Week 29: You take the good, you take the bad…

Salutations. 🙂

Me and Elder Heaton woke up today, and went to check our emails, to see we both didnt have too many. So we decided to go out and do our shopping and stuff, and then come back and email later in hopes that some late night partiers would have written us during that time. Sure enough, came back to see we had more. 🙂 So thanks, you all passed.
This week was an interesting one. On one hand, there were a lot of little problems and things that kept us from getting too much work done in our area, we had to spend a lot of time in the house working on stuff there. But on the other hand, we got some big blessings and things are looking bright going forward here in Quelimane.
First off, last Tuesday we opened the marriage process for Clasmen and Ginesia! It was pretty crazy how blessed we were with their documents. They arent even staying in their normal house right now, but somehow they both had their birth certificates there in a little binder, and both were originals! Super rare, that like never happens. Then we have a “friend” in the government who does our Atestados de Residencia in less then 24 hours for cheaper. We are not quite sure how “legal” that is, but we like to look at it as more of a blessing to help these families than a sketchy loophole. 🙂 They also both had their BI’s anyways basically everything went super smooth with their documents, and we went in and opened the process. It is a little tricky though because our Branch President is traveling again (he wasnt here for most of december and hasnt been here for most of this month) and it has to be him who does the actual ceremony. But he will be here on the 18th, so even though normally you have to wait like 12 or 15 days after opening the process to have the wedding, we have a friend in the register who we sweet talked into letting us do the wedding on the 18th!
So thats the big news, this Saturday we will have the wedding of Clasmen and Ginesia and the baptism of them both plus their daughter. 🙂 I am super excited.
Yeah. 🙂 Saturday will be good.
I don’t know if I have already talked about that fact that our computer has been having MAJOR problems here. Basically, we can’t use it for anything, and we have been trying to fix it forever. Its a pretty big deal, basically we have a ton of tithing here that we havnt been able to put in the system so people from South Africa are ticked at us, and other stuff relating to the church hasnt been able to get done. We have called various people in to fix it, beira has sent us disks, but they didnt work, then some guy stole our disks, and yeah it has been a huge mess, but this week after a ton of work on it we got it fixed. 🙂 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. 🙂
Another funny story, this week we were eating lunch and then I went into the room to grab the phone to call and confirm an appointment. So I pick up the phone, and it says, ” 1 missed call: President Kretly ” So then we got pretty freaked out, its usually a big deal when president calls, and we were pretty anxious to find out what it was about. Turns out, it is about those receipts. I think I already mentioned, but the senior couple who was here a while ago had a bunch of receipts for stuff that was bought, that they left in a dresser door. And I guess they are PRETTY DANG IMPORTANT, important enough that president called and told us to cancel all of our lessons for the day and look for them. So we spent ALL DAY searching through the entire house in search of these receipts. But didnt find them. President had suggested that we skype the senior couple who was there, to get more information. So we borrowed a members laptop, and skyped him but he pretty much confirmed the things we already knew. Then I had the idea to call one of the elders who had been here before us with skype, so we skyped a RM in the united states! It was a break through, turns out he had taken all the receipts with him to maputo when he ended his mission. So that was like the missing puzzle piece, it more or less resolved the problem.
What else…. One of our couples, Getullio and Antonia are doing great. We are opening their marriage process this week, but they want to wait and get married on valentines day. So I kinda hope I stay here when transfers happen 2 weeks from today, that would definitely be a fun way to spend valentines day! They gave us some AWESOME cashew juice after a lesson this week. It tastes pretty wierd, and dries out your mouth SUPER BAD afterwards, but it is pretty addicting. Its supposed to help you sleep good and that night after we slept great!
The branch here is kind of struggling. For example, this week there were 84 people at church, and 20 of them were our investigators.  A lot of the members are going inactive, and it is so hard to help them. There are just two of us, and there is so much work to do here. But we are trying our best. 🙂 Any suggestions on how to help out here are welcome. 🙂
We are getting bikes this week!! One member noticed that we are kind of overwhelmed, and suggested we get bikes. We told him we had bikes, and they got stolen, so if we want bikes, we have to use our own money for it. But we had used our own money to buy the bikes before, and we really cant afford it! He asked how much it would be for two new bikes, and we told him, and he said he would donate the money to buy two bikes. Sooooo yeah, we should be getting bikes tomorrow. No more arguing with dumb bike taxi-ists who think they can charge us more than the normal price since we are white. The members here man. The strong ones?? Are crazy amazing. There are some of the coolest people here.
Jeez, I’ve just got a lot of little mini stories. This week, I was looking through the area book, and found a page on an investigator family from over a year ago. And I felt like we should call them. So I called them up, and he said we could come by, but pushed it until sunday, which was pretty far away. I was a little bummed, because normally when people do that, it means it wont work out. So I told him he could come to church, and hung up. Then I kind of forgot about it. Flash forward to sunday, this family we have never seen before walks in, husband, wife, and two kids. I turn to Heaton and say, “whos that?” and he shruggs. Then after, we go and talk to them, and it turns out it is that same family!! We went and taught them later that day, and it went way well. Fun little  experience about area books.
Another super cool story. We went to a lesson at Clasmen and Ginesia’s, and he said he had good news. We asked what it was, and he said he got a job offer!!! He is going to teach english at a high school. It was super super super cool. He had been jobless for two years, and they were struggling financially. His wife is a teacher too, but didnt get paid too much. But they were praying super hard about him finding a job, and they were showing a lot of faith, going forward with the marriage and agreeing to pay tithing and fasting and stuff. And the first thing he said after telling us he got a job was, “now we can both pay tithing, and not just her!!” We were very excited. I am so grateful to have been a part of helping this family be blessed by the Lord. It has been awesome to watch them go from a contact on the street to getting married and baptized, and get a job, and have a healthy baby and everything. I love them so much. :,)
That was my week. Things are going awesome here. I love my mission. 🙂
Thank you for everything, you guys are the best. 🙂
Until next week, love,
Elder Poyfair
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