Week 56: Just another Manic Monday

Hi family,

I’m sitting here right now, writing this email, COMPLETELY DRAINED. Like, not an ounce left of energy in my body. I am so tired! And that is definitely NOT how you are supposed to feel after a P-day.

Today was the biggest joke of a Pday haha. Last night at about 10 o’clock, President Kretly called and let us know that the trip he was going on, from Maputo to Beira by driving through South Africa and Zimbabwe, that was supposed to start on Tuesday would now start Monday. TODAY. Which meant that all the Hotel Reservations that I had made (took a couple hours), all had to be changed, and that his car had to be all packed with the packages and letters and everything for the trip. AKA no more P-day! On top of that, one of the Elders was going to South Africa to get surgery, and President had asked us to take him to the airport as well.

So its CRAZY around here! Finally getting a little bit of quiet time, right in time to go to bed and wake up and do it all over again. 🙂


Elder Douglas and Poyfair before Douglas’ transfer to Swaziland.

This week was largely preparing for Elder Douglas to leave the office on Friday. Making sure we knew how to do everything, and weren’t going to mess up and stuff. 🙂 We visited all of our families, and said goodbye to everyone and stuff. I went on a Division with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Lynn. It was fun to get away from the office and work in Magoanine for a little bit.


Elder’s Poyfair and Laurenco in Catembe.

The week passed pretty fast, and suddenly, Friday was here and Elder Douglas was getting into the car with President Kretly and off to Swaziland! As soon as he left I swear life got 800,000 times more stressful! Suddenly there were all these problems that we had never dealt with before, and we got super super busy. I’m sure it was always like that, but Elder Douglas just held it together well. 🙂

Well, it kind of kicked my butt. I am SUPER stressed out now, and my body is not doing too good. I know it will get better with time but it is pretty insane right now! Just….. so much to do. Luckily, President left for South Africa, and hopefully things will calm down for this week. I’ve got my fingers crossed. 🙂

There are two big South Africans here in the Office! They are painting the Mission home while president is gone. They are sleeping here though, one is a former stake president and one of them’s dad is a general authority, but they are both pretty crazy guys, and keep telling us stories and swearing in them! They notice us twinge a teeny bit, and say things like, “its not a bad word in South Africa” but it is still kind of funny. South Africans are so so so different!

As far as our investigators go, they are doing super super good. Yesterday at church, we had 4 full complete families at church yesterday. Each one of them is progressing well! First, Jersio and Marilia. They were that family I was pretty worried about last week, who wasn’t sure about marriage and stuff. Well, this week, they some how ran into some members and got talking about their wedding, and how they were able to get married. And now they are excited and ready to go! They will be finishing all of their marriage documents this week and then should open their process on friday. They ROCK, best family of all time. I love them so so so much. 🙂


Another family is Ancelmo and Beatriz, they have been doing pretty average for a while, always coming to church but not showing interest or motivation to do their marriage documents. Well, we went there, and kind of started to hit them hard, about how they weren’t showing
desire to follow Christ and such, and how some of their friends are already married and baptized who started being taught at the same time.  And they wanted to push the wedding back to december, blah blah blah. It was a pretty sad lesson, they pretty much told us they don’t care what we say, and weren’t listening, and we left feeling pretty down, and talked a lot about like how sad it is when people can’t see how easy it is. Well, they both came to church, and he came up to me, motioned for me to sit down, and then said, “Ok, so what are all the things we need to do to get married next month?” So I happily helped him make a list, they have a strong desire now. Awesome.


We had another little miracle on Sunday, we had very little time in the area during the week and didn’t get any new investigators during the day. Well, we made the goal to teach a new family after church, but after church, things came up and we had meetings and then we weren’t able to get to the area for a while, and when we finally did, all of our contacts and lessons fell through and we ended up with nothing. So we went, realizing we didn’t really have any way to get
new investigators. And as we were walking, this lady motioned for us to come from this little ally, so we went over, and she invited us into her house, where her husband was sitting as well. He had short arms, like a t-rex! They said, “We want to know who you are and what you do, and if you guys could share a message with us” And me and Elder Lourenco just kind of looked at eachother like, “Where do things like this come from!?” Haha it was super funny, we taught them and it went pretty well.


Anyways, the church is true and my mission is the best. It is a little stressful right now, but it always gets better. Every new situation like this, always gets better.



Dallin’s monthly pig shot.


Elder Poyfair

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2 thoughts on “Week 56: Just another Manic Monday

  1. Donna Jo

    Elder Poyfair This is previous sister and elder wollenzien In your last post you had brother machois Família. We love him Thank you Tell him hi! Wollenziens

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  2. Donna wollenzien

    Elder Poyfair
    This is previous sister and elder wollenzien
    In your last post you had brother machois
    We love him
    Thank you
    Tell him hi!

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