Week 50: MALARIA! Cucumbers, Baby Karli, Epiphanies and a pig.

Yes, its true! I have malaria!

Haha just kidding, no way. I have taken my anti malaria medicine every day for quite a while so I am fine. 🙂

Happy Monday! This week, on thursday, makes ONE YEAR since I started my mission. I can’t even believe it. I have heard from most of the missionaries, that everyone has one of two reactions when they hit their year-mark. They either get a little bit depressed and think, “man, I have to do that ALL over again???” And other people hit and and say “wow, a year already! I havn’t done anything yet! Its going too fast!”  I feel like (hopefully) mine will be the second one. Either way, time flies when you are having fun and I am having the time of my life.Image

This week, Elder Douglas, my beloved companion, turned twenty! I woke up early and made him breakfast and bed, and then got him some chocolates and gave him one of my ties he liked, and also some ping pong balls, because for his birthday his mom sent him a little portable set that has a net and stuff and you can put it on any table, so we put it on a little one here at the office on p-days and play ping pong. Except the set came with one star balls, and anyone who plays ping pong knows that one star balls are a joke. So I got him some three star ones, we played with them today and they work GREAT. 🙂

This week, we worked really hard during the week in the office so we could spend the whole weekend in the area and not even have to go to the office. So we did, and Saturday and Sunday were great days! On saturday alone we did 33 qualified contacts! Felt good to be normal missionaries again.

On saturday, the sisters in our district had a marriage and baptism, so we went to watch. On the way, I started talking to this Mexican guy (what he was doing in africa I have no idea) and he pulled out a cucumber and told me, in spanish, how cucumbers are really good for your digestive tube. He gave it to me, and I said “….thanks…?” and he walked away. So then we walked into the marriage and I am holding a cucumber, and everyone looks at me weird, and this little kid comes up and tells me she loves cucumbers and asks if she could have it. So of course I say yes and give her the creepy mexican cucumber. Well, the wedding went good and all, we ate cake and took photos and stuff, and then came in and started the baptismal service. Well, as the speakers are giving their talks, there is this little kid up in the front of the room, walking around with a cucumber. MY cucumber. And he keeps picking it up and thowing it on the floor and against the wall and then even threw it at someone in the audience. Anyways it sounds really stupid but all of the missionaries were laughing SO hard and everyone was mad at me for bringing the stupid cucumber. 🙂

So we have this new family named Elias and Nadia, they are SUPER elect, they came to church for the first time on sunday, and loved it, and he already requested work off for the next three weeks so he can keep coming. It is kind of fun to find new families, we don’t do it too often here in the office.

On sunday, we went out to CATEMBE, to visit Vasco and Quiteria, that couple that named their baby after my mom. Took some pictures, I will attach the link, but they are the best family. I love them so much.





On saturday, we had a lesson for the first time with a man named Gabrielle.

It was actually a really cool experience. We went to where he said we were going to meet, and he shows up and brings us to his house. He tells us his wife isn’t there, and usually we like to only teach families when both parents are there, so we would mark a different time, but we felt like we should teach them the restoration anyways. So we go there, and he calls the family in, and 7 people come out! Sisters, cousins, aunts, etc. And they don’t have many chairs, so they all just sat on the floor and listened intently to the message. It went well, and the end they told us they wanted to show us something, so they brought us back into this small room, where we saw a man lying on the floor. He was laying just on some straw, with some blankets, and he was kind of foaming at the mouth, it was obvious that he had some mental problems and some obvious physical ones as well. His family lifted up the blankets around his feet, to show that his leg were BRIGHT red, while the rest of his body was black. He was very sick, and he said that he had been for a long time. It was such a sad, tender moment; they asked us if we could pray for him, or do something. We gave him a blessing, and left, feeling pretty touched.

I really felt in that moment, the true meaning of being actual representatives of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt in my mind that that is what he would be doing if he were here in Mozambique right now. It just really helped me see the importance of what we are doing here, and how essential it is that we live and act like he did and would. That family didn’t end up coming to church or anything, but that is kind of another thing I have learned on the mission, is that many times, God will put a family in your way for you to teach, with very specific problems or circumstances, to teach and mold YOU instead of them.

Anyways, I love my mission and I am so excited to have another year to devote in service out here. 🙂


Elder Poyfair

PS Also we saw a pig.



Find all of his photos here:


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