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Week 50: MALARIA! Cucumbers, Baby Karli, Epiphanies and a pig.

Yes, its true! I have malaria!

Haha just kidding, no way. I have taken my anti malaria medicine every day for quite a while so I am fine. 🙂

Happy Monday! This week, on thursday, makes ONE YEAR since I started my mission. I can’t even believe it. I have heard from most of the missionaries, that everyone has one of two reactions when they hit their year-mark. They either get a little bit depressed and think, “man, I have to do that ALL over again???” And other people hit and and say “wow, a year already! I havn’t done anything yet! Its going too fast!”  I feel like (hopefully) mine will be the second one. Either way, time flies when you are having fun and I am having the time of my life.Image

This week, Elder Douglas, my beloved companion, turned twenty! I woke up early and made him breakfast and bed, and then got him some chocolates and gave him one of my ties he liked, and also some ping pong balls, because for his birthday his mom sent him a little portable set that has a net and stuff and you can put it on any table, so we put it on a little one here at the office on p-days and play ping pong. Except the set came with one star balls, and anyone who plays ping pong knows that one star balls are a joke. So I got him some three star ones, we played with them today and they work GREAT. 🙂

This week, we worked really hard during the week in the office so we could spend the whole weekend in the area and not even have to go to the office. So we did, and Saturday and Sunday were great days! On saturday alone we did 33 qualified contacts! Felt good to be normal missionaries again.

On saturday, the sisters in our district had a marriage and baptism, so we went to watch. On the way, I started talking to this Mexican guy (what he was doing in africa I have no idea) and he pulled out a cucumber and told me, in spanish, how cucumbers are really good for your digestive tube. He gave it to me, and I said “….thanks…?” and he walked away. So then we walked into the marriage and I am holding a cucumber, and everyone looks at me weird, and this little kid comes up and tells me she loves cucumbers and asks if she could have it. So of course I say yes and give her the creepy mexican cucumber. Well, the wedding went good and all, we ate cake and took photos and stuff, and then came in and started the baptismal service. Well, as the speakers are giving their talks, there is this little kid up in the front of the room, walking around with a cucumber. MY cucumber. And he keeps picking it up and thowing it on the floor and against the wall and then even threw it at someone in the audience. Anyways it sounds really stupid but all of the missionaries were laughing SO hard and everyone was mad at me for bringing the stupid cucumber. 🙂

So we have this new family named Elias and Nadia, they are SUPER elect, they came to church for the first time on sunday, and loved it, and he already requested work off for the next three weeks so he can keep coming. It is kind of fun to find new families, we don’t do it too often here in the office.

On sunday, we went out to CATEMBE, to visit Vasco and Quiteria, that couple that named their baby after my mom. Took some pictures, I will attach the link, but they are the best family. I love them so much.





On saturday, we had a lesson for the first time with a man named Gabrielle.

It was actually a really cool experience. We went to where he said we were going to meet, and he shows up and brings us to his house. He tells us his wife isn’t there, and usually we like to only teach families when both parents are there, so we would mark a different time, but we felt like we should teach them the restoration anyways. So we go there, and he calls the family in, and 7 people come out! Sisters, cousins, aunts, etc. And they don’t have many chairs, so they all just sat on the floor and listened intently to the message. It went well, and the end they told us they wanted to show us something, so they brought us back into this small room, where we saw a man lying on the floor. He was laying just on some straw, with some blankets, and he was kind of foaming at the mouth, it was obvious that he had some mental problems and some obvious physical ones as well. His family lifted up the blankets around his feet, to show that his leg were BRIGHT red, while the rest of his body was black. He was very sick, and he said that he had been for a long time. It was such a sad, tender moment; they asked us if we could pray for him, or do something. We gave him a blessing, and left, feeling pretty touched.

I really felt in that moment, the true meaning of being actual representatives of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt in my mind that that is what he would be doing if he were here in Mozambique right now. It just really helped me see the importance of what we are doing here, and how essential it is that we live and act like he did and would. That family didn’t end up coming to church or anything, but that is kind of another thing I have learned on the mission, is that many times, God will put a family in your way for you to teach, with very specific problems or circumstances, to teach and mold YOU instead of them.

Anyways, I love my mission and I am so excited to have another year to devote in service out here. 🙂


Elder Poyfair

PS Also we saw a pig.



