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Week 40: Rivers in the streets, Blog Recognition, useful purposes for Motab CD’s

Good morning to all!

We decided to come to the office last night and sleep here so that right at 6:30 when we wake up, we can get going on our P-day festivities. Well, woke up this morning to A RIVER flowing where the street used to be outside our house. Completely flooded. Then some missionaries came to get some money to pay for a doctors appointment, and we had to drive them from the office to the hospital and it was literally like driving up a river. It took forever, and the water was like 4 feet deep! You could barely see anything, it was all covered in water and stuff. Crazy. 🙂
But yeah. 🙂 This was a good week! Had some pretty intense moments though. First off, you remember Sergio, that 24 year old I baptized the week before I left Quelimane? Well I don’t think I told you this, but the day I was leaving, he showed up and said that he had a girlfriend who lives in Maputo, who is getting transfered up to Quelimane. And he said they wanted to get married and she wanted to get baptized!!! Super funny. Well, this saturday they got married and she got baptized! Elder Vestia called me and was talking to me about it. I thought that was cool.
This week, we got pulled over a couple times. Luckily, Elder Douglas was driving all of the times. 🙂 Here, cops can just pull over whoever they want. There are two types of cops-grey shirt cops and white shirt cops. The grey shirt ones love to pull you over and tell you you are going to jail, to try and provoke you to bribe them and make them go away, but they actually don’t have any legal power to give you a ticket or anything. However, the white ones are usually a little more serious, and they actually CAN take you to jail. Well, this week we got pulled over by a white shirt! He said we were driving with the brights on. We super weren’t, but he still pulled us over. He said he was going to take Elder Douglas to jail, since we dont have international driver’s license, which technically should work but the cops don’t accept them. So he was going to take him to jail, until the cop starting saying, “But it would be really ugly to take a man of God to prison, so I think we should just try and find a better way to solve this.” AKA “Give me 300 Metacais and this will all go away”. Well, we weren’t just going to pay him off, so we said he could take us to jail, then he started getting serious, so we gave him a Book of Mormon and a Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD. Yeah, we definitely bribed off a cop with A Book of Mormon and Motab. 🙂
This week we also had a lot of work to get done in the office, with month end reports and stuff. It was also tricky because President Kretly was out of town, he was in Beira for Zone Conference for all of last week. We went shopping for things for the new sister’s apartment as well, which took a while to get beds, desks, appliances, and everything taken care of for that.
I am pretty much a pro at driving stick shift. 🙂 Just kidding. It is still kind of a struggle but I’m getting better. 🙂 I drive around maybe 40% of the time.
This week we had a metting with the Maputo Zone, at the office. It was funny because the training was given by Elder Heaton, who was my companion in Quelimane but now is my Zone Leader here. It was good to see everyone and talk to them and stuff. There were also two of the new elders here, who just got in on March 10th. One of them was talking to the APs, saying that before he came on a mission, he and his family read through a blog of one elder, and he was talking about how it had a story of the elders blessing babies in a hospital and stuff. I said, “Hey, that’s my blog!” He was pretty excited, and talked to me about how my blog got him really excited to come and serve here in mozambique. I got to show him pictures of Klagesia, that baby from the story he was talking about and stuff. I thought that was a cool experience, kind of made my day!
We also had kind of a scare this week, there is a senior couple named the Tidwells, who we work really closely with. (I think she knows Grandma craner?) Well, they were supposed to go to Tete, up north, to give a training. So we drove them to the airport (at 5:00 in the morning, I might add), and sent them off. We watched them go in with their bags, and check in, and walk towards the gate, so we assumed everything was fine. They were flying down with a Counselor, Samo Goncalvez. Well, about two hours later, we get a call from President Kretly, asking if the Tidwells made it on the plane! They had a layover in Beira, where President was, and President was talking to Samo Goncalvez who was on the same plane, but President said the Tidwells weren’t there! He asked us if we watched them, if they had there tickets and everything. We got pretty scared, thinking that the missed the flight! So we called them, and they didn’t answer. We were kind of freaking out, but then we got a text from president saying they had just walked out, and they were fine. That was a releif!
