Week 46: Getting wet and Skyping the family


This week was an awesome one!

Once again, I don’t have too much time. Things just have a way of coming up and getting in the way of our internet time. So, sorry about that. 🙂 This morning, we got up, went and bought some stuff from the distribution center, and then went BOWLING with all the missionaries here in maputo. (I bowled pretty bad- got a strike the first frame and then nothing after that!) Then President and Sister Kretly showed up unexpectedly, they had come to the mall where the bowling alley is to get haircuts and saw all their missionaries! So then the came and visited a little bit, and president bowled with us. He is a pretty funny bowler, he throws the ball high in the air and it smacks down pretty hard. We were all laughing!

But yeah. 🙂

The beginning of this week started with more tests and stuff for the Elder who had been staying with us here because of his sickness. Unfortunately, all of his tests and everything came back pretty much negative, and he got sent to T3! We got to drive him back to T3, and when we got there (It took FOREVER with traffic!) at like 7 at night, some elders needed to take some wedding dresses to another family, but I wanted to go visit so me and Elder Dustin (who is working in T3) split up and went to visit ANTONIO AND INES, the first family I baptized here in Mozambique. 🙂 🙂

It was a super cool experience. They were way happy to see me. I wasn’t sure if they would really remember me but they definitely did! They were laughing and saying “Wow! You actually speak portuguese now!” It was funny. Such a cool little visit. I didn’t know it but he is currently serving as Executive Secretary for the branch and his wife is Primary President. They are preparing to go to the temple as well!

But we didn’t have much time, so we had to go. As we were walking back, I asked about another family, Regillio and Amelia. I don’t know if any of you remember, but they were like the first family I started teaching here, and he had really bad problems with the word of wisdom, and we tried EVERYTHING to get him to stop drinking, we gave up soda and stuff with him… Well yeah. So I asked about them, and Elder Dustin stopped and looked at me and kind of smiled and said, “They are getting baptized tomorrow!” So that was AWESOME! They were baptized the next day, another super cool little tender mercy, to know that our hard work back then was worth it. 🙂

As the week got closer to the end, things got busier. We had the WEDDING AND BAPTISM of Justino and Cacilda and their family! It was the biggest, nicest, fanciest wedding I have seen here. They are SOOOO rich. 🙂 It was crazy. I am currently uploading all the pictures and videos to dropbox, I will sneak on tomorrow and share them all with you guys. But yeah. The wedding was saturday, and the bride came an hour and a half late. Its kind of a tradition thing I guess. Haha but yeah, then we went to the office to help all the missionaries skype their families. We had to be there the whole time, which was kind of lame but at the same time, kind of nice because we were able to relax. 🙂

Then, sunday morning at 8 in the morning, Justino, his new wife Cacilda, their two kids Ginoca and Deena, and a 26 year old single man named Roque were all baptized! President Kretly came to baptize Justino, since he is probably going to become branch president here pretty quick. President LOVES him. Elder Douglas baptized Cacilda and Roque and I baptized the two daughters, Ginoca and Deena. The water was FREEZING but the baptismal service was simple and beautiful in contrast with their extravagant party from the day before.

Then after church, we went right back to the office to help more missionaries skype their families! I actually really liked it because I got to talk to pretty all of the elders while their companions were skyping and stuff. I really like to talk to people, and it was fun joking about transfers with them and stuff because everyone thinks we as office elders know everything. (we dont). Then, at about 6 o clock that night, while people were skyping, the power went out and we were stuck in the pitch dark with a couple of angry missionaries who lost connection with their families! Luckily though, it came back on a little while after.

Finally, everyone left and I got to skype my family. 🙂 IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS SKYPING. 🙂 The connection was good and I was on my own computer and we got to talk longer as well. It was super nice and much needed! They also had some unexpected visitors there, Kylie Walker and Josh Schmidt! Fun to talk to my friends and family. I didn’t feel depressed after this call like I did the last one!

So yeah. That was my week. It was definitely a good one, if not one of the best. I love my mission, I love the work we are doing together with The Lord here in Mozambique. I seriously KNOW that this is his work, because there is no way two goof-ball 19 year olds like me and Elder Douglas could do the things we are doing by ourselves. Watching these people change their lives and be blessed for it is the greatest feeling in the world, and should be reason enough for ANYONE to go on a mission. 🙂

Anyways. I hope you like all the photos!



Elder Poyfair

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