Week 47: Weddings, pools and fun with drunk people

171(This week’s photos can be found here! Be sure to watch the videos – the music and singing is fantastic)

Happy Monday from Mozambique! 🙂

72Nothing much to report from this side of the ocean. (Which ocean? Doesn’t matter actually. Except arctic…) Because this week was actually really busy but not too eventfull. We had a lot of office work this week, and didn’t end up getting to our area too much. However, we were able to teach some of our families! Right now we are teaching about 3 or 4 families. Ideally its more than that, and when you baptize a family, you have another one ready to replace it. However, it is not too easy to find new awesome families when you don’t get to your area that often!
Anyways, right now we are teaching Alberto and Auralina, who have opened their marriage process and are getting married and baptized on the 7th of June. They have been attending church for about a year, and have had some REALLY big problems with finding all of their marriage documents. They don’t have a lot of money but they are really nice people and I love them. 🙂
110We are teaching a family named Krislerio and Johanna as well. They are in the photo album I sent with all those pictures, she has the BIG afro. They are so so so so sweet, the coolest family. They know SO MUCH and understand the gospel so well. They are going to be leaders in the church for sure, he is just going through the legal divorce process with his old wife from a while ago so he can marry Johanna and get baptized. They are SUPER poor, they literally live in a small one room house that is literally like a room the size of Zoey’s room at my house in Lehi, with a matress where all 4 of them sleep everynight. However, they are really humble and clean and you wouldn’t even know it by looking at them.
We also have a family named Ancelmo and Beatriz, they are friends of Vasco and Quiteria, that one couple hwo is naming thier baby after me. 🙂 (speaking of them, she is close to giving birth! She didn’t come to church this week, but her husband did and said she can’t move around and the baby will probably come this week!) anyways, he was baptized in 2005ish but went inactive and then moved in with a girl who isn’t a member. Well, they have started coming back to church and making the necessariy baby steps like reading the Book of Mormon and praying together.
0p4QZFpVELBCowL0kKBD10LRx2jt7GUrIZTqxKr_dTk,n96wVG0XoseoCWymHCEt3zrdkTngHmv-t2mVzl1VGoUSo those are pretty much our families. We are working hard  to find new ones, but for right now, that is pretty much our teaching pool. Its hard when you baptize 9 people and two complete families in two weeks. 🙂
5This week we met some funny drunk people. One’s name was diamond. He spoke perfect english, but was pretty drunk. He told us his life dream was to go shopping, so we made him a list of 5 things he needs to do to acheive his dream. 1, don’t drink. (goes without saying.) 2, Don’t swear at us (because he started swearing in english.) 3, Don’t kill people (yeah…. things kind of got wierd when he told us he likes killing people. We think/hope he was just crazy or weird… but nonetheless its a necessary step.) 4, Abstain from EVERYTHING. (we said abstain from sex but he decided he should abstain from everything so we adjusted.) and 5, take a shower every day. We made him repeat these steps a couple hundred times, and he had a lot of questions. But in the end, he liked us. So yeah, I invite all of you to live those steps we taught diamond the drunk man. Hopefully he comes to church….
We had an excellent training by President Kretly to all the leaders of the mission (and President insists that we go to every leadership thing, even though we are technically not leaders.)
9OH MY GOODNESS THAT GUY IS THE GREATEST MISSION PRESIDENT. We talked a lot about leadership and he gave us a franklin covey presentation with the gospel worked into it and stuff. It was perfect. During the presentation, I got the distinct impression that our mission is being so blessed and having so much success because our leadership model is the best.
Then, on saturday, Ernesto and Claudia got married and baptized! It was the sickest wedding ever. She used to be a member of the universal church and was in  the choir there/ She got the rest of the choir to come to this wedding, and they all wore matching outfits and sang AWESOMELY. It was my favorite wedding I have been to hear. I hope you guys can see all the photos and videos I took, because there are some sweet ones!
Sunday we had 252 people at church. Its insane. My first week, less than 3 months ago, there were 175 people at church. Our branch, and the entire church in Mozambique is growing like crazy. It really is a miracle.
32President Kretly came to our branch on Sunday, and it was kind of fun because there were 9 confirmations and then the mom and dad of this family we baptized this week, Ernesto and Claudia, bore their testimonies, and then the mom and dad of the family we baptized last week, Justino and Cacilda bore their testimonies as well, and then church was over. It was literally like mine and Elder Douglas’s own personal sacrament meeting. And president was there for it! Then, that night, there was a big training for all the branch presidents and their counselors. And guess who else President Kretly invited to come? JUSTINO! Yes, the man who got baptized and recieved the aaronic preisthood last week is getting trained to be a new Branch President. Wow.
Anyways, thats probably all I have. I’m sorry, my letters have probably gotten pretty boring since I have been in the office. Just understand that the excitement of my letters is directly related to the excitement of my life. 😉 Just kidding. I love my job. I love  my mission, I love this church, I love my mom, etc. 🙂
Thanks for everything,
Elder Poyfair
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