Week 23: Water, Food and Good Times – once again

Good morning my fellow Americans, I am doing great. 🙂
Didn’t mean to scare anyone (aka my parents) about the whole water situation last week, we now have 100% normal water and take two showers a day and do our dishes without any problems. So It’s all good, problem solved. 🙂
This week was a little less exciting than last week, but we were blessed with a lot of success in our area. We met A TON of really elect, prepared people. We had been praying pretty hard for new investigators and stuff, because there really wasn’t too much here when I came in. But we’ve been working hard and we are getting a nice little group of families together. Its awesome. 🙂
Anyways! Normally we do our shopping at a little super market called global. And its ok, but it really doesn’t have too much food or variety and such. It is a decent part of why we eat so bad. And also, the food there is pretty expensive. But last week we were driving (I mean riding on the back of a bike taxi) and we drove by this NICE looking store! So last p-day we decided to do our shopping there. And it is sweet! It is 3 weeks old and is just like the store we shopped at in T3. Its got way more food, a better selection, and good prices! Granted, right now, I feel kind of like a mom, geeking out about a new supermarket with good prices, but I promise you its awesome. And we ate way better this week because of it! So yeah. That rocks.
Thanksgiving was on Thursday. Obviously, you all remember but we almost forgot. But we did manage to celebrate a little bit out here, we had bought a full chicken and I cooked it the way I learned from an Angolan in T3 and we had French fries and mangos from our mango tree and grapes (Which are fetching expensive, just so you know) and juice and rice and elder heaton made a FANTASTIC cake. It was legitly the best meal, we felt so fat afterwards. 🙂 We said stuff we were grateful for, and then headed out to work like any other day. 🙂
Like I said before, we met and taught a lot of people, and there was like a pattern of all these people we were teaching having weird awesome names. There was a guy named Robato (domo arigato…) and Archangel and Hericles and occifo. The last guy’s name was the best though, I don’t know if jake or josh or tikal or pretty much anyone else remembers, we would always say “ociffo” for some stupid reason, it was like an inside joke. And it was this guys name! I enjoyed that wayyyy too much.
There was a cool story that happened this week, it was kind of late at night and we had scheduled two lessons but both of them had fallen through, so we found ourselves with about 2 hours of time with out anything scheduled. So we were going to go and try to get some house contacts, they are pretty effective here. So we sat down, and were trying to decide if we should go one direction to piloto or the other direction to avenida Maputo. But we couldn’t decide so we flipped a coin, the coin let us know we were going to piloto. So we did, and we were just knocking doors, and getting weirdos and people who weren’t home, and people who were single and people who were uninterested and things like that. So we were getting a little down, but we got talking about how we would knock 100 crappy doors just to find one good family. So literally the next house, there is this teenager out front and just so you all know the teenagers here in quelimane can be a little snobby. So we have to be careful with them, act all cool and stuff or they will lie and say their parents aren’t home. So this kid said he would go get the dad of the house, and out comes this big shirtless guy. He was BIG. And we were a teeny bit scared. But he invited us in, and they were THE COOLEST family. They had been taught by missionaries about a year ago but they moved suddenly the same week that transfers happened, so the missionaries didn’t know where their new house was and they stopped coming to church because they thought they weren’t invited anymore. They opened up to us like crazy, they have two little twin boys and one  named dubois, and he was named after the dubois in American history who helped with civil rights! Super cool American history nerd moment. But yeah. That family is GOLDEN. They are way way way cool, an answer to our prayers!
Anyways. Sunday went well, but then we came home at night and I wanted tacos. So I made tortillas, got a mixture of beans and meat and stuff. But apparently we were not supposed to eat tacos because it was so hot that all the tortillas melted together and then I put cinnamon in the taco meat mixture instead of cumin. Soooo that was pretty lame. 🙂
But yeah. In the end, this was a great week. Quelimane is amazing, I love it a ton. I am doing fine, I hope you are all good. 🙂
Love Elder Poyfair
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One thought on “Week 23: Water, Food and Good Times – once again

  1. Donna wollenzien

    We loved working in the Quelimane area. Tell Amizade hello ! E Abel . We recognize that wicker chair or couch in the back ground.
    Have a great mission. Enjoy and love the people.

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