Week 53: Transferred!


I’m still here in the office and SO IS ELDER DOUGLAS!!!! Yeah. 🙂 This is his 7th transfer in the office. At the end of this he will have been there for 10 and a half months. SO LONG! We are also receiving a third missionary! We will be in a tripanionship with Elder Lourenco, from BRAZIL!!! He came to mozambique about 3 months ago and was serving in Brazil before that. He speaks fluent english, and was supposedly emo before he came here but I have met him and he is super cool! I am way excited, it will be fun to have him here with us and interesting to see how it works with us two training him to be office elder. Something happened with the APs similar a couple of transfers ago with the aps, there were two and then a third one went in, they both trained him and then the next transfer they both left. Hey, it could happen, right? Haha. So yeah. 6 months of my mission spent with Elder Douglas! Crazy!


Elder Proksch, my trainer left for the United States today! Completed two years and stepped on the plane about an hour ago. I got to talk to him alot, he flew in on Friday and being here in the office, we had plenty of time to talk and stuff. He helped me so much, I freaking love him and it was pretty weird to see him go.

This week we really didn’t get out into the area too much, we were SUPER busy! The new missionaries arrived on Tuesday, Elder Mejia and Walker and McAllister. Elder McAllister said he went to school with Maddie Halcrow my cousiin! They were all pretty cool, a missionary named Elder Khumalo arrived the next day from South Africa. We took them around, getting all of their documents and stuff, and Elder Khumalo kept saying his tooth hurt, so the next day, Elder Douglas stayed at the office and President had me take him to the dentist, which was a little interesting because he didn’t speak any portuguese and the dentist didn’t speak any english. So I was translating, and it was a little sad because he was really scared of needles and didn’t want any needles but the Dentist said his tooth was so bad, all they could do was numb him up and pull it out. So I had to stay there and watch while the brand new missionary got his tooth pulled out by scary people who don’t speak the same language as he moaned and cried. I hated it. We went and got him some pain medications, and he went to sleep.


We have a banana tree here at the office, it finally gave us some fruit!

I got to go out and walk one night with Elder Walker, from pleasant grove. I had kind of an interesting experience with him, we went to teach a new family that I had contacted on the street, and we got there at their house and started to teach, and Elder Walker would say a little bit and then I would kind of explain and say a lot, and then him a little bit, and then me kind of rush in and correct and stuff.

And at first, I was a little bit worried, like, “they aren’t going to understand him, and its going to ruin them”, and then, we got to the part in the restoration about Joseph Smith, and he looked at me and said, in English, “Joseph Smith?” and I nodded and decided to let him just go. So he started in, explaining the background of Joseph Smith, and his question, and everything. And he did NOT speak too well, his portuguese did not make much sense, but he kept going, and I LOVED IT! The family was so attentive, and you could feel the spirit as he struggled through it. You could tell it was something important to him, and it was a nice reminder to me as now one of the kind of older missionaries (wow) that it doesn’t matter what we know or how good we are at the language, all that matters is the Spirit that we have.

Tonight, we go once again at midnight to pick up all of the Elders when they come down from Beira. There were A LOT of changes this transfer, and tons of tickets to buy and elders coming down and stuff. So tonight will be another late night.


This is the Maputo 2 with the missionaries who are leaving, including Elder Proksch!

We have been working with a family for quite a while now named Ancelmo and Beatriz. We have been kind of struggling with them, because they did not want to get married and just wanted to keep pushing it off until next year. This is a problem, because they are still living in sin and cannot be baptized. Well, last week we had a really good lesson with them, and they said they would talk it over and think about it. We went back this week and they said they wanted to get married in secret without telling the family as soon as possible! It really was a miracle, this family is awesome. We are working with a few others as well, but none of them are really close to marriage and baptism yet.


Our District. Maputo 2. The best one in Mozambique. 🙂

Well, thats pretty much my week in a nutshell. Not the most exciting letter, I know, but transfer week is always pretty crazy! I would just like some sleep. 🙂

Thanks for everything, love you all,

Elder Poyfair

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