Week 41: Volleyball, Zone conference and problems with reverse

Dear Fam,

This week was a Great one! Our P-day’s here are a little scattered though, sorry I don’t email at the same times every week. Last night we slept at the office again, woke up and went and had a “Beach Bask”. This means we go to the beach (like 5 minutes away) and play volleyball and hang out and stuff. All the missionaries from around here come, its great. We did it because it is Elder Greenman, one of our AP’s last p-day before he goes home. I got pretty into volleyball, I was taking it a little more seriously than everyone else. 🙂 I must be changing on the mission, that doesn’t sound like me, right? 😉 haha. Then we had a cool little experience, we were driving home and had to stop and give some things to the APs, and then we stopped and gave some copies of the Book of Mormon to some friends on the side of the road, and than we kept driving home. We were about to turn in to our street when I saw a larger man walking on the side of the road. I said to Elder Douglas, “Hey, that looks kind of like President Mabunda, the branch president from Quelimane!” We drove closer, and I realized that it was!! We pulled over, walked over to him, (it was for sure him!) and we hugged. 🙂 Man I love that guy. Before I left Quelimane, we traded ties. 🙂 We just got super close. Anyways, he was in town for like two days, visiting his sick mom, and had wanted to see some of the missionaires, but didn’t have any numbers. So it was a cool little miracle, that we got to meet up and talk for a little bit about Quelimane and how I’m liking it here and stuff. 🙂

Anyways. That happened today, than we went to THE GREATEST CHINESE RESTAURANT IN AFRICA EVER and than went shopping, where I found donuts! I bought a dozen of them. I will eat 2 every day for breakfast. 🙂 No I’m not getting fat in the office…. Haha!!

This week was pretty busy, we had Zone Conference! Zone Conference is like the busiest time for us, lots of missionaries are flying down and we have to pick them up from the airport, and they all stay at the office and they have to get put into areas and stuff. But Zone Conference?? Was way awesome! We talked a lot about Familiy History and the temple and such. It was interesting, here it has always kind of avoided because the temple is so far away, and the people are poorer here and stuff. But we talked a lot about how its possible, and about the temple patron fund and stuff. Its crazy! Here in mozambique, we have baptized a lot of people, and more than 90% of them are staying active. But after that, everything just stays the same. So we talked about the next step, on helping them all get to the temple and doing their familiy history and stuff. Familiy traditions are really big here, so familiy history should be something to help build on the traditions. I am excited. We have a goal here for each companionship to baptize one complete family per month. At this zone conference, we set up a new goal to help a familiy get PREPARED to go to the temple per month. Obviously, they might not make it there, but at least we can help them with the passport process and the temple patron fund and such. 🙂

Big things are happening here, I am loving it. 🙂

We opened the marriage process for Vasco and Katelia this week!! They did super well, got all of their documents pretty easily and stuff. They are really excited! We borrowed a dress for her from Matola, everything is looking good for them. They will get married on April 19th, along with 6 other couples!! 7 total couples will get married and baptized on the 19th, its crazy! Its the biggest collective marriage in Maputo since that one that made it into conference. 🙂

Speaking of baptisms….. I backed into the baptismal font this week. It is an outdoor font, and I was backing up the truck, while elder douglas was backing me out. This is where the story gets a litle disputed, as my side says that he kept motioning for me to go backwards and than suddenly I hit it, and right after I hit it he told me to stop. His story is obviously a little different. Either way, pretty sad that even while following all of the rules and stuff I still hit something not moving. Yeah. That wasn’t fun. 🙂

Sunday was pretty funny, the lesson in gospel principless got a little heated when an investigator the sister’s brought to church started attacking the teacher, saying that it doesnt matter what church you go to as long as you beleive in Jesus and stuff. She kept asking questions and making comments like that, and than people would just respond to her stupid jabs and stuff. The sisters were pretty embarassed. 🙂 Then, in sacrament meeting, it was testimony meeting and an older guy got up to bear his testimony, started talking about how his son is going to graduate next month and how excited he was. Then, he said, “In fact, I’m so excited, I hope it will be ok with the branch presidency if I sing a little bit to express my feelings.” And the audience laughed, everyone thought he was joking. Nope. He then started singing, some random song about how great Jesus is and stuff. The entire audience was struggling pretty hard not to laugh. Then, he started singing in english, singing, “I surrenderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my life to you Jesussssssssssssssssssss” and everyone was kind of giggling by now. Pretty funny stuff. 🙂

After church, we got to go to CATEMBE!!! It was so so so cool. Pretty much, Catembe is the other side of the maputo bay. It is pretty much like an island though, and only 3 missionaries have ever been there! There are a couple of members who live over there, including one family who we (strategically?) chose to be our family we prepare to go to the temple. So we asked presidents permission, and he said yes! So now, every sunday, we will go to Catembe! Oh my gosh it is seriously like Lion King africa over there. It is UNTOUCHED, there arent many people over there. It is going to explode in a couple of years, when they build a bridge connecting it to Maputo, but as of right now it is pretty much like the wild fronteir. We took a half hour boat ride to go there, and then taught the family, brother machoy and his wife (I dont know if the wollenzeins (sorry on the spelling) are reading this but he really likes you guys and talked a lot about you!) and then we taught a reference they gave us, and then went back to teach some more lessons. 🙂

Anyways, moral of the story is, I am doing good and having a great mission. 🙂 Life is goooooooooooooooooooood. 🙂 Being a missionary is the greatest!

Love, Elder Poyfair










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