Week 42: Blessed with Success, Family History Fun

Boa noite family and friends. 🙂

Once again its P-day!! Time is going so super fast lately.  I can’t even beleive it! Nothing much to report for this week. Just another week in paradise! 🙂
This week was very busy for us. We had to create our formal New and Expanded Budget request, which will be seen by the area seventy and stuff. So that required a lot of research and time. We had a couple LONG days, where we didn’t even get to leave the office and go into our area!
We did have a cool experience on tuesday though, we have a 63 year old recent convert in our ward, who is getting pretty excited about family history and stuff. He already fiilled out his whole “minha familia” booklet, that has descriptions and names and dates for all his ancestors, and on tuesday, we got to help him put the stuff all into family search. We have a senior couple here, the Tidwells, that work pretty heavily with family history and stuff, but sometimes they can have problems with the language, so we were invited to be there and help translate. It was very fun to watch, he got very excited and you could just see the fire he had. He really understood it! It was a neat experience for me, because at first I was pretty bored and kinda wished we were out in the area, talking to people or teaching a lesson or something, but as the time went on, I saw how much it meant to him and started thinking about all of his ancestors and how excited they must be too.

This is the chapel in Maputo where Dallin attends church.

Sunday was an AWESOME day, we had five complete investigator families at church again, and the church attendance was the highest it has ever been in our branch, at 271 people! Maputo 2 is growing like crazy. 🙂 I love it!
Here in the maputo zone, there are a couple things we are supposed to get as missionaries every week, including 6 lessons with a member present and 35 qualified contacts. Well, as office elders, we don’t work a lot in the area, and we usually don’t acheive those. We are also kind of given a free pass, since we work so much with president and the ap’s and stuff. Well this week, saturday came and we pretty much hadn’t been in the area at all. However, we were able to get 40 qualified contacts and 6 lessons with a member present in those two days. 🙂 It was really really awesome, we were super blessed.
We were going to go to Catembe this week, but it is flooded and there is no public transportation. Hopefully we will go next week. 🙂
Our investigators are doing great. Vasco and Quiteria (we thought this whole time her name was Khatelia until we saw her ID while filling out the baptismal form… oops. :)) will get married this saturday, at the GINORMOUS collective marriage that will happen. We are all super excited! Vascoo is already a member but his wife will get baptized. Than justino and castilda will get married and baptized, along with their two daughters on May 10th. Its gonna be an awesome next month or two, we have 3 other families that are all progressing really well.
Said goodbye to elder greenman today, he has been AP here for a while and I really liked him. It was pretty weird to see him go! We were the last missionaries to see him before he left.
This week is going to be HECK! Tonight we go and pick up an unnamed elder from the airport who may or may not be the next AP, and thentomorrow 5 new american elders come into the country for the first time, and 5 new brazillians as well. It is going to be NUTS!! Transfers happen this next week. Don’t worry though, me and elder douglas are for sure staying together!
There were no driving incidents or anything this week! So thats great! I am pretty much a master now. I think I want an manual truck when I get back!

This is the car Dallin gets to drive.

Sorry there isn’t much to this letter. Its late and we are really busy, 🙂 But I am doing good, having a good time, loving life, learning and teaching the gospel, all day everyday. 🙂
Also, today is my moms birthday! Happy birthday mom, love you. 🙂
Elder Poyfair
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