Find all of his photos here:

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Week 49: A baby girl named Karli

Boa Tarde, meus queridos. 🙂

This week I got transferred! I am no longer in the office!

Haha just kidding that isn’t happening for a while. Happy fathers day
to all the dads out there and especially my own, I love him and am so
grateful for everything he’s done to get me to this point. 🙂 Anyways,
the week went well, Alberto, his wife Auralina, and their daughter Ana
got baptized! They are such a cute family. Ana, their daughter, is 9
years old, and she is pretty sassy. During her baptismal interview,
Elder Lynn, our Zone Leader, asked her what repentance was, and she
kind of gave him a blank look, and he said, “for example, if I hit
elder poyfair, how can I repent?” and she said, “If you hit elder
poyfair, I’ll hit you!!!” I heard it across the room because she said
it pretty loud, I thought that was funny. Alberto and Auralina also
have another daughter who is a strong catholic at 14 years old (?) who
we finally got to come to the baptism and watch. As they were walking
in, the 14 year old said, “this church is ugly.” and Ana said, “Yeah,
well at least its a true church!”  She is awesome.
Their baptism was awesome, except here in Maputo right now, it is
COLD! And we filled up the baptismal font, but the water was SUPER
cold. And Africans are scared of water but they are also scared of
cold so it didn’t work out too well. I baptized the wife, Auralina,
but it took a long time for her to come down in because of how cold
the water is. It was a struggle, I thought she wasn’t going to make
it. 🙂 But, she finally entered the water and all three of them were
baptized. It really is amazing how much the Lord is blessing
Mozambique right now. All of the missionaries in this mission are
having crazy success right now. Its so awesome!
Other than their baptism, this week really wasn’t too unusual. We
taught a new family that we thought was AWESOME, but they didn’t come
to church on sunday and they aren’t answering their phone. So that
kind of stinks. We keep looking for the right ones. 🙂 We have been
baptizing all of our families we were teaching, and havn’t had too
much luck (or time) to find their replacements. Prayers to find new
families would be greatly appreciated. 🙂
Today we went out to matola to play “Gator Ball” with all of the
elders (and some sisters). Its like soccer, but then it can switch to
football, and if you score a basket you get a point as well. Doesn’t
make too much sense but its fun and tires all of us out. 🙂

So. Early this week, Quiteria started having complications with her
baby. Her husband is Vasco, this is the first family me and Elder
Douglas baptized here, they are AWESOME and chose to name their baby
boy “poyfair” after me. 🙂 well anyways. She has been PRETTY pregnant,
and early this week  she wasn’t doing well, and went to the hospital
here in the city! We were pretty worried about her and so was her
husband! He had to take her to the hospital, but had left their other
kids at the house alone, and had to go back to them, leaving her at
the hospital, in bad condition, with no way to communicate! So we went
over to visit her, ended up going to the wrong hospital and
everything, but eventually got there, and sadly the doctors said we
couldn’t go in where she was. So we were leaving, a little sad and
worried, when a nurse came running out and told us that she had just
given birth!! To a healthy, baby GIRL! We called Vasco to let him know
everything was ok, and that it was a girl and everything, and he was
really surprised but happy, because they thought it would be a boy. So
yeah, he was going to be named poyfair, but then she was a girl so it
wouldn’t work out. Well, two or three days later, he called, asking
what my Mom’s name is! I told him her name is Karli,


Awww. I got so happy. Its such a better name for a baby than Poyfair.
🙂 We talked to him on sunday, we talked about my mom, and how awesome
she is, and I had a photo of her, and showed it to him, and he got all
excited and stuff. So yeah. Mom, there is an african baby here with
your name! We are visiting them this week so I will be sure to take
pictures and send them.

Anyways, that was basically my week. Love you all,

Elder Poyfair.

OH YEAH! This week we also went to Catembe! I took a lot of pictures
as well of the boat ride. Enjoy!

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Week 48: Three days in Swaziland!