This week was a pretty good one in our area as well, we were able to spend a decent amount of time in Chamanculo, teaching our families. Vasco and Katelia are ON FIRE!!! They are doing so good, getting all their documents and stuff. We should open their process this week, and they will get married and baptized April 19th! Our other families are doing well too. 🙂
So, This week something really scary happened. I thought a lot about whether or not to include this next experience. It is pretty… intense, so… if you don’t want to read it, stop now.
This week, we were coming home from a lesson, later at night. We were walking down the main road in our area, when in front of us, we saw a man start to get beat up by about 4 or five other guys. He was getting punched, and kicked. We heard someone say he was a robber. We yelled at them to stop, but things started getting more serious, and more people started gathering around and watching. Then, one of the people who was beating him up through a bottle at the ground, shattering glass everywhere. Everybody screamed. I felt like we needed to get out of there BAD. There was a huge crowd by now, and the violence was escalating. One of the assailants broke a bottle on the ground, and started stabbing the man with the broken glass. He hadn’t been putting up much of a fight until now, but when he started getting stabbed, he started screaming. My stomach was sick. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. We really felt like we needed to leave, but there really wasn’t a way to get out without going right through them. They took off all of his clothes, he was pretty much unconcious by now. It was like, we were frozen in fear. Elder douglas was asking, Whats the number for the police! But there isn’t one here. The police are too busy pulling people over to get bribed, They started dragging him away, and there was no doubt it was to kill him. We felt so helpless. There was literally nothing we could do. People were yelling at us that we needed to get home. So finally, we were able to leave, and we left. We walked home so fast, in silence. Complete silence. It was the worst, scariest experience of my life.
So yeah. 🙂 Hate to close with the downer, but we are fine. We won’t be going into that area at night anymore. 🙂 Church yesterday was great, we had 4 complete families at church, then 4 lessons with a member present, and 16 street contacts! So yeah. I am doing good, loving life. Even if things get a little bit sketchy, like they did this week, I know that that we will be protected if we are obedient and don’t do stupid things. 🙂
Thanks, love you guys,
Elder Poyfair
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Week 39: Nineteen. Like the Adele album…

Today was my Birthday and it was fantastic. 🙂 A great end to a great week.

This week really was a good week. But to start off, I feel like I have to say (even though you guys have probably already noticed) that most of the time it is really easy to fill up a weekly email, except for two times: The week you get transfered, and your first week in a new area. So, I apologize for the rather lack luster letters of last week and the one before, there is just always a ton of stuff in your head and it can be hard to write. But I am in, and I have had some time to really calm down and get in to the groove here, so here’s to a better weekly letter! 🙂
First off, I got a lot of questions this week from people still kind of confused about what the Office Elders do. To be honest, I’m still learning. 🙂 Most missions have a couple of “Office Assignments”, usually filled by senior couples. They include Financial Secretary, Mission Secretary, Housing Coordinator, Vehicle Coordinator, etc. Well, here, we have two Elders who do ALL of those. 🙂 We stay really busy, and while the idea is that we work in the office in the morning and afternoon and then go to our area, which is a pretty good sized neighborhood named Chamanculo close to our chapel in the city at night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. But it is always the goal. 🙂
The week started off with my first staff meeting Tuesday morning. It is a meeting with President, Sister Kretly, the AP’s, Senior Couples, and us. We go through the stats and numbers for the whole mission, and discuss lots of other issues relating to the mission. Its a pretty long meeting. 🙂 There is so much stuff that goes on behind the scenes in a mission, I really had no idea. Then after that, we go to “staff eating”, or out to lunch together after. This week we went to a GREAT chinese restaurant. And you know how much I love chinese food. 🙂
We went to the Airport parking lot that night (since the regular spot, chuch parking lots, are pretty small here) to learn how to drive stick shift. Yeah. It was a struggle. 🙂 🙂 It took a long time. I killed it a couple times. A lot of times actually. It just makes no sense to me, its like, why do people do all this when they have cars that do it for you? It is definitely like learning to drive again, I feel like a 15 year old who sucks at driving. But slowly, I drove more and more, around the office and little errands and stuff, (we almost died many times, and almost killed other people a couple times too), Until yesterday, drove from our house through the city to the office and home, at night through traffic. 🙂 I am slowly starting to get the hang of it! I feel so lucky to be learning from Elder Douglas. He has got A LOT of patience. 🙂
I definitely feel a little spoiled here in Maputo. We have a dryer in our house! Its the only elders house in the mission with a dryer. Sooooo nice. 🙂 We also have WORKING hot water, which is a first for me on my mission. There is a store here called Premeire, and its literally pretty much walmart. It is SUPER nice! It feels a lot different than life in T3 and Quelimane. I’m a city boy now. 🙂
Our GOLDEN investigator family, Justino and Castilda, finalized Justino’s divorce this week. It has been such a long process and they are tired from it. But man, our lessons with them are unreal. They have finished the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, as well as the Pearl of Great Price. Right now they are reading Doctrine of Salvation by Joseph Fielding Smith, and they had some questions about what ended up happening with Joseph Smith’s kids. They are nuts man, we end getting taught so much every time we go over there.
