Week 47: Heck Week, New Branch President, DL over AP’s

Good evening, today was Transfer Day and while the entire mission was expecting Elder Douglas (my companion) to finally leave the office after being there for 7 months of his mission….

NOPE. He is still here, we will serve together for another six weeks. So crazy. 🙂 Its ok though. I think if it were anyone else, serving for 3 transfers (4 and a half months) with the same companion would stink but we are really good friends and get along great, so it is ok. I was just a teeny bit bummed to find out he was leaving ONLY because it means that my own time here in the office is being lengthened as well, seeing as it takes 3 months to train someone to be office elder. Basically, it is for sure that I will be here until October, AT LEAST. Yay me. 🙂


However, we were the highest baptizing companionship in the mission this month! We baptized 2 families, 9 people in total. It was funny because everyone thinks the office elders just sit on their butts on the computer all day and don’t know how to do missionary work, and then today, when the mission newsletter went out, everyone saw that we baptized the most people!

This week was heck week. Aka the week before transfers. New missionaries come in, and we have to deal with them, and getting them to all of the embassies and such, and to their areas on time. We had plane tickets bought for friday morning to leave to Beira leaving at 6:30 in the morning (only time available, we woke up at 4) but then we found out that their tickets didn’t get approved because we submitted them late and they were sold out of tickets for that day, so we had to wait another day with them. It stunk!

This week was really busy, we were only able to get to our proselyting area twice! We got to go on splits with the new missionaries one night, and that is always my favorite, because the new missionaries are so fresh and excited and overwhelmed, but want to share their message but can’t speak the language. I love being with them. It reminds me of when I first got into the country and did the same thing. 🙂

We had a pretty funny/awesome experience on Sunday. We were sitting in sacrament meeting, and President Castenheira, the District President
(Stake President where there are branches instead of wards) stands up at the pulpit, and asks our Branch President, President Nihoa, to stand up. He informs the congregation that President Nihoa was being released after serving for a long time. All of the missionaries were a little shocked, we all loved President Nihoa and his enthusiasm for missionary work, and it was really random and unexpected. He then asked President Nihoa to sit down. Then, he said, “Will Brother Justino Ancelmo please stand up.” All of the members and missionaries mouths dropped. Justino, sitting close to me, stands up. If you remember, he is the husband of one of these families we baptized this month. He was baptized on May 10, literally 4 weeks before. “It is proposed that we sustain Justino Ancelmo to be BRANCH PRESIDENT of Maputo 2!!!!” And ALL of the missionaries looked over at me and Elder Douglas. Our Recent Convert was called to be the Branch President of
the strongest branch in Mozambique, with a weekly attendance of about 250 every week! WOW!!! Such a cool feeling. It was testimony meeting,
and President Nihoa got up and gave a GREAT testimony about supporting our leaders and how he knows Justino will do a great job and stuff, and then Justino bore his testimony as well, and it was perfect. That man is AMAZING. He is the greatest and he will do SUCH a good job as Branch President. He had been interviewed by President Kretly before, and recieved the mechizedek preiesthood that morning. SO COOL!

There was some big surprises with transfers today, Swaziland was made a part of our mission a couple of weeks ago but today, transfers came out and 2 SISTERS ARE GOING TO SWAZILAND FROM OUR MISSION! It is great for them because they have been in maputo their whole missions, so two finally get to leave. 🙂 In addition, 4 of our missions best elders are going there, to help spread the vision and stuff. So that is exciting for our mission. 🙂

Also, we got the transfer slide, but it didn’t show a District Leader in our District, Maputo 2 because normally the district leader is one of the AP’s and on the slide it would say AP and not DL. So they asked president last night who the district leader for our district, and one AP thought it would be the other one, and vice versa, but he said it was me! So I will be the district leader for Maputo 2, which includes three sisters and the APs and us and also Maxixe. So that is pretty cool, I am way excited!

Anyways. Tonight at midnight we have to go and pick up some Elders flying in from beira and take them to their areas. So I am NOT looking forward to that! Tomorrow is President’s Birthday, we will be having a little party here at the office. I’m doing way good, loving life here in the Office and on the mission. 🙂

Love, Elder Poyfair

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