Photos and videos are found here

Hello Beloved Friends and Family,

This week was the CRAZIEST! Literally probably one of the wildest
weeks on my mission so far. Such a fun week. BUT. It all started on

Monday we had P-day, and then at Midnight we were supposed to go and
pick up two Elders from Beira. So we hung out, studied, and emailed
until we were supposed to go, when we called the airport and they told
us that the flight was delayed an hour. So an hour later, we call and
they still say that it is delayed. So then, its finally like 2 in the
morning, and we leave, get pulled over by some corrupt cops on the
way, and make it to the airport. Well, we get there, and it is EMPTY.
There is literally no one. I mean, figures, since its two in the
morning… so we talk with a worker who was sleeping, and he says the
flight from Beira came in a while ago, and that there were two
missionaries who looked like us who came, and were looking for a taxi
to take them to Magoanine, where they were supposed to go. However,
they don’t know how to get to the house! We call the house, and no one
is there. So we thought that they just found somebody looking to make
some money, who said they knew where to go but they didnt! Well, its a
long story, but basically, we drove all around until like 4 in the
morning until we found out that they got taken to our house. So we go
home, get just a teeny little bit of sleep, and then go to Staff

Staff meeting went well, Its us, president, AP’s, Sister kretly,
tualufo, and the senior couples. So, this was tuesday, and the next
day president was going to Swaziland to bring all of the missionaries
who got transferred and give some training and stuff. And the whole
time during staff meeting I was thinking about how cool it would be to
go to Swaziland and how I could make a good case for it. Oh yeah,
Tuesday was President’s birthday! So after staff meeting, he took all
of us out to Rodizios, that brazillian stake house that is like
tucano’s but better. I know, missionary life…it’s rough! 🙂 So we
ate a lot of food, and had them bring out a cake and sang to him and
stuff. Then, later that night, we were working at the office and so
was President. So we were bringing him something, and I told him we
had a proposition, and explained how we are changing the way we do a
lot of things financially there in Swaziland, and how we could give a
training and stuff, blah blah blah why ONE of us could go to
swaziland. And as I was talking, I knew I was kind of getting shot
down. He started saying how it wouldn’t work because of this, that,
blah blah blah, and I said, “ok, thats fine, thats what I thought, no
problem.” and was walking away, when he called out, “Elder Poyfair”,
and I went back, and he said, “Let us talk for a minute” reffering to
him and his wife. So I went downstairs, and was making his
reservation, when he called all of us up. I finished making the hotel
reservation and went up, and President was saying how there was a
change of plans, and now ALL OF US, AP’s, me and elder douglas would
be going to Swaziland, to give trainings and also live with the
missionaries and help give them the divisions and walk with them and
We were all so excited. We went home, got packed and everything, and
went to bed.

Next day, we left at around 2 in the afternoon, but like 10 minutes
before we left, one of the aps found out he had lost his passport and
couldn’t go! So they had to stay, and me and Elder Douglas went. IT
WAS AWESOME! It was a four and a half hour drive, and so so sweet. We
got there late, and went to the store, and THEY HAD MOUNTAIN DEW! So.
It was the first time seeing it in about a year, so I… Bought all of
the Mountain Dew the store had. All of it. So I could smuggle it back
in to Mozambique. President thought that was pretty funny. He kept
laughing at me. 🙂

So we got dropped off to stay with the Elders from Ezulwini, at their
house, which is like a NICE cabin in the middle of the woods there! It
was fun. We slept in this place that didn’t have a door! I took a
picture of it, I hope it sends over. Just a cage and curtains! There
was also a HUGE dog that roams around the area that likes to sleep
outside the missionarie’s house. Swaziland is really cool! It has a
lot of mountains and it was really really cold. So we had our
financial training the next morning, it went well, we went to eat, and
then we went on a division, I walked with Elder Banovic. He has been
out for about a year, and I was really impressed! The elders there are
kind of in a difficult position, changing ideas and vision and
everything. But there are a few who seem excited and ready to learn.
So yeah, we talked with all the missionaries, and taught some lessons
and contacting people in english! It was difficult. 🙂

Then, we woke up at like 5 and drove home, getting back in time for my
first district meeting (which went well). We had a lot of work to
catch up on! Then on saturday, Aurelina and Alberto, one of our
couples we are teaching, got married! They had a super fancy marriage,
the congregation sang “how great thou art” in dialect, I attatched the
video, that was way cool!

