Week 49: A baby girl named Karli

Boa Tarde, meus queridos. 🙂

This week I got transferred! I am no longer in the office!

Haha just kidding that isn’t happening for a while. Happy fathers day
to all the dads out there and especially my own, I love him and am so
grateful for everything he’s done to get me to this point. 🙂 Anyways,
the week went well, Alberto, his wife Auralina, and their daughter Ana
got baptized! They are such a cute family. Ana, their daughter, is 9
years old, and she is pretty sassy. During her baptismal interview,
Elder Lynn, our Zone Leader, asked her what repentance was, and she
kind of gave him a blank look, and he said, “for example, if I hit
elder poyfair, how can I repent?” and she said, “If you hit elder
poyfair, I’ll hit you!!!” I heard it across the room because she said
it pretty loud, I thought that was funny. Alberto and Auralina also
have another daughter who is a strong catholic at 14 years old (?) who
we finally got to come to the baptism and watch. As they were walking
in, the 14 year old said, “this church is ugly.” and Ana said, “Yeah,
well at least its a true church!”  She is awesome.
Their baptism was awesome, except here in Maputo right now, it is
COLD! And we filled up the baptismal font, but the water was SUPER
cold. And Africans are scared of water but they are also scared of
cold so it didn’t work out too well. I baptized the wife, Auralina,
but it took a long time for her to come down in because of how cold
the water is. It was a struggle, I thought she wasn’t going to make
it. 🙂 But, she finally entered the water and all three of them were
baptized. It really is amazing how much the Lord is blessing
Mozambique right now. All of the missionaries in this mission are
having crazy success right now. Its so awesome!
Other than their baptism, this week really wasn’t too unusual. We
taught a new family that we thought was AWESOME, but they didn’t come
to church on sunday and they aren’t answering their phone. So that
kind of stinks. We keep looking for the right ones. 🙂 We have been
baptizing all of our families we were teaching, and havn’t had too
much luck (or time) to find their replacements. Prayers to find new
families would be greatly appreciated. 🙂
Today we went out to matola to play “Gator Ball” with all of the
elders (and some sisters). Its like soccer, but then it can switch to
football, and if you score a basket you get a point as well. Doesn’t
make too much sense but its fun and tires all of us out. 🙂

So. Early this week, Quiteria started having complications with her
baby. Her husband is Vasco, this is the first family me and Elder
Douglas baptized here, they are AWESOME and chose to name their baby
boy “poyfair” after me. 🙂 well anyways. She has been PRETTY pregnant,
and early this week  she wasn’t doing well, and went to the hospital
here in the city! We were pretty worried about her and so was her
husband! He had to take her to the hospital, but had left their other
kids at the house alone, and had to go back to them, leaving her at
the hospital, in bad condition, with no way to communicate! So we went
over to visit her, ended up going to the wrong hospital and
everything, but eventually got there, and sadly the doctors said we
couldn’t go in where she was. So we were leaving, a little sad and
worried, when a nurse came running out and told us that she had just
given birth!! To a healthy, baby GIRL! We called Vasco to let him know
everything was ok, and that it was a girl and everything, and he was
really surprised but happy, because they thought it would be a boy. So
yeah, he was going to be named poyfair, but then she was a girl so it
wouldn’t work out. Well, two or three days later, he called, asking
what my Mom’s name is! I told him her name is Karli,


Awww. I got so happy. Its such a better name for a baby than Poyfair.
🙂 We talked to him on sunday, we talked about my mom, and how awesome
she is, and I had a photo of her, and showed it to him, and he got all
excited and stuff. So yeah. Mom, there is an african baby here with
your name! We are visiting them this week so I will be sure to take
pictures and send them.

Anyways, that was basically my week. Love you all,

Elder Poyfair.

OH YEAH! This week we also went to Catembe! I took a lot of pictures
as well of the boat ride. Enjoy!

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