Week 25: Mangoes, Ants and Success

Good Morning 🙂  I am writing this from a different internet cafe than usual and this one is A LOT less nice, doesn’t have air conditioning and has about 600 people inside it so I am sweating rediculously. Also there are a ton of ants crawling all over my legs.  🙂 But I am doing good. 🙂 I actually had most of this typed earlier but the internet crashed here so we had to come back two hours later to finish emailing!

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning because we had this awesome plan where some members where going to take us fishing on the Zembeze River. And its really good fishing in the morning! So we were stoked, too bad they never showed up. So we were wide awake at like 5 o clock this morning. Yaaaaaay. 🙂 Oh well, we got all of our cleaning and stuff done so when we get back from internet and shopping we will be able to take a much needed nap. 🙂 Still a little bummed we didnt go fishing but they say next week we will go for sure. Not sure if I’ll wake up early though!

Anyways. This week definitely had its ups and downs. On the plus side, mango and pineapple season are in FULL SWING. Mostly mango. We eat like 4 mangos each day, minimum. We have 3 or 4 mango trees in our yard, it is NICE. Thats where we get all our vitamins every day. 🙂 They are soooooo much better here than in the states. So that has been fun.

There was a crazy rain storm on Saturday, we got caught out in the middle of it and got DRENCHED. When it rains here it is like sheets of water coming down every .3 seconds. It is gnarly. We were just glad that it didnt rain on sundaybecause when it does, no one comes to church!

Transfers are today, but luckily elder heaton and I are staying here in quelimane. The only difference is that before I was Jr comp and now I am a Sr comp. So that is kinda cool!  It was a relief seeing that, because we are really having a lot of success out here. We are teaching a lot of really nice families right now. And the thing that is really nice is we are still finding people and not wasting our time teaching people who are not progressing or coming to church. It is a really nice system, makes sure that we are really working effectively. Sometimes dropping people that you really like is hard, but we just kind of think of it like we are sowing seeds for either ourselves in the future or for other elders, so its good. There are so many elect people out here in this city that it really doesnt make sense trying to turn someone into gold when you can just walk outside and find some. 🙂 Africa rocks like that. 🙂

For example, this week we met probably the coolest couple that I have taught on my mission so far. Their names are Clasmen and Ginesia. We were walking around doing street contacts, and met him. We asked if we could visit him later that afternoon and he said yes, but in the contact he really didnt seem all that special. So we showed up later that afternoon, and we didn’t really have too much time because we got there late and had another lesson in 20 minutes. So we talked a little bit, they were nice and had a 10 year old daughter who sat with us too. So we started doing a short, really simple restoration, and started to realize pretty much from the get go that this family was NICE. Genesia doesnt speak portuguese really well, so she at times had problems understanding our white boy hick utah farmer accents. But Clasmen was REALLY into it, and would stop and explain things to her in easier to understand ways. They understood and accepted the restoration like THAT. It went really well and then we were ending, and I was putting my bible away, and he asked, ”Is that just a normal bible?” And we said, yeah, why? And he said, ”Oh, nothing. I just kind of thought that if there was a restoration, and new prophets, we would have new scriptures.” And so then we picked our jaws up off the floor and pulled a book of Mormon out of my bag and gave it to him. Went back two days later and taught them marriage and the law of chastity, which they accepted, saying they were already thinking about it and already have most of the documents done and stuff. Then two days later was Sunday, and they showed up ten minutes early with the whole family, and stayed for the whole time. They are SUPER cool, they’ll be getting married and baptized on January 11!
This week was pretty disappointing though, we really wanted to open the marriage process for one of our couples, Lindo and Filomena, so that they could get married on Christmas. However, we showed up, and it turns out one of the main workers at the register is filomenas cousin, and wont let them get married until they sign a prenuptual agreement. And now Lindo and Filamena aren’t sure If they even want to get married, and they keep canceling all of our lessons we mark. So that has been pretty sad to watch!
But most of our investigators are plugging along great. We are planning a group wedding on the 18th of January, we should have between 2 and 5 families married and baptized on that day! We’ll see though. Trying not to get my hopes up.
We have been having a lot of computer problems lately, it has been cutting into our work time because we have to use the computer A LOT. Then we had to spend a whole night looking for a whole bunch of receipts that were left in our house, but we didn’t find them.
Last little funny story though, we were teaching one of our investigators, Williams,friend. And William is AWESOME, he has already read most of the book of Mormon and he is just sweet. He is big and old and funny. So we got to the part about the book of Mormon, and William starts going off, ” Joseph smith received the gold plates on the something day of some month….etc” going into this super crazy in depth explanation of the book of Mormon. It was , he is excited. 🙂
Sorry there is not much to report but I am literally drenched in sweat and there are ants crawling every on my and we have been up since 4 in the morning sooooooo we are trying to go fast so we can take a nap.
But I am doing good up here. I am having fun every stinking day, working hard, and growing a lot. 🙂 I am really excited I get to stay up here for another transfer, and am excited to see the miracles that come to quelimane!
Thanks for everything, love you all. 🙂
Elder Poyfair
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