Week 48: Three days in Swaziland!

Photos and videos are found here

Hello Beloved Friends and Family,

This week was the CRAZIEST! Literally probably one of the wildest
weeks on my mission so far. Such a fun week. BUT. It all started on

Monday we had P-day, and then at Midnight we were supposed to go and
pick up two Elders from Beira. So we hung out, studied, and emailed
until we were supposed to go, when we called the airport and they told
us that the flight was delayed an hour. So an hour later, we call and
they still say that it is delayed. So then, its finally like 2 in the
morning, and we leave, get pulled over by some corrupt cops on the
way, and make it to the airport. Well, we get there, and it is EMPTY.
There is literally no one. I mean, figures, since its two in the
morning… so we talk with a worker who was sleeping, and he says the
flight from Beira came in a while ago, and that there were two
missionaries who looked like us who came, and were looking for a taxi
to take them to Magoanine, where they were supposed to go. However,
they don’t know how to get to the house! We call the house, and no one
is there. So we thought that they just found somebody looking to make
some money, who said they knew where to go but they didnt! Well, its a
long story, but basically, we drove all around until like 4 in the
morning until we found out that they got taken to our house. So we go
home, get just a teeny little bit of sleep, and then go to Staff

Staff meeting went well, Its us, president, AP’s, Sister kretly,
tualufo, and the senior couples. So, this was tuesday, and the next
day president was going to Swaziland to bring all of the missionaries
who got transferred and give some training and stuff. And the whole
time during staff meeting I was thinking about how cool it would be to
go to Swaziland and how I could make a good case for it. Oh yeah,
Tuesday was President’s birthday! So after staff meeting, he took all
of us out to Rodizios, that brazillian stake house that is like
tucano’s but better. I know, missionary life…it’s rough! πŸ™‚ So we
ate a lot of food, and had them bring out a cake and sang to him and
stuff. Then, later that night, we were working at the office and so
was President. So we were bringing him something, and I told him we
had a proposition, and explained how we are changing the way we do a
lot of things financially there in Swaziland, and how we could give a
training and stuff, blah blah blah why ONE of us could go to
swaziland. And as I was talking, I knew I was kind of getting shot
down. He started saying how it wouldn’t work because of this, that,
blah blah blah, and I said, “ok, thats fine, thats what I thought, no
problem.” and was walking away, when he called out, “Elder Poyfair”,
and I went back, and he said, “Let us talk for a minute” reffering to
him and his wife. So I went downstairs, and was making his
reservation, when he called all of us up. I finished making the hotel
reservation and went up, and President was saying how there was a
change of plans, and now ALL OF US, AP’s, me and elder douglas would
be going to Swaziland, to give trainings and also live with the
missionaries and help give them the divisions and walk with them and
We were all so excited. We went home, got packed and everything, and
went to bed.

Next day, we left at around 2 in the afternoon, but like 10 minutes
before we left, one of the aps found out he had lost his passport and
couldn’t go! So they had to stay, and me and Elder Douglas went. IT
WAS AWESOME! It was a four and a half hour drive, and so so sweet. We
got there late, and went to the store, and THEY HAD MOUNTAIN DEW! So.
It was the first time seeing it in about a year, so I… Bought all of
the Mountain Dew the store had. All of it. So I could smuggle it back
in to Mozambique. President thought that was pretty funny. He kept
laughing at me. πŸ™‚

So we got dropped off to stay with the Elders from Ezulwini, at their
house, which is like a NICE cabin in the middle of the woods there! It
was fun. We slept in this place that didn’t have a door! I took a
picture of it, I hope it sends over. Just a cage and curtains! There
was also a HUGE dog that roams around the area that likes to sleep
outside the missionarie’s house. Swaziland is really cool! It has a
lot of mountains and it was really really cold. So we had our
financial training the next morning, it went well, we went to eat, and
then we went on a division, I walked with Elder Banovic. He has been
out for about a year, and I was really impressed! The elders there are
kind of in a difficult position, changing ideas and vision and
everything. But there are a few who seem excited and ready to learn.
So yeah, we talked with all the missionaries, and taught some lessons
and contacting people in english! It was difficult. πŸ™‚

Then, we woke up at like 5 and drove home, getting back in time for my
first district meeting (which went well). We had a lot of work to
catch up on! Then on saturday, Aurelina and Alberto, one of our
couples we are teaching, got married! They had a super fancy marriage,
the congregation sang “how great thou art” in dialect, I attatched the
video, that was way cool!

So yeah. Sorry It isn’t too descriptive, but I hope the photos will
help. I am loving life out here, I am not trying to brag our anything
but I seriously wonder if any one has a cooler mission than me. πŸ™‚

Love you all,

Elder Poyfair

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