uninterested and things like that. So we were getting a little down, but we got talking about how we would knock 100 crappy doors just to find one good family. So literally the next house, there is this teenager out front and just so you all know the teenagers here in quelimane can be a little snobby. So we have to be careful with them, act all cool and stuff or they will lie and say their parents aren’t home. So this kid said he would go get the dad of the house, and out comes this big shirtless guy. He was BIG. And we were a teeny bit scared. But he invited us in, and they were THE COOLEST family. They had been taught by missionaries about a year ago but they moved suddenly the same week that transfers happened, so the missionaries didn’t know where their new house was and they stopped coming to church because they thought they weren’t invited anymore. They opened up to us like crazy, they have two little twin boys and one  named dubois, and he was named after the dubois in American history who helped with civil rights! Super cool American history nerd moment. But yeah. That family is GOLDEN. They are way way way cool, an answer to our prayers!
Anyways. Sunday went well, but then we came home at night and I wanted tacos. So I made tortillas, got a mixture of beans and meat and stuff. But apparently we were not supposed to eat tacos because it was so hot that all the tortillas melted together and then I put cinnamon in the taco meat mixture instead of cumin. Soooo that was pretty lame. 🙂
But yeah. In the end, this was a great week. Quelimane is amazing, I love it a ton. I am doing fine, I hope you are all good. 🙂
Love Elder Poyfair
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