Week 36: Sometimes I feel like I want to do titles for each week but then I feel like they would be lame titles so I guess we’ll just stick with March 3rd, 2014

Happy 3rd day of March. I always loved March. There was tennis season, my birthday, spring break… yeah anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚ March here in the mission field is going to be great too!
Transfers are next week. I really don’t know what is going to happen. Its probable that I stay here with Elder Vestia for another transfer. However, I have been here for 3 transfers and there are a lot of missionaries leaving and a lot of new missionaries coming in, so a lot is going to change. Who knows, maybe I’ll get transfered.
This week was interesting. Our roof caved in!! We were doing weekly planning, and I got up to go and take a break and headed to the kitchen. I poured some juice, made a sandwich, and then left and went back into our living room. Literally like 2 minutes later, the was a GIGANTIC crash. Like, atomic bomb going off. Super super super loud. We jumped up to see what had happened. We ran into the kitchen, to see a decent sized hole, with debris EVERYWHERE! Giant chunks of cement and rock and tile. Seriously. Everywhere.
What had happened, to back track a little bit, was that a couple weeks ago, the land lord (who lives in maputo) was in town, and wanted to see the house. She came, and we told her that when it rains (which is pretty darn often), our roof drips in a lot of places in the kitchen. She said she would call in some people to fix it. So, about two weeks later, 3 guys show up, saying theyre here to fix the roof. They have all their ladders and everything, so the start fixing the tiles that were bad on our roof. We had to be in the house for this, so we decided to do weekly planning. Our water tank is on top of our roof, so they said while they fixed it, they would need to empty the water tank and disconnect all the water and stuff. So they emptied the tank, took apart our water system, and went to work. Well, appearantly, the wood in the ceiling was super rotton! so they were up there working, and it caved in! That was the ginormous crash we heard, was the roof falling through our house. Two of the workers fell through, one was able to grab on to something, but one fell all the way through and had to go to the hospital!! Seriously though. HUGE chunks of giant, heavy, rock and ciment and stuff. If one of us had been in the kitchen during it, easily would have been super hurt. And I was in there a little bit before!
DSC02080 (1)
So yeah. Our kitchen was destroyed. A massive rock crushed through one of our fridges, completely wrecking it. Our microwave was trashed too, and pretty much all of our food was destroyed. EVERYTHING in the kitchen, all our bowls and utinsels and everything was covered in dust. It was a giant pain! Really put a dent in our week, especially because we couldnt really do anything in the kitchen, and it took FOREVER to clean up everything. President Kretly even called to talk to us about it. But really, the two worst things that happened because of it were that it destroyed our water system, (we havn’t had water in 5 days), and that when it happened, I had ALL my darks in the washing machine. And without water, the machine locks up and you cannot open it. So I’ve been stuck with one pair of pants and one pair of socks for 5 days. ๐Ÿ™‚
Hopefully today, they fix that problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ We have been taking showers outside with a little spigot, when we get back at night and no one is around. Its the best. ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyways. That was our big news this week. We sat with a couple new families this week, one lives SUPER far away, and on the journey there it was pouring rain, and where he lives the streets are really really bad so we were literally riding our bikes through a river to his house, drenched from head to toe in water. We stopped using umbrellas, its not even worth it. Even with an umbrella, when it rains, you get drenched. ๐Ÿ™‚
We had an audit in the branch, a member from beira came, and then the next day we had a big traing here after church. We made lunch for everyone, which is decently hard without water. BUT, it went well. ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of members are going to receive new callings, and they were invited to the training. Clasmen and Ginesia, are both probably getting callings! Ginesia is probably getting called to be the new young womans president, and Clasmen is probably getting called to be executive secretary! Way cool. I love them a lot.
Yesterday we saw a dead guy. Seriously. We were doing street contacts, and there was this guy laying down outside of a shop. He was just lying there and we thought he was sleeping. We passed by, then all these policemen showed up. We walked kind of close to them, to hear what they were saying. One said, into the phone, “Yeah, we are here. You guys need to get here quick, he is for sure dead!” So we watched them take away a dead person. Kind of bizzare.
This week, I was really focusing on the Christlike attribute of Charity. I studied a lot in the scriptures, and in preach my gospel and such, and was really trying hard to implement a change. Well, early this week I was doing contacts, and a drunk man came up, trying to know about the church and stuff. He asked for my phone number, and I said that he could call us when he was sober and we would talk to him and his family. Well, he called a couple days later, but was drunk again, and wanted to just talk and waste time and stuff. So anyways, we saved his phone number, so we would know it was him when he called. Well, one night we were walking, and the phone started to ring. We looked, and it said this guys name. And I really didn’t want to talk to him. So I handed the phone to elder vestia, and said, loudly, “I really don’t want to talk to this guy.” And elder vestia handed it back, saying, “Me neither!” So we were just passing the phone back and forth, fighting over who had to talk to the drunk guy. We were kind of laughing and stuff. Then, we heard a voice from behind us, that said, “Elder!! Why dont you want to talk to me!” We turned around, and to my horror, there was this guy. He had seen us in the street, and was running over trying to talk to us. We tried to explain, but he had seen everything and his feelings were hurt. He said he wasn’t ever going to come to our church, and walked away sadly. “I really liked you! You were nice and talked to me.” he said. So yeah. I felt super bad. Here I was, trying to have charity, and completely failed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was kind of a slap to the face! Elder Vestia thought it was pretty funny though. It was funny, but also pretty sad.
So yeah, those are some of the highlights of the week. ๐Ÿ™‚ We should have a baptismย this saturday, of a 25 year old guy named Sergio, who works for the government and is pretty rich. He is super cool and has a super strong testimony of the book of mormon. We have a couple other families we are teaching but we are still struggling to find families that are actually going to progress until baptism.
Anyways! Thats all from me. I hope this week goes well!Love, Elder Poyfair

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