This week we were really really blessed on the missionary work side of things. On sunday of last week, we sat with a family named Vasco and Katelia. He has been a member for about 8 or 9 years, but fell into inactivity pretty quickly. Then, started living with a woman (Katelia) and breaking the law of chastity. He has slowly been coming to church again, but feels really unworthy and wants to feel the spirit again. He refuses to wear a tie to church until he can use his preisthood worthily again. So, we went over (and he lives SUPER far away!) and taught them the restoration. The lesson went… ok. It was nothing really special, they didn’t appear too interested. We also talked a little bit about marriage, how it is the way to get him worthy again, and they said they would think about it, maybe next year. So we marked a time to come back, but weren’t really feeling too confident. A couple days later, the return appointment worked out, and we felt inspired to watch the “E um milagre” video with them, the one that talks about marriage and has Elder Andersons talk and such. So we brought a little portable DVD player, and went to teach them. It went so well! One of the best lessons I’ve had, We connected really well with them, and they both opened up and stuff. She was crying at the end of the video. The spirit was way strong! They accepted marriage and she accepted baptism, for the 19th of April. They also told us they had another family they wanted to show us, so we marked to go back a couple days later and teach the refferal with them.
So funny story here. We had decided that we wanted to make Burritos for sunday dinner. But Saturday night came, and we realized we didn’t have tortillas. So we had to decide if we would go into our area to teach this reference, or go to the store and get tortillas. (which we are not really supposed to do.) I’ll be honest, we were pretty close to choosing go to the store. But, at the last second, we decided to be good missionaries and forgo our tortillas. It was an extremely good choice. 🙂
We showed up, and there was a HUGE party going on, with all of Vasco’s family. We waited for him, and as they were coming out, an older woman came out and started talking to us. We went to shake her hand, and she, rather embarrassed, showed us that she had a beer in her hand and apologized. She introduced herself as Vasco’s aunt, and it didn’t take long for her to start to get extremely rude.
She said that Vasco and Katelia had announced to the family that they were getting married on the 19th of April, but that the family rejected it. She started going off about a whole bunch of things, telling us that here in africa, things are different, and you cant just get married. (as if we don’t spend 99% of our time dealing with african traditions and marriage!) And how they need to wait a year and do all these rituals and stuff, and about how she has faith but if they get married, God will curse their marriage since the family denied it, and how she doesn’t let her kids pray to God, they pray to her and then she sends their prayers to God. She was just pretty much rambling, but really angrily, and then she started saying that if we help them get married on the 19th of April, she is going to summon the devil right then and their. We were a little scared, but my companion told her to go for it, and that kind of caught her off guard. So yeah, we left with Vasco and Katelia, to try and assess the damage and see how they were feeling. And it was great! They said that They had already informed Katelia’s family, and they accepted with no problem. She was really excited, and he said his family was always weird and stuff. It was a really really good talk, this family has literally come out of no where and now is one of our strongest families. They were both registered here in the city, and he used to be a “cheffe do bairro”, so that will make their documents go really fast. It was a blessing we were there, to really get all of their doubts and stuff out now. I love that family so much. Then we went and taught their referal, but the husband wasnt there, so we taught the wife a quick little lesson about coming to church, and then left. We were really glad that we chose to do that instead of going shopping. 🙂
Sunday? Was probably one of the best Sundays I have had here on the mission. First of all, one of the Statistics that is important here is Families at Church, which counts as the number of complete families you have at church with both husband and wife. The most I have had was 4: one time in T3 and twice in Quelimane. Well, this Sunday, we were blessed to have 5 Families at church! It was awesome. Vasco and Katelia, as well as that reference family we taught showed up, and 3 more! It was sweet. We had 16 investigators at church. Office Elders don’t really get things like that often. The APs had 2 families at church. Also, our Branch had a record high of 256 people at church!! Miracles man. Super nice.
