Week 54: Milk and super glue

Hiya family! And Friends!

This week starting out on a promising note because ON MONDAY WHEN WE
WENT SHOPPING ON P-DAY WE FOUND PASTEURIZED MILK!!! I bought so so so much of it. I don’t think you understand how big of a deal this is.
Here, all of the milk is purified through the “uht” process.
Basically, while pasteurized milk has to be refrigerated and goes bad
after a little bit, UHT milk doesn’t have to be refrigerated until it
is opened and lasts way longer. Plus its cheaper. However it tastes
WAY different and not in a good way. Point is, there is no pasteurized
milk here, and you just kind of get used to the crappy milk. UNTIL
LAST WEEK! So nice. It was the first time in a while where I just
poured a big glass of milk and drank it. You kind of learn to
appreciate the little things like that here. 🙂

Things are going great out here in the MOZ. I am getting along well
with my two companions, Elder Douglas and Elder Lourenco. Elder
Douglas has been my companion since March, and we have the same sense
of humor and sometimes say the same things at the same times in the
middle of lessons because we have been together so long. Then, Elder
Lourenco. He is a 22 year old brazillian from Sao Paulo, and he is so
so legit! He speaks FLUENT english, and used to be a crazy rock star!
He was in a “The system of a Down” cover band! They played a lot of
shows and stuff. I don’t know it anyone knows who they are (you
probably shouldn’t, they are a very heavy hard almost satanic metal
band), but he was the singer. He has really changed though, he is a
super funny kid who says “dude” and “freak” a lot, and is learning all
of the office stuff really fast.

The week started out with us going with the APs and President Kretly
to pick up the missionaries who were transferred from Beira back to
maputo at midnight. President went because a sister from there is
starting her mission here, and President and Sister wanted to make
sure she was well taken care of and stuff. So we picked everyone up,
including some old friends from the MTC, and took them to their areas.
We didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning! I woke up the next
morning with a super sore throut, and was pretty sick from then up
until yesterday. I am feeling better now though. 🙂 Just lack of
sleep. #officeelderlife

Speaking of Office Elder life, this weekend I had a pretty funny
accident that would literally ONLY happen in the office! We were at
our desks, and I had a little tube of superglue and I was kind of
bending it back and forth without thinking about it as we were
talking. Well, suddenly, I felt like my face was getting sprayed, and
then my eye started to sting really bad, and I realized that the super
glue had exploded all over my face and in my eye! I ran to the sink
and started flushing it with water as I felt my whole face and hair
hardening. It was awful! Most of it came off of my face but in my
eye/eyelashes and especially in my hair, it was AWFUL. It took a lot
of work and pain to get it all out! Like what kind of a mission story
is that?!?! #officeelderlife

In other news, we are finding some AWESOME families here! Our area is
being super blessed, and we had two new families at church! Sorry, we
have to go like right now to pick up an elder from the airport.

Missions rock, I am learning a lot and absolutely love it here!
Have a good week,

Elder Poyfair



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