Week 54: More Transfers, finding lost keys

Hi! How are ya!

Once again its P-day and I am trying to bring in all my thoughts and
experiences from the week and put them into a letter to let you all
know just a little bit of what is happening in my life.

It’s hard. 🙂

And once again, I am short on time, so it is going to have to be a
sweetened-condensed version of my week. 🙂

This week I passed 13 months on the mission. I had a crazy dream that
same night! I was at an airport, and my mission was over. But I
couldn’t believe it was over! I was trying so so so hard to remember
what had happened during the 2 years but I couldn’t. I was really
disappointed it was over. Luckily, I woke up. 🙂 It scared me! I think
that is one of my worst fears, that one day I will wake up and be back
in my bed in America, and everything that happened here in mozambique
will seem to me like it wasn’t real, like it was only a dream. It made
me really grateful for the 11 months I still have on the mission. This
is it people. The only chance I got.

Guess what? ELDER DOUGLAS IS GETTING TRANSFERRED!!! Its true. Finally.
After over 10 months as office elder and 5 months as companions, Elder
Douglas is GOING TO SWAZILAND! That is actually not official. It was
kind of a funny story, I was looking at president’s calendar on
outlook, and I saw on August 8th, “bring Elder Douglas to Swazi”. So I
thought it was a joke, and showed it to him. He started freaking out,
and the APs were right there, and they were like, “DANG IT! I told
president he shouldn’t put it on there, that it would be visable!” so
yeah. Its confirmed. There are 3 elders leaving swaziland early for
school and president will go there on august 8th and bring elder
douglas down and it will just be me and Elder Lourenco!

I’m going to miss him. I love him so much. We are such good friends.
He is going to do WORK in Swaziland.

So we have this family we are teaching named Marilia and Jersio. They
are the most ELECT family I have taught! We found them as a reference,
from a crappy street contact. And they are so so so cool. We showed up
this week, and sat down, and I noticed the shirt he was wearing. AND
IT WAS AN EFY SHIRT! An old, 2004 efy shirt. Had some cheesy quote on
the front and a handprint on the back. Like, what are the odds!? He
said his wife bought it for him a while ago, they didn’t know what it
means. I love them! They are SO good looking. Like, the best looking
couple in the ward. And they have a cute little girl named Ashley,
they named her after a character on a movie. But they forgot the
movie…. Anyways. They are awesome. We were teaching the plan of
salvation, we had just started, and we explained how this plan
responds to three questions…. “Where did we come from, why are we
here, and where are we going…” and we said, “marilia, have you
already thought about these questions?”

And she said, “Yeah, I have….. I think….. that before this life,
we lived with God. Like, everyone says he is our father, I think its
true. We lived with him, but then we had to come and be tested, and we
forgot everything, and now we are here but its just a passage, to
learn and get experience….” it was so so cool! She like…. knew the
plan of salvation! The spirit was so strong. They are getting married
and baptized next month FOR SURE!

We have other investigators as well, they are all doing good. Today
for p-day, we all went bowling! I was one of the best bowlers…. with
a score of 108! Haha brazilians and mozambicans STINK at bowling. It
is pretty funny. 🙂

On sunday, Justino, (our branch president-recent convert) invited us
for his birthday dinner. IT WAS SO GOOD! We talked with them, lots of
other members were there as well. They have some funny kids I played
with pretty much the whole time, running away from them and acting
like I was scared while they chased me like monsters. 🙂

Hmmm… what else….

Oh! This is kind of a dumb story but its true and it happened. We have
a 15 passanger van here. And a couple months ago, an ap lost the key.
So we have been using the spare key for it. Well, a couple of weeks
ago, I lost the key! I thought I put it in my pocket but then I
couldn’t find it ANYWHERE! I literally looked everywhere, and was
freaking out because everyone was kind of mad at me and we needed it.
Well, wednesday we pulled up to the office, and the whole car ride I
had been thinking about it, where it could be. And when we stopped, I
said a little prayer that I could find the keys. I opened the door,
and as I did I looked down and saw that in the little side pocket on
the door, on the ground, THERE WAS A KEY! It was actually the original
key that the AP had lost a while ago! But I swear I checked there tons
and tons of times. It was a little miracle, but such a cool little

This week I ate caviar! Fish eggs, right? Well yeah I ate them. And
they were SUPER good! No one else liked them except me and President.
Now its kind of a thing, that we both like to try new foods and stuff.
The aps and other office elders and his wife always order the same
things, but he says we are adventurous and fun to eat with. He sent a
salad home with the aps one time, and said, “give this to elder
poyfair, none of you will like it. Only him.” Haha, It was a good
salad! I love working so close with President. He is an amazing leader
and the greatest mission president.

I am doing good, Loving life, living the african missionary dream.

Thanks for all you do,

Love, Elder D Poyfair

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