Week 38: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s pretty cool not writing this email from a hot sweaty ghetto internet cafe but instead from our nice air conditioned office, in my own chair at my own computer. 🙂

This week seemed like one of the longest ones!! But this week was a really, really really good week and I can’t wait to get more comfortable here.
But anyways, last monday we had a familiy home evening at the Quelimane chapel. I broke the news to all the families who came, and gave away a lot of ties. 🙂 We played musical chairs, which was freaking hilarious! They get really violent and really competitive. It was a cool way to end things, because the same thing happened when I left T3.
It was also pretty hard flying out, being on the airplane alone and looking out the window, and seeing Quelimane get smaller and smaller, wondering when and If I will ever come back. I love Quelimane. I feel like I did a lot of growing up there. 🙂 We had a lot of hard times, but also some moments I’ll never forget. 🙂
So yeah! I got into Maputo Wednesday night, and jumped right into life as an office elder. We made several trips to the airport, picking up native mozambican missionaires coming from the mtc in brazil, and going back and getting their luggage and unpacking and stuff.
Then the next day, we needed to go to T3 to pick up the elders for a meeting out there, and we had to wake up at 5 o clock! We speant a lot of the day working at the immigration office getting the new elders their ID cards, that means they can legally be in the country.
We work a lot with the budget, with receipts and accounting and rents and stuff. Its a lot, and it is pretty overwhelming! But I am learning everything slowly. This week I will start driving! I have to learn to drive Stick shift so I dont wreck our new ford ranger. Its a nice truck!
We get to work a lot with President Kretly! He called us and said he wanted to talk to me, so we went over, and talked for about an hour about the responsibilities and why I was chosen for the position and stuff. It was crazy. He is such an Inspired man! Than we ate PB and J together, us and president in his kitchen, late at night. Super cool. We get to see a side of him a lot of people don’t. He made us an AWESOME smoothie too. Then the next day, us and the APs were making lunch. Well, the aps were finishing up, and we were about to start. Then President called, said he wanted to try out a restaurant to use for catering at zone conference! The APs had already eaten, so they were bummed, but we got to go and eat and get some work done with him. It was super cool!
We didn’t get out into our area too much this week, But our area is called Chamanculo. It is pretty close to the main Chapel here. Our church is HUGE, its way nice, and its lilke three houses away from our house. But yeah, we have a familiy we are teaching right now named Justino and Casilda, and they are SO cool. We taught them last night, they are getting married and baptized in April, and President Kretly has already said that he will be the next branch president. They have been taught for a long time and had lots of problems with marriage documents, but we will be the elders who baptize them. 🙂
Sorry, dont have too much to write, this week was pretty hectic!
I love you guys, and I am really excited for this new adventure.
Love, Elder Poyfair
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