Week 43: ‘Poyfair’ as a first name? Why the heck not?

This week man.

Wow 🙂
 You know how you always see those like soccer players wearing those shirts that say, ” I survived H-E-Double hockeysticks” week?” Yeah I feel like I deserve one of those t-shirts.
Just kidding it really wasnt that bad, just a lot of stuff happened! It was definitely the craziest week! Soo much happened, I might as well get right to it. 🙂
Monday was “P-day” ha ha (p-day is kind of a joke as an office elder. You pretty much just do the regular office work.) We were finally getting some time towards the end of night, to write a quick email, when an email popped up from president Kretly saying “confidential”, that had transfers in it! Nothing is changing for me, so that was good. However, we were getting a new AP who was coming later that night and stuff. But we had A LOT of work to do! A lot of houses were going from 6 to 8 elders, so they all needed new beds and desks and everything, plus we were going to receive 5 new americans and 4 Brazillians, and they were going to sleep in the office for about a week! Yeah it was pretty nuts.
Then, we sat down with President Kretly to go over our big New and Resized Budget request. However, we ended up helping him write a big important email. He speaks english very well, but likes our help when he writes because, especially this letter, are important. So this letter ends up taking over 4 hours, us talking and helping write it and stuff, detailing lots of things happening in mozambique. So then, it was finished, and it started putting people in that he was going to send it to. It started fine, area 70, some other people. Then slowly started getting more general authorities, and then to someone in the Presiding Bishopric and then, TO ONE OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES. (who shall remain unnamed right now, because this is all probably super confidential so don’t tell anyone!) So yeah, we wrote an email that got sent to an Apostle. Thank you, all my AP english teachers. 🙂
Tuesday was the big day, 5 new americans got into the country! We went to go pick them up at the airport but they didn’t come off the flight. So we got a little scared, luckily they had just missed the flight in South Africa, and came in about 4 hours later. They went straight upstairs and slept. 🙂 One even came out in church clothes at like 9 at night and said, “So what’s the plan for the rest of the day?” Haha good old jetlag. We had to stay at the office and spend the night there with them. Which stinks since there are only 6 beds, so we have to sleep on the couches. Which don’t have mosquito nets. So we made little tents around our couches to protect from the mosquitos, but it fell apart in the middle of the night so yeah any way moral of the story is that sleeping at the office stinks and we had to do it like 3 times this week.
The next day we got the Brazilians! They are all SO cool. There are 4 of them, and they have been serving in Brazil, waiting for their visa’s FOR OVER A YEAR! They are so so so excited to be here and we are so excited to have them. President especially, since he is brazillian and we only have two of them serving currently!
We then were able to take the new american elders out working with us at night! That was super awesome because I remember when I first came into the country, I did the same thing with one of the elders, and I remember how much of an impact it had on me! I got to walk with Elder Mortimer and Elder Stevens. Both were great missionaries, we taught some good lessons and found some good contacts. They are really excited to be here and both speak very well.
Saturday we had the wedding! 5 complete families, all married and baptized. 🙂 It was incredible. I had so much fun. 🙂 I took A LOT of pictures too. Me and Elder Douglas baptized Quiteria, after she and Vasco (a very formerly inactive member) got married. They are such a good looking couple! Easily the most good looking couple who got married there. How it happened, was first all the couples got married. President Kretly performed the marriages! Then, they all changed their clothes and then were all baptized. Then, they changed back into the marriage clothes and we had the lunch/party thing. It was SWEET. 🙂 Such a cool thing to be a part of.
Then, after the wedding, I had one of the coolest things on my mission happen! I was talking to a member and Vasco, who had just got married, came up to me. I said congratulations, and talked a little bit. His wife who we baptized is pretty pregnant, as you will notice from the photos. Anyways so we were talking and he said, “so we decided what we are going to name the boy when he is born. His name is going to be Poyfair!!!!” And I just started laughing, so happy and excited and also feeling bad for the poor kid, because no one can really say my last name here anyways. But he defended it saying, “No no! We like it a lot and it is really easy to say, and sounds pretty. It has already been decided. Poyfair it is.”
So that pretty much made my whole mission, there is going to be a little black baby named poyfair here in Maputo now. How sick is that!!
Then sunday came, we had a good day at church, plus a new family showed up that lives in our area, so that was nice. They were taught a long time ago, then moved away where the church hasnt started yet, but just moved back and now they want to get married and baptized, so that was a nice surprise!
Afterwards we went to Catembe, that island I talked about in the last letter. Seriously it is so nice out there, I love it! Taught some good families, came back and worked some more.
So finally, that brings us to today. 🙂 today was another “pday”, transfers actually happened today so its been a little crazy. We also said goodbye to all the Elders who were leaving! It was especially hard to say goodbye to Elder Williams and Elder Heaton. Both are the best missionaries I know, and had a big impact on my mission. However, we did get two nice perks today of being an office elder. First, when president walks into the office with a bunch of HUGE shrimp, and says that he is making shrimp for us and the new elders who still hadn’t gone to their areas. He then put on an apron and made literally the best shrimp of all time. He also brought a big bag of candy and easter eggs and stuff, from sister kretly for each of us for easter! Awesome. So yeah.  I am taking advantage of this spare moment, because at midnight we go to pick up two elders from the airport and drive them an hour away to their areas. Yaaaay. 🙂
Anyways, I love my job. I love being office elder, it is the greatest. 🙂 The church is true. I love it.
Love, Elder Poyfair.
PS as an easter present I made a dropbox and put all of my photos from this week on there. Happy easter! https://www.dropbox.com/sc/jktxbrisupwdj8r/c_KYbMWXEA
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One thought on “Week 43: ‘Poyfair’ as a first name? Why the heck not?

  1. Bret Mortimer

    I’m Elder Mortimer’s sister, and he used Elder Poyfair’s Skype account to Skype me on Mother’s Day.. hence how I found this blog! Awesome missionary, it’s cool to see something about my brother in here, too.

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