Week 55: Chikity China, the Chinese Chicken


This week we made the budget for 2015 and as a result didn’t have too
much time to work in our proselyting area but still had a good week
and then went to Catembe.

I wish that could be my weekly letter. 🙂

Mozambique/My Life is just splendid. I know that sounds sarcastic but
I swear its not. 🙂 Today is P-day and to celebrate, me and Elder
Douglas waited at the Immigration Office for like two hours for our
Mozambican friend Tualufo to get there and renew our DIRES, or
residence license ID type thing (like a green card.) We planned for 8
o clock, woke up early and everything and got there right on time and
waited until he got there at like 10. Yayyyy. 🙂 Haha. Best way to
spend P-day ever.

Our investigators had kind of a rough week though, especially Jersio
and Marilia. We taught them the Law of Chastity this week, and when we
taught them, they accepted it and commited to get married and talked
all about how they were going to start getting the documents and such.
They were very enthusiastic, and we left convinced that they were
getting married and baptized without a doubt.

Then we went back two days later and they were FREAKED out. Saying how
they can’t get married, they want to wait three more months and their
family rejected them and stuff. We had a pretty good lesson though, we
read from Alma 20 about Ammon and King Lamoni and the encounter with
King Lamoni’s father. It really is a fascinating story. It had been a
while since I had read it, and as we talked through it and read it
with this family, I realized how applicable it is here in Mozambique,
with the traditions and stuff against marriage, and how oftentimes
people look at us as missionaries the way that King Lamoni did Ammon.
It went pretty well, I feel like everything was layed out on the
table, and they recommitted to pray about marriage and begin doing the
documents. Unfortunately, he had to work this Sunday and we have had a
hard time setting up return visits with them. Hopefully tomorrow works
out, I really love this family.

As I said earlier, this week began the review of the 2015
Administrative budget. We worked on determining in which budget
category the money should be allocated in based off of this years
current budget and our projection for the rest of this year and next
year. We worked on identifying where we are overspending and how we
can improve our cost cutting methods in these categories and where
which categories, we aren’t using as much of the budget. We received a
draft of the 2015 budget from the Area, which included a 4.5% increase
in each budget category due to growth and then requested our input and
explanations. Sounds fun, right? I mean, as far as mission stories
goes its not the greatest but its my life. 🙂

It did mean spending a lot more time with President Kretly though, we
ate out with him a couple times this week and worked on the budget
together on Saturday. We submitted our draft to the area and this week
we will review it with the Africa Southeast Area presidency.

ELDER DOUGLAS IS LEAVING! He heads to Swaziland on friday. I can’t
believe he is leaving. I don’t know how I will even survive without
that kid. Its definitely going to be rough for a while, and I am going
to miss him a lot. The world will go on though. 🙂 Elder Lourenco
can’t drive, so I will be driving 100% of the time.

Sunday, we had two nice breakthroughs. First, there is a really strong
member who I thought had already been to the temple because his white
shirts are see-through and it looks like the outline of mesh garments.
Yeah I kind of judge like that…. haha. Anyways, I started talking to
him at church on sunday about his family, and turns out, he hasn’t
been to the temple and he isn’t even married! BUT! He introduced me to
his GIRLFRIEND and informed me that she is investigating the church,
and they live in different houses but are getting married next month
and she will get baptized. BUT THEY HAVE NEVER SAT WITH THE

THEN, Krislerio and Johana. We have been teaching them for A WHILE.
Like, a couple of months. And the problem with him was that first he
had to get divorced from his first wife so he could marry his current
one and get baptized. The problem was, his ex didn’t want to cooperate
so took it to court, and it has been in court for OVER A YEAR! Well, I
was talking to him yesterday at church, and at the end I said, “How is
your legal process?” and he stopped, looked at me for a second, and
said, “Can we go back here and talk in private?” So I went with Elder
Lourenco and he started telling us about how his ex wife only wants
money to support their kids they had together and if he does that, she
will sign the divorce papers, but his current wife doesn’t want to do
that because she thinks the ex wife will ask for more money, blah blah
blah. Basically, dumb drama but the point is, PROGRESS. Now that we
understand their situation, it is a lot easier. I had been praying a
lot for them, and studying on how we could help them really move
forward. ANSWERED!

Anyways. Then after church, we went to Catembe. Elder douglas wanted
to say goodbye to some families, so we did. 🙂 It was a good night, we
got some pictures as well since I have been lacking with those lately.

That was my week. My mission is going great. Time is passing faster
than it ever has. I literally feel like SUNRISE, SUNSET. SUNRISE,
SUNSET. I never really understood what people said when they said a
mission was like groundhog day, the same day over and over again. But
now I do!

The church is true my friends. Love you,

Elder Poyfair



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