Week 45: Helping out a sick Elder, English Class, more weddings and baptisms coming

Hey, sorry. We got a little window of free time here so I thought I woud take the opportunity and write a quick letter! Things have been CRAZY around here, one of the missionaries has been having some medical problems for a while and they were just getting worse and worse, so we had to fly him down here, and have been taking him to the hospital and emergency room and to all his blood work tests and stuff, since our mission’s doctor is in beira and President Kretly is in South Africa!

So yeah. Today, me and elder douglas got to watch an Endoscopy! We literally were watching the insides of his intestines and stomach and stuff. Elder douglas almost threw up, it was pretty entertaining. šŸ™‚

But yeah! šŸ™‚ I am doing good. This week we are having a marriage and baptism, baptizing an amazing family of 6 (only four are old enough to get baptized) and a 25 year old single man, so were are excited about that. Lots of stuff is going on, it is pretty insane. But I really don’t have too much time, we have to get back to work. But some quick highlights of the week were…

-Us going to English Class! Our branch has a weekly english class but it is taught by a mozambican who doesnt really speak the best english, so we went to help and it was pretty much the funnest. It turned into lots of members testifying about the gospel in broken english to the investigators and non members who were there. I loved it, we will probably go back there next week!

-One of our families, Ernesto and Claudia, had their wedding planned for the 17th of May. But she had been not wanting to, and her familiy was really against it. But this week, they went to talk to the family, but she was really nervous, so she asked for a preisthood blessing. It was a really good lesson, and the blessing was an awesome experience. They went to talk to the family, and everything went well! They accepted and will be there at the wedding! She was very greatful.

-We had a WEIRD encounter with a member, where he invited us in and we sat and talked for a little bit, and then he asked us to be his business partners, and things got really awkward as we told him that as missionaries, we are here to focus on helping people spiritually and not financially, but he said we would be helping him spiritually because he would be able to pay tithing and employ other members who could also pay more tithing. Yeah. Super wierd, we kind of were getting a little snippy at eachother and we thought he got pretty offended, but he came to church so that was nice. šŸ™‚

-This week had the mozambican version of labor day, so lots of people were out partying and drinking. Like every holiday. It lasts two or three days, and no one is at their house, they are all out just getting wasted. It kind of stinks, every time a holiday comes, we lose a couple investigators. But yeah. šŸ™‚ Good thing cinco de maio isn’t a big deal here. :)t Yeah, those are just some of the things that happened. Probably doesnt sound like much but I promise, we are staying busy. šŸ™‚ TOO BUSY!!!!!

I’m excited to talk to my family on mothers day! Anyways. Have a good week,

Elder Poyfair

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