Week 31: Starting from Scratch

7 months down, 17 to go!
This week was a pretty interesting one! I don’t know exactly how clear I was in my last email, there was a lot going on and stuff and I am sure it all sounded a little jumbled. But This week, Elder Heaton and I were together the whole time. The only difference is, we knew who our next companions were going to be, and that he was leaving and everything. So yeah, this week was speant trying really hard to find a bunch of new families to leave me and Elder Vestia with something good to work with. Because what is going to happen, is this Wednesday Elder Heaton and I fly down to Maputo, and Thursday we have a zone conference. Then we fly back friday, except I will be flying back to Quelimane with Elder Vestia instead of Elder Heaton. So yeah. 🙂 That is how it will go down.
This week was largely speant playing the classic game of “Finding New Families”. It goes a little like this:
-Contact a man who looks like he is married, figure out if he lives close, verify that he has a wife and is not active in his church.
-Get his phone number, and set up a time to come and share a message with him.
-Call him later, he gave you a number that doesnt exist. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
-Call him later, he makes up an excuse for why you can’t meet with him. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
-You call him, and he agrees to meet you at some bar or some place well known to show you his house.
-You show up at that place, wait for 15 minutes, then call him again, and his phone is turned off, you never get a hold of him again. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
-You finally get a hold of him, go to meet him at a place, go to his house, teach his familiy, it goes well, then he never answers your phone calls and tells you he is not interested. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
That is pretty much our life here, except every once in a while, you actually meet someone who turns out to be awesome, and continues to be taught and shows up at church.
It is pretty much essential that they show up at church the first week here. 99.9 percent of the families who make it to baptism come to church their first week.
That was a decent amount of our week. 🙂 Luckily, we actually had some sucess! Contacted a guy, went to teach him, turns out there are 3 seperate families living in the same house! And there are two of their kids over the age of 8. So that added 8 new investigators with that one lesson! The lesson went well, and at the end, one of the wifes says she knows that we have power, and she wants us to pray for her son who has been really sick with migraines for a long time, and things aren’t looking to good for him. So we go, and give her son a preisthood blessing, and leave, setting up an appointment for 2 days later. So we go back 2 days later, they are all really excited because their son was completely healed and he is 100% back to normal! They are already converted to the church, and from that point on, accepted everything we said as the truth. They accepted marriage, baptism, everything. We had to explain to them that their son was healed because of their faith, not us, but they insist that this is the way God is responding to their prayer of whether or not the church is true. We just kinda shrugged and said, “yeah, ok!” So they are pretty sweet, the whole ginormous family showed up at church this sunday, we were pretty excited about that.
We were teaching another new family, and we came back for the second time, and the wife pretty much told us that she is a catholic, and even though she hasn’t gone for a year, she cant meet with us because her friends will see her meeting with us and get mad at her. So we were trying to talk to her, right after she said this, and she kept falling asleep!! Literally in the middle of us talking to her, she was nodding off, falling asleep. As we are talking. Sooooo funny, Elder Heaton and I were trying sooo hard not to laugh. So we let her sleep while we talked to her husband for a while, and she was snoring and stuff. Awesome, probably not going back there again.
This week, we got another call from President Kretly, it is always fun when that happens. He said, “Elders, did your branch president do tithing settlement?” And we just kind of sat there and shrugged and told him we didn’t know. And he replied that Tithing settlement was never done, and lucky for us our branch president has been out of town for about 5 weeks and will be out of town for another 3. So president told us we had to do tithing settlement, it is overdue and has to be done for the entire branch. Before Wednesday. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. So we had to cancel all of our lessons and all of our everything, and learn and figure out how to do tithing settlement. It’s been so much fun…. (not.)
We had two baptisms on Saturday, a 22 year old and a 18 year old, who are best friends. They are super cool and both really want to serve missions and help us out. Their names are Criva and Taquidir.
Other than that, a pretty normal week. 🙂 This next week is going to be pretty crazy though, with a new companion and a trip to Maputo and stuff.
Thanks for everything, I am doing great and loving life out here.
Elder Poyfair
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