So yeah. Sorry It isn’t too descriptive, but I hope the photos will
help. I am loving life out here, I am not trying to brag our anything
but I seriously wonder if any one has a cooler mission than me. 🙂

Love you all,

Elder Poyfair

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Week 47: Heck Week, New Branch President, DL over AP’s

Good evening, today was Transfer Day and while the entire mission was expecting Elder Douglas (my companion) to finally leave the office after being there for 7 months of his mission….

NOPE. He is still here, we will serve together for another six weeks. So crazy. 🙂 Its ok though. I think if it were anyone else, serving for 3 transfers (4 and a half months) with the same companion would stink but we are really good friends and get along great, so it is ok. I was just a teeny bit bummed to find out he was leaving ONLY because it means that my own time here in the office is being lengthened as well, seeing as it takes 3 months to train someone to be office elder. Basically, it is for sure that I will be here until October, AT LEAST. Yay me. 🙂


However, we were the highest baptizing companionship in the mission this month! We baptized 2 families, 9 people in total. It was funny because everyone thinks the office elders just sit on their butts on the computer all day and don’t know how to do missionary work, and then today, when the mission newsletter went out, everyone saw that we baptized the most people!

This week was heck week. Aka the week before transfers. New missionaries come in, and we have to deal with them, and getting them to all of the embassies and such, and to their areas on time. We had plane tickets bought for friday morning to leave to Beira leaving at 6:30 in the morning (only time available, we woke up at 4) but then we found out that their tickets didn’t get approved because we submitted them late and they were sold out of tickets for that day, so we had to wait another day with them. It stunk!

This week was really busy, we were only able to get to our proselyting area twice! We got to go on splits with the new missionaries one night, and that is always my favorite, because the new missionaries are so fresh and excited and overwhelmed, but want to share their message but can’t speak the language. I love being with them. It reminds me of when I first got into the country and did the same thing. 🙂

We had a pretty funny/awesome experience on Sunday. We were sitting in sacrament meeting, and President Castenheira, the District President
(Stake President where there are branches instead of wards) stands up at the pulpit, and asks our Branch President, President Nihoa, to stand up. He informs the congregation that President Nihoa was being released after serving for a long time. All of the missionaries were a little shocked, we all loved President Nihoa and his enthusiasm for missionary work, and it was really random and unexpected. He then asked President Nihoa to sit down. Then, he said, “Will Brother Justino Ancelmo please stand up.” All of the members and missionaries mouths dropped. Justino, sitting close to me, stands up. If you remember, he is the husband of one of these families we baptized this month. He was baptized on May 10, literally 4 weeks before. “It is proposed that we sustain Justino Ancelmo to be BRANCH PRESIDENT of Maputo 2!!!!” And ALL of the missionaries looked over at me and Elder Douglas. Our Recent Convert was called to be the Branch President of
the strongest branch in Mozambique, with a weekly attendance of about 250 every week! WOW!!! Such a cool feeling. It was testimony meeting,
and President Nihoa got up and gave a GREAT testimony about supporting our leaders and how he knows Justino will do a great job and stuff, and then Justino bore his testimony as well, and it was perfect. That man is AMAZING. He is the greatest and he will do SUCH a good job as Branch President. He had been interviewed by President Kretly before, and recieved the mechizedek preiesthood that morning. SO COOL!

There was some big surprises with transfers today, Swaziland was made a part of our mission a couple of weeks ago but today, transfers came out and 2 SISTERS ARE GOING TO SWAZILAND FROM OUR MISSION! It is great for them because they have been in maputo their whole missions, so two finally get to leave. 🙂 In addition, 4 of our missions best elders are going there, to help spread the vision and stuff. So that is exciting for our mission. 🙂

Also, we got the transfer slide, but it didn’t show a District Leader in our District, Maputo 2 because normally the district leader is one of the AP’s and on the slide it would say AP and not DL. So they asked president last night who the district leader for our district, and one AP thought it would be the other one, and vice versa, but he said it was me! So I will be the district leader for Maputo 2, which includes three sisters and the APs and us and also Maxixe. So that is pretty cool, I am way excited!

Anyways. Tonight at midnight we have to go and pick up some Elders flying in from beira and take them to their areas. So I am NOT looking forward to that! Tomorrow is President’s Birthday, we will be having a little party here at the office. I’m doing way good, loving life here in the Office and on the mission. 🙂

Love, Elder Poyfair

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