Week 32: Hanging in Maputo with Parker, Back to T3, Welcome Elder Vestia

Dear Friends and Family,

I am sorry I didn’t email yesterday. I am actually writing this from a members laptop on a dirty hospital bed. You see, there was a terrible terrible accident…


Haha just kidding. The only reason we didn’t get to write yesterday is because yesterday was a big holiday here in Mozambique so the whole country had the day off. We got a call on Sunday from the APs saying that Pday got switched from Monday to Tuesday, for us to capitalize on the day off. So yeah. 🙂 This week was pretty eventful, so I am just going to start from where I left off last week.


Monday night, we speant meeting with lots of members and doing Tithing Settlement, like I explained last week. Tuseday morning, we woke up and went out, visiting other members homes and doing tithing settlement while also visiting investigators and recent converts and saying goodbye, since Elder Heaton would be leaving the next day. During the afternoon, the Elders from Morromeu came, so we went on splits to cover more ground and be able to get more tithing settlements done. I was doing them with some members and Heaton was too! It was insane. But Elder Heaton was able to say goodbye to everyone, and we stayed up until 11:30 that night but we finally got all of the tithing stuff submitted. PHEW.


The next morning, we got packed up, and left to go to the airport. Then we flew to Maputo. It was a good flight- they fed us chicken and noodles (yum) and I slept pretty much the whole way. We got there, and the Office Elders took us back to the mission office. We joke that the mission office is like Grandmas house. And it seems like we were just there, like a month ago… haha. So Elder Heaton and I were just kind of chilling there, When the door at the mission office opened and in walked President Kretly with Elder Hamilton, a member from the 70 who gave a talk this past general conference! So we both pick up a copy of the ensign and pretended to read that, until he came over and met us and stuff. I was wearing bright blue socks, but luckily he didn’t notice. 🙂


Then, we went on another division, this time with the office elders!! I went with my buddy Elder Douglas and Elder Heaton went with Elder Hales. It was cool because me and Elder Douglas are in the same group in the MTC, and pretty good friends. We taught one of their recent converts, a funny old guy, and then drove to pick up the Tete Elders from the Airport. We went back home, ate some pb and j, and slept.


The next morning, we woke up for Zone Conference. The Zone Conference was fantastic, most of it was by Elder Hamilton and I learned alot. There was a lot of emphasis on referrals and getting these families to the temple. Awesome stuff. I got to see Elder Parker Williams, my old neighbor there. It was super wierd!! He seemed so out of place. Not him himself, but like, here I am, 7 months living in this brand new life, and suddenly there is a little piece of my old life there! Not sure if it made sense but yeah, he seems like he is having fun and being a good missionary. That day for lunch, President and Sister Kretly sat at our table right across from me! So that was a little… scary and awkward. I thought I would spill my food or say something stupid. Luckily, nothing like that happened and I think I stayed under the radar, I’m pretty sure he doesnt even know my name. 🙂 And I am FINE with that. 🙂 Then, I got to go with Elder Douglas to take the T3 Elders back to T3!!!! It was so so so cool to drive back to T3 on the same roads and everything. I will always love T3. 🙂 I had the chance to talk a lot with Elder Barroso. He is a brazillian who is serving in my old area in T3. It was way cool, because we kind of left T3 in a rush. But he said that Antonio and Ines, the couple we baptized there, are doing GREAT. He said they help so so much, that they are preparing to go to the temple and that they gave to awesome references as families that are getting baptized, and that they are about to get callings and stuff. I was really relieved. Alot of times, recent converts fall away, so it was great to hear that. Also, they started re teaching a lot of old families we taught, and he said they are coming great. It made me really happy to hear that!


After, that night, me and Elder Hillman, one of the Elders from Tete (another outside area), went out in the city to talk to people and get contacts. He is also in my MTC group, I like him a lot. We grabbed some fast food (yes, legit, deep fried pot pie fast food. Maputo is nice like that!) and went to the office, and got put with our new companions!! Like I said before, I am now serving with Elder Vestia. He is a 25 year old Elder from Portugal. We slept, woke up, got ready and stuff, and then flew back to Quelimane!!


Our Plane was really delayed and stuff, we ended up not getting there until later at night. We came back and realized we had kind of left the house a DUMP, with tithing settlement and leaving and stuff. So Elder Vestia and I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning our house/the church. All day. But it was good, and necessary. We got to talk alot about our goals and what we want for the next transfer and stuff.


The next day was sunday, and I am not going to lie it didn’t go too good, pretty much none of our investigators showed up, and barely any members either. It really hurts your area when you are gone for so long!! We had some good lessons later that afternoon, did a lot of contacts and stuff.


Yesterday went well, we got a lot of work done and went with Clasmen and Ginesia to teach a family they are giving us as a reference, it went awesome.


Anyways, pretty eventful but not the most productive week work wise. I am excited to really get down to business this week with Elder Vestia. I like him A LOT. He is a really good missionary. We dont speak ANY english though, its really helping my portuguesse! He is funny and nice, yeah just a super cool guy.


Thats it from me, hope this week went well! Love you all,


Elder Poyfair

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