Anyways. Today was my birthday, and it was great. I needed a new watch (since the one I have currently is a little bright colors and not really professional and I have to take it off every time I am around president) and also wanted a new tie, so we went shopping down town a little bit, then decided to go to the nicest restaurant in Mozambique (arguably), Rodizios. Which is literally Tucanos, but better.
It was the greatest meal I’ve eaten here, and the best birthday present. 🙂 Then we went to the office and took a big nap, and now we are doing internet. 🙂 I checked my email to 56 new emails!!!! Thanks a lot guys 🙂 Its going to be hard to respond to all of you!!
So that was my week. I can’t beleive I’m 19. I can’t beleive I have been out for 9 months. But I am having the time of my life out here and wouldnt be spending my life any other way right now.
Thanks for the support.
Elder Poyfair
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Week 38: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s pretty cool not writing this email from a hot sweaty ghetto internet cafe but instead from our nice air conditioned office, in my own chair at my own computer. 🙂

This week seemed like one of the longest ones!! But this week was a really, really really good week and I can’t wait to get more comfortable here.
But anyways, last monday we had a familiy home evening at the Quelimane chapel. I broke the news to all the families who came, and gave away a lot of ties. 🙂 We played musical chairs, which was freaking hilarious! They get really violent and really competitive. It was a cool way to end things, because the same thing happened when I left T3.
It was also pretty hard flying out, being on the airplane alone and looking out the window, and seeing Quelimane get smaller and smaller, wondering when and If I will ever come back. I love Quelimane. I feel like I did a lot of growing up there. 🙂 We had a lot of hard times, but also some moments I’ll never forget. 🙂
So yeah! I got into Maputo Wednesday night, and jumped right into life as an office elder. We made several trips to the airport, picking up native mozambican missionaires coming from the mtc in brazil, and going back and getting their luggage and unpacking and stuff.
Then the next day, we needed to go to T3 to pick up the elders for a meeting out there, and we had to wake up at 5 o clock! We speant a lot of the day working at the immigration office getting the new elders their ID cards, that means they can legally be in the country.
We work a lot with the budget, with receipts and accounting and rents and stuff. Its a lot, and it is pretty overwhelming! But I am learning everything slowly. This week I will start driving! I have to learn to drive Stick shift so I dont wreck our new ford ranger. Its a nice truck!
We get to work a lot with President Kretly! He called us and said he wanted to talk to me, so we went over, and talked for about an hour about the responsibilities and why I was chosen for the position and stuff. It was crazy. He is such an Inspired man! Than we ate PB and J together, us and president in his kitchen, late at night. Super cool. We get to see a side of him a lot of people don’t. He made us an AWESOME smoothie too. Then the next day, us and the APs were making lunch. Well, the aps were finishing up, and we were about to start. Then President called, said he wanted to try out a restaurant to use for catering at zone conference! The APs had already eaten, so they were bummed, but we got to go and eat and get some work done with him. It was super cool!
We didn’t get out into our area too much this week, But our area is called Chamanculo. It is pretty close to the main Chapel here. Our church is HUGE, its way nice, and its lilke three houses away from our house. But yeah, we have a familiy we are teaching right now named Justino and Casilda, and they are SO cool. We taught them last night, they are getting married and baptized in April, and President Kretly has already said that he will be the next branch president. They have been taught for a long time and had lots of problems with marriage documents, but we will be the elders who baptize them. 🙂
Sorry, dont have too much to write, this week was pretty hectic!
I love you guys, and I am really excited for this new adventure.
Love, Elder Poyfair
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I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy March 10th!
Today, is, Transfers. For real its like Christmas for missionaries. Missionaries stay up all night because they are excited and nervous, all the missionaries call all the other missionaries to try and find out if anyone knows any updates or rumors or anything. Its pretty funny! Me and Elder Vestia were pretty sure that nothing was going to change here in Quelimane, just because he hasnt been here that long, and yeah. But lo and behold, we see transfers, and BOOM.
