Week 33: New perspective and plan for success (Student council style)

Happy P-day to all of you, I hope this week was a great one. Once again we had problems here at this internet place, the internet kept cutting in and out, and the power went out, basically it is impossible to get a normal day of internet. 🙂

So I don’t have to much time, but I am going to try and give you an update on how things are going around here!

This week was largely speant going out with the old and in with the new. Elder Heaton and I had been teaching quite a few families but lately they had all been getting pretty lame, dropping our lessons and not going to church and such. So this week, we speant A TON of time scouring the streets, looking for families who can help out  our struggling branch here in Quelimane. 🙂


Only problem is, we didn’t have TOO much success. 🙂 We found a couple new families that we sat with, but none of them really stuck out and none of them came to church. So this week will be speant doing a lot of the same, hopefully with better results this time. But Elder Vestia and I have been talking a lot, that really It has little to do with us if we get a prepared family. It is a decision the Lord makes, to put them in our path or us in theirs. All we can do is do our part, keep the rules, work hard, and pray for the blessings to come. Sometimes as missionaries we think it has to do with how awesome the missionary is, or stuff like that. But it really really really is something that The Lord does. This is his work after all. 🙂 So we have a good attitude.

I had a chance this week to use some stuff I learned in student council! I had been thinking a lot about how our past experiences and talents should be used to help the work progress forward here. And I realized, that a problem here in Quelimane is that the church is new, small, in a house, and only has two missionaries in a Giant city. So, we want to make the public here more aware of the church. We came up with a plan, of three things we are going to do during a week to raise the awareness! The first, is we have a giant electronic billboard kind of close to the church. So we want to buy a space there for a week. Next, we have a bunch of helping hands jerseys so we are going to organize a big service project with all the members and investigators, cleaning up the streets here. And finally, something simple, we are going to print out a bunch of small hand outs, to give to people in the streets. So I put this all together in a power point presentation, just like we do to present events in student council, and sent it to president kretly. And he authorized it! Sooooo that was pretty cool, I am excited about that. I don’t know exactly when It will happen but it is going to be AWESOME. 🙂

the electronic billboard we are buying!

the electronic billboard we are buying!

We are teaching a pretty cool family named Paulo and Maculada. I contacted him on the road a 2 weeks ago, and they are progressing well. They are coming to church every week and working on the marriage documents, plus they have a bunch of kids and have given us two other references! We have a couple other families we are teaching as well.

We have been doing a lot of work here with the branch. Really trying to “cleanse the inner vessel”, and make the branch run well so that when we have investigators, they want to be baptized and stay in this branch. It has been going well, we had a lot of people at church yesterday.

I really like Elder Vestia. He is awesome. We get a long great.

I have been learning A TON these past couple of months/weeks here. I feel like I came in an 18 year old and am leaving a 25 year old ha. It is really really cool. Missions are fantastic like that. I don’t really have any cool stories or anything this week, we were too busy working to have anything funny happen. 🙂

But yeah, I only have 4 minutes left. So I best start wrapping up! Thanks for everything you guys do for me. I really appreciate it. I love my family and miss them a lot. 🙂  I hope you all have a happy valentines day.

This is the true church, its the best one in the world. 🙂

Elder Poyfair

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