Week 48: Swaziland, Tie Drama, Africans Rock!

11 Months ago today I got in the car and started a new life. I can’t believe it! Seems literally like it was 20 years ago and I havn’t even been alive that long. Anyways the point is being a missionary is awesome but it kind of feels like its a weird alternate reality. 

This week was pretty bland and tiring. SURPRISE, Swaziland (the country) is now a part of our mission! But we have known for about a month or so, and this week the change was made official and caused a lot of work on our end, getting all the account codes set up and having different currencies but having to pay june rents on time and stuff. CRAZY. So we didn’t get out to the area like at all.
Swaziland used to be a part of the Durban South Africa mission, they have 14 missionaries and a senior couple there that are all a part of our mission now. There are four branches, and who knows, I might end up going there!
Transfers are this week, we will probably find out in the next couple of days whats going on. Me and Elder Douglas have been together for 2 transfers, but we are thinking its about 50/50 if he stays or leaves. He has been here in the office for 7 and a half months, and its probably time for him to go, but ya never know. I love him, I could spend the rest of my mission with him. 🙂
Tomorrow the new missionaries get here, and the Heck Week begins. 🙂 Just kidding its really not that bad, just really busy and lots of babysitting shell shocked, green elders. I love it. 🙂
I am trying to think of what happened this week but really having some issues! Your week after having two weddings and families baptized is kind of a letdown!
We kind of had a litt20140524_123356le bit of drama with one of our recent converts, Cacilda. A while ago, I gave her some Capalanas (like….african fabric they wear as skirts, table clothes, use them for anything) and asked her to make me some ties from them. I showed her which parts to use and was expecting like 5 ties and thinking we would talk price later, and it wouldnt be too much seeing how I provided the capalana.
Well, I got a call this week saying that she made 17 ties and they are 100 Meticais each. Granted, that is only like 3 bucks a piece but 1700 Met is like my weekly budget!
So I called her to talk, but Cacilda is pretty much the sassiest, funniest black lady and she gets what she wants so I pretty much got man-handled over the phone and told I have to buy them all. So i accepted (didn’t really have a choice), and we went to picked them up. Luckily, they were nice ties and all well made.
Well, then I started selling them to other missionaries for 110 Met, and now Cacilda is mad at me because she thinks I am “exploiting” her and she is a poor african woman and her kids starve to death (which is such a joke since they are filthy rich) 🙂 Its pretty funny. We get really sarcastic back and forth. Africans rock.
Anyways. Sorry this is a boring letter. Sometimes on a p-day the last thing I want to do is write a letter. The first thing is usually lay on the couch and take a nap. 🙂
But Iove all of you and hope you are all doing well. I have the best family and friends ever.
Love, E Poyfair
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