I’m getting transfered! Leaving Quelimane and headed for MAPUTO!
I’ll be serving in the biggest city in Mozambique, as a Mission Secretary! Or, in other words, as they are so “lovingly” known by all the missionaries, Office Elder. 🙂 I will be working in the Mission Office with the AP’s and President Kretly! My companion will be literally my best friend in the mission, Elder Douglas! We were in the same mtc district, and I like him a lot. I am super excited! I will be one of the 4 missionaries in the mission that drive, and I will have to learn how to drive stick shift! On the other side of the road! I don’t know a whole lot about what an Office Elder does, but I know that I will be dealing with finances and the Mission budget and working alot with South Africa and working really closely with the President. I couldn’t be more excited. It is really… unexpected, But I am SO stoked.
I am a little bummed to be leaving Quelimane. I LOVE it here. I love it so much. But I am excited for the new adventure that awaits in Maputo.
This week was a little lame, we had to stay in our house for most of the week because they tore apart THE ENTIRE ROOF. We aren’t allowed to leave the house with workers here inside, so we had to stay Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in our house! And because our kitchen was destroyed, we went out to eat. A lot. 🙂
Sorry, as I’m sure you have already noticed, the email after transfers is always a little lame. Its just hard to really stay focused. 🙂
We had a baptism this week, a 25  year old named Sergio. It is kind of a funny story with him. We met him with Elder Heaton. We were doing street contacts, and Elder Heaton started to contact this young guy. He said he wasn’t living with a wife. Normally at this point, we just stop the contact, and invite them to church, because we really focus hard on teaching families. But Elder Heaton kept going, took his phone number and marked a lesson with him! Afterwards, I was a little confused. I said, “dude, why did you contact that joven? (or, young guy). Elder Heaton said, “Well, President Kretly said we need to baptize people who will help the church. He works for the federal archives, and he could be usefull to help us with marriage documents!” And I was still a little hesitant. But, we started teaching him, and it went well. And last week, he asked me to baptize him. So I kind of felt dumb! But he is a super super strong convert. He really will help the church here a lot. He is a rich kid, he has a touch screen smart phone. AKA Richy Rich here in Quelimane.
But Yeah. 🙂 I leave on Wednesday. I’ve got a lot of people to say good bye to!
I am so grateful to be a missionary here in Mozambique at this time. It is such a blessing. I am learning so much and I love my life a ton. 🙂 It really is the best two years!
Love, Elder Poyfair
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Week 36: Sometimes I feel like I want to do titles for each week but then I feel like they would be lame titles so I guess we’ll just stick with March 3rd, 2014

Happy 3rd day of March. I always loved March. There was tennis season, my birthday, spring break… yeah anyways. 🙂 March here in the mission field is going to be great too!
Transfers are next week. I really don’t know what is going to happen. Its probable that I stay here with Elder Vestia for another transfer. However, I have been here for 3 transfers and there are a lot of missionaries leaving and a lot of new missionaries coming in, so a lot is going to change. Who knows, maybe I’ll get transfered.
This week was interesting. Our roof caved in!! We were doing weekly planning, and I got up to go and take a break and headed to the kitchen. I poured some juice, made a sandwich, and then left and went back into our living room. Literally like 2 minutes later, the was a GIGANTIC crash. Like, atomic bomb going off. Super super super loud. We jumped up to see what had happened. We ran into the kitchen, to see a decent sized hole, with debris EVERYWHERE! Giant chunks of cement and rock and tile. Seriously. Everywhere.
What had happened, to back track a little bit, was that a couple weeks ago, the land lord (who lives in maputo) was in town, and wanted to see the house. She came, and we told her that when it rains (which is pretty darn often), our roof drips in a lot of places in the kitchen. She said she would call in some people to fix it. So, about two weeks later, 3 guys show up, saying theyre here to fix the roof. They have all their ladders and everything, so the start fixing the tiles that were bad on our roof. We had to be in the house for this, so we decided to do weekly planning. Our water tank is on top of our roof, so they said while they fixed it, they would need to empty the water tank and disconnect all the water and stuff. So they emptied the tank, took apart our water system, and went to work. Well, appearantly, the wood in the ceiling was super rotton! so they were up there working, and it caved in! That was the ginormous crash we heard, was the roof falling through our house. Two of the workers fell through, one was able to grab on to something, but one fell all the way through and had to go to the hospital!! Seriously though. HUGE chunks of giant, heavy, rock and ciment and stuff. If one of us had been in the kitchen during it, easily would have been super hurt. And I was in there a little bit before!
