Week 28: New Year’s Party in Rainy Quelimane

Happy New Year!!

Fun fact, new years is the biggest holiday of the year here in mozambique. It is way bigger than Christmas or anything else. So this week was a little complicated!! NO ONE wanted to sit with us. Plus, the governor here made it the law that no one could work the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd or January. So EVERYTHING was closed all week except for the bars, and people literally just partied all week. It was a little bit frusterating, I really am excited for all the holidays to be over so we can really get back into the groove of things here!
Riding through the jungle on new years day. :)
This whole week, it rained. Rain, Rain, Rain. And mozambiquans? They are scared to death of rain. No one likes it, no one goes to work or anything, everyone just chills inside. Which makes it kind of hard to meet and talk with people!!
So Tuesday was New Years Eve. We did our best to work, taught a couple of lessons and stuff, but it was definitely not our most productive day. Once it hit about 19 (7 o clock), no one was on the streets and it was raining and everyone was partying and all of our lessons had fallen through. We had been invited to Walter and Dharmin’s house, some really cool members in our branch who really just like hanging out with the missionaries. So we went to their house, and started helping make food and stuff. They had A TON of food. But we had said earlier that we needed to leave at 21. So we helped, but Walter had been called into work and still wasnt there. We made food, played games with some other people there and stuff, and then told Dharmin again that we had to go at 21. And she was like “WHAT?! Youre not staying until midnight???” And we explained again, apperantly they had forgot. So it was like 20:30 and we hadnt eaten anything, and walter wasnt there. He came home, and told us that we had to stay there with them, to eat all the food they had bought and party there with them until midnight! We refused and refused, but he wouldnt let us leave!
Me and Walter are gangstas. :)
They are the funniest couple. So finally we told him, the only way we could stay is if he called our mission president, president kretly, and asked his permission. We thought, of course, that walter wouldnt call him, and if he did, that president would certainly shut him down. Walter and President are actually good friends, when president came to quelimane he hung out at walters house the whole day! So walter said fine, walked out and called president kretly!!! Who at first denied it, but then, walter explained how they had bought all the food and stuff, and we would be safe in their house. So President agreed, that we could stay there until 11 o clock at night!! We were laughing so so so so so hard. We called president to confirm that walter wasnt just lying, and he said it was fine but that the next day would have to be a regular day, and wake up at 6:30 and everything, and we couldnt tell any other missionary. I love our president. 🙂 So we hung out there, and ate AWESOME AWESOME food. Crab and chicken and salad and chamusas and french fries and soda and everything. I honestly had a ton of fun, then we all walked home together, and went to bed. Then midnight hit, and we got a bunch of phone calls from other members and our branch president, wishing us a happy new year. It was a way fun night, probably one of my favorite new years parties ever. 🙂
Our new years eve dinner! With walter and dharmin. Love them!!
The next day was tricky too, the whole world stayed in their houses partying all day. Because in the US, its like a big deal that night, and then life kind of moves on. Here it was the whole week. Our branch president invited us over for lunch, which was awesome. We ate good this week. They are very wealthy, made us excellent shrimp and pork and rice and stuff. It was AMAZING. We talked with them for a while, and then went back out to work in the POURING rain. It was pretty funny.
This week, we had to drop quite a few of our investigators who werent going anywhere. It is always a little hard, but if and when they are ready, they will come back. It frees up our time to find new people as well. We found a couple new families this week, one randomly came to church from beira, he is a member but his wife isnt, they were about to get married over there and then moved here, so that was a blessing! We were visiting our recent converts, marcelino and aida, and walking into their yard, and we both sunk down into this HUGE pond thing, up to our thighs! My comp got out fine, but I almost fell totallly under the nasty, muddy water! It was pretty funny.
From Elder Heaton: This was us on top of a huge truck coming back from a funeral with a bunch of other elders. This is the Akima Market. Just your average market in the city of Maputo.
Yesterday was Fast and Testimony meeting, and it was super cool. The people here bare THE BEST testimonies. Clasmen, our awesome family that should get married and baptized in two weeks, got up and bore his testimony, it was super good. He talked about us giving their baby a blessing in the hospital and stuff, It was way sweet. All the members here are awesome. It was a really cool meeting. Marcelino talked about how satan is strong and trying to attack them after baptism, and how Satan tried to pull me down in the mud outside their house a couple days ago but I escaped. We thought that was funny.
Update on the babies from the hospital, there was one who was pretty bad, who was peeing out of its belly button. But, the problem fixed itself and the baby went home healthy! Clasmen and Ginesia’s baby is doing great too. That was so cool. 🙂
Sorry there isnt much to report this week. I’m having a good time, and learning a lot. I was just thinking a couple days ago, how I really feel like Quelimane has changed me. I feel like a completely different person then when I came in. It is a really cool thing. Missions rock. 🙂
Thanks for everything, I hope this year is good!
Love, Elder Poyfair
Ps my watch died this week. It was pretty sad.
PPS we made the cookies I got in my christmas package?? Delecious. Thanks again.
(I’m inserting a few more pictures from Dallin’s companion, Elder Heaton. These were taken back during the funeral they both attended a few weeks ago. I love them because they show the Mozambique countryside and a little more of the day to day reality of life there.)
Sorry it's blurry. I have a bad camera. I loved this shot, however. Reminds me of Marromeu.
This is like a classic method of transportation to any funeral, wedding, or party. Rough when it rains (it did).They call Quelimane the Land of the Coconuts. That house is the coconut plantation worker's house. He made it out of coconut tree leaves.These were some more on the way back to the city from the funeral.
Sorry about the blur. Dumb camera. I liked the first little hut photo with the coconut trees because it reminded me of Marromeu and it was right next to the new water tower being built.
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