Week 30: New Companion, Baptisms and Bike

Happy monday to all. 🙂


Last night we got a call from the APs, saying that we needed to check our emails before we do shopping for food and stuff. So we were like, huh, weird, and we were kind of a little nervous, so we got Heaton’s account and checked, and he had an airplane ticket. Both of our names were on it, and we found out at the end of this month, in like a week and a half, we are going to maputo again for another Zone Conference. Awesome. But then we didnt understand why it was important for us to see that before shopping. So I got on, and saw that I had 2 airplane tickets, one to maputo with elder Heaton, and one home from maputo but with Elder Vestia!!! We found out that transfers are happening a week early for everyone else around the mission, but will stay for next week for those in outside areas. So yeah. 🙂
Elder Heaton is leaving for Magoanine and I am staying here with Elder Vestia. He is AWESOME. I met him and talked to him a bunch in Maputo when I was there. He was a Zone leader there for a long time, he’s baptized a lot of people. 🙂 The best/most exciting part? He is from Portugal. A portuguese native! Im excited though. He is super funny. At the christmas party, I joked about him coming up with me. Now it is happening. I am mostly just excited to stay here with my bike. 🙂 I’ll miss Elder Heaton, but I am really excited to work with Vestia. He is kind of a big deal here in the mission, a lot of people are really jealous of me. 🙂
SO that is some of the big news, the other has to do with the marriage and baptism of Clasmen and Ginesia and their daughter camilla. It went VERY VERY VERY well. 🙂 It was a super simple ceremony, and no one from their family even showed up. She borrowed a wedding dress we had here at the church, He borrowed a white shirt and I gave him a tie. It looks better on him then it does on me. 🙂 Everything went well, no hiccups or problems or anything like that. They did the wedding ceremony, changed their clothes, got baptized, changed back, and cut the cake, we had a small lunch with chicken, beans, and rice and salad and then everyone went home. 🙂 It was super beautiful. I had so much fun and really enjoyed watching them take this step.
Sorry, I really don’t have too much time this week, but I will try to get some of the highlights.
First, we used the bikes A TON this week. We had to go and get them all tuned up, and then we bought the little seats that all the bike taxists use. So our idea was to get more member help in our lessons, we would go to members houses, pick them up with our bikes, and ride with them to our lessons. We got 13 lessons with a member present this week, which is a lot for us, but on the down side, its PRETTY hard work. Gave me a new respect for bike taxists. 🙂 We got made fun of a lot too, I guess white people dont ride bikes here. Or maybe its the helmets. Or that we are missionaries. I dont really know honestly. 🙂
We have been trying really hard to find new, quality families these past couple of weeks but have not been having too much success. We are finding people but not a lot of them have much potential, so these last two weeks we have together will be spent working really stinking hard at finding awesome families!
We will have two more baptisms next week, and hopefully another one the week after.
Things are going well here, I love Quelimane and am glad I have more time. 🙂 I will be here until March 10th for sure.
Anyways, sorry there is no time. Hopefully you get all the pictures. 🙂
Thanks for everything, love Elder Poyfair
Yeah, thats about it. Sorry,
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