DSC02080 (1)
So yeah. Our kitchen was destroyed. A massive rock crushed through one of our fridges, completely wrecking it. Our microwave was trashed too, and pretty much all of our food was destroyed. EVERYTHING in the kitchen, all our bowls and utinsels and everything was covered in dust. It was a giant pain! Really put a dent in our week, especially because we couldnt really do anything in the kitchen, and it took FOREVER to clean up everything. President Kretly even called to talk to us about it. But really, the two worst things that happened because of it were that it destroyed our water system, (we havn’t had water in 5 days), and that when it happened, I had ALL my darks in the washing machine. And without water, the machine locks up and you cannot open it. So I’ve been stuck with one pair of pants and one pair of socks for 5 days. 🙂
Hopefully today, they fix that problem. 🙂 We have been taking showers outside with a little spigot, when we get back at night and no one is around. Its the best. 🙂
Anyways. That was our big news this week. We sat with a couple new families this week, one lives SUPER far away, and on the journey there it was pouring rain, and where he lives the streets are really really bad so we were literally riding our bikes through a river to his house, drenched from head to toe in water. We stopped using umbrellas, its not even worth it. Even with an umbrella, when it rains, you get drenched. 🙂
We had an audit in the branch, a member from beira came, and then the next day we had a big traing here after church. We made lunch for everyone, which is decently hard without water. BUT, it went well. 🙂 A lot of members are going to receive new callings, and they were invited to the training. Clasmen and Ginesia, are both probably getting callings! Ginesia is probably getting called to be the new young womans president, and Clasmen is probably getting called to be executive secretary! Way cool. I love them a lot.
Yesterday we saw a dead guy. Seriously. We were doing street contacts, and there was this guy laying down outside of a shop. He was just lying there and we thought he was sleeping. We passed by, then all these policemen showed up. We walked kind of close to them, to hear what they were saying. One said, into the phone, “Yeah, we are here. You guys need to get here quick, he is for sure dead!” So we watched them take away a dead person. Kind of bizzare.
This week, I was really focusing on the Christlike attribute of Charity. I studied a lot in the scriptures, and in preach my gospel and such, and was really trying hard to implement a change. Well, early this week I was doing contacts, and a drunk man came up, trying to know about the church and stuff. He asked for my phone number, and I said that he could call us when he was sober and we would talk to him and his family. Well, he called a couple days later, but was drunk again, and wanted to just talk and waste time and stuff. So anyways, we saved his phone number, so we would know it was him when he called. Well, one night we were walking, and the phone started to ring. We looked, and it said this guys name. And I really didn’t want to talk to him. So I handed the phone to elder vestia, and said, loudly, “I really don’t want to talk to this guy.” And elder vestia handed it back, saying, “Me neither!” So we were just passing the phone back and forth, fighting over who had to talk to the drunk guy. We were kind of laughing and stuff. Then, we heard a voice from behind us, that said, “Elder!! Why dont you want to talk to me!” We turned around, and to my horror, there was this guy. He had seen us in the street, and was running over trying to talk to us. We tried to explain, but he had seen everything and his feelings were hurt. He said he wasn’t ever going to come to our church, and walked away sadly. “I really liked you! You were nice and talked to me.” he said. So yeah. I felt super bad. Here I was, trying to have charity, and completely failed. 😦 It was kind of a slap to the face! Elder Vestia thought it was pretty funny though. It was funny, but also pretty sad.
So yeah, those are some of the highlights of the week. 🙂 We should have a baptism this saturday, of a 25 year old guy named Sergio, who works for the government and is pretty rich. He is super cool and has a super strong testimony of the book of mormon. We have a couple other families we are teaching but we are still struggling to find families that are actually going to progress until baptism.
Anyways! Thats all from me. I hope this week goes well!Love, Elder Poyfair

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