Week 52: Family History, Zone Conference, Integrity, No keys

Happy Monday! This week was crazy! Being a Secretary is a whole
different mission!

(I’m sorry. I completely understand that every weekly letter starts
EXACTLY LIKE THAT. You’re just going to have to bear with me though,
because its true. It’s kind of like a mission in general, every day
you do more or less the same thing. So yeah, my letters are going to
all kind of start the sameish. Its just how it is) 🙂

For real though, this week was pretty crazy. It started off with
“pday” one week ago, which was kind of a joke unless the “p” starts
for Packed. Elders from Maxixe got into the bus stop on one side of
the city at about the same time the elders from Chimoio had to be
picked up from the airport, at about the same time that the bus with
20 elders from swaziland needed to be guided to the mission office, at
about the same time that one of the senior couples here got in a car
accident on the way to go shopping. 🙂


Luckily, we had two cars because the APs were working with president
on last minute Zone Conference and stuff so we were able to split and
take missionaries with us to make sure everyone got put into place and
happy. It all worked out. It was the day before zone conference, and
we were told by president to have our “Minha Familia” (my family)
booklets filled out, and I had everything except for the memories and
stories for a couple of family members. Luckily, RIGHT before we left
for the office at night, I checked on the computer and both of my
parents had sent me the things I needed! So, without even reading
them, I pushed “print” and brought them with me to our house. We got
home pretty late, but I stayed up a little later transfering what they
had emailed me into my little booklet.

And it was the coolest little spiritual experience! As I was writing
my parents memories and thoughts about their ancestors, looking there
at their pictures I had printed out and everything, I realized how
much I really didn’t know about these people. And I loved it! I dunno.
I had never met a lot of them, and it was just a really cool little
moment I had, sitting cross legged on my bed with a little lamp on,
learning about my relatives.

Anyways. The next day we woke up at about 5 o clock, because they were
like 10 elders at our house and we all had to get ready and drive to
matola, about 30 minutes away. So we get all ready, and then ended up
having to go all the way to the other side of maputo to pick up the
swaziland elders staying at the office, because the APs weren’t ready
on time. So we rushed over there, picked them up, and had gotten kind
of far, when we realized we had forgotton the apples at the office, so
we had to turn around and go and pick up the 75 apples we left.
Luckily we still got there with plenty of time, so that was good. 🙂

Zone Conference itself went well. It was a really inspired training,
and President Kretly is phenomenal. He has such a gift and it is such
a blessing to learn from him. The theme of the conference had to do
with the difference between an “Ordinary” missionary and an
“Extraordinary” one. One of the things I especially liked was when we
talked about how an ordinary missionary goes on a mission and comes
back the same person, while an extraordinary missionary goes and comes
back a completely different person.

We watched a video clip from a talk by Tad R Callister called,
“Becoming men and women of integrity”. Obviously the whole talk is
good, but the part we watched talked about an experience he had as
mission president with an elder who was struggling with disobedience.
The clip talks about how on a mission, when a missionary only changes
his behavior (doing missionary things), he comes back the same person
and have the same weaknesses and such. But when he goes and changes
his nature, he will come back different and the type of man the lord
wants him to be. I don’t know, probably doesn’t make too much sense,
but I loved it. I think I can be kind of guilty of that sometimes,
only changing my actions and not my way of being. And I was pretty
resistent as well, especially at the beginning, of changeing on the
mission. I always made fun of those kids who came back totally
different, and “stiff” or boring and all that, and said, “that’ll
never happen to me!”

And it won’t. However, I believe that your mission can change you for
the better if you let it, and that change doesn’t have to be the kind
of becoming boring and not liking fun, but can be a perfecting of lots
of the little things. 🙂

Yeah. The next day was busy as well, getting everyone taken back to
the airport and stuff, but all left well, and later that night
President and the APs were catching a flight to beira. The APs were
late, and we had to speed there, almost missing the flight. In the
confusion, the APs took our house keys with them! So we got back to
our house late that night, and realized we had no keys! IT WAS SO
BAD! No tooth brush, clothes, food, NOTHING. We were pretty upset,
after a pretty stressful week and stuff but did our best to “come what
may and love it.” 🙂

We drove back to the office, and slept there. Luckily they were able
to send the keys by airmail and we got them the next day.

Well, I’m about out of time. Things are going really good here. I love
my mission. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. Transfers are next
week and I am excited to see the changes in the mission. I love you
all, miss you guys so much!


Elder